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100+ Exploratory Research Topics Ideas & Examples -2024

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Exploratory research can be explained as the “Preliminary research which can be initiated to establish the specific nature of a particular problem to be solved” (Swedberg 2020). It is used to guarantee that more research is considered throughout an experiment, as well as to determine research goals, collect data, and focus on certain issues that would be difficult to notice without exploratory research. Exploration in the social sciences is a broad-based, purposeful, and methodical process aimed at maximizing the finding of generalizations that lead to description and comprehension.  Exploratory essay research is versatile, and it may be used to answer a wide range of research issues (what, why, how) (Stebbins 2001). Formal hypotheses are frequently formed through exploratory research.  There might be several topics that can be used in order to conduct exploratory research. In the following section, 100 Exploratory research writing topics are mentioned.

  1. Why Should Female Athletes Be Paid More?
  2. As a modern entrepreneur, here’s how to succeed.
  3. Why should young people drink less caffeine?
  4. Why are individuals growing increasingly antisocial than they used to be?
  5. Prior to starting a family, there are a few things to think about.
  6. In partnerships, there is a difference in the expectations of women and men.
  7. Why should kids be encouraged to get involved in sports?
  8. Divorce and children’s reactions
  9. Interracial marriage’s difficulties
  10. Coping with Divorce’s Consequences
  11. Early marriage’s psychological impact on teens
  12. Effects of single parenting on children’s growth and development
  13. The difficulties that adopted children encounter
  14. What can you do to keep a long-distance romance alive?
  15. When people enter romantic partnerships, they have certain expectations.
  16. The impact of premarital sex on society
  17. Considering the internet as a useful tool for students in college
  18. Increasing economic output by using the internet
  19. How Facebook has changed over time
  20. The impact of social media on interpersonal interactions
  21. How has society altered since the internet’s inception?
  22. How can underdeveloped nations combat terrorism?
  23. In war-torn areas, how do you nurture your children?
  24. How can affluent countries assist developing countries’ economies?
  25. What individuals can do to demand more from their elected officials
  26. What can be done to make the tax system more equitable?
  27. What effects do genetically modified foods have on the body?
  28. Obesity and its impact on adolescent psychology
  29. Why are gun control laws so crucial to change?
  30. Why China might become a global economic giant in the not-too-distant future
  31. The most important responsibilities that parents should fulfil
  32. Classical music has a good influence on the brain.
  33. The impact of jazz on listeners’ emotions
  34. The usage of plastic and its consequences on the environment
  35. Methods that the government might employ to make education in underdeveloped nations more inexpensive and accessible
  36. Is Medical Marijuana a Good Treatment Option?
  37. What does it mean to have the “ideal” body image?
  38. Are celebrities presenting a distorted view of the human body to children?
  39. What are the advantages of exercising every day?
  40. Is it possible for exercise and fitness to become addictive?
  41. What are the physical and psychological advantages of dieting?
  42. Overcoming mental obstacles is a part of dieting.
  43. The benefits and drawbacks of smoking cigarettes
  44. How has your health changed as you’ve gotten older?
  45. What impact does retirement have on your physical and emotional health?
  46. Sports are crucial to a child’s physical and mental development.
  47. Sports have had a long and illustrious history.
  48. What factors influence the popularity of specific sports in different locations and countries?
  49. In professional athletics, what psychological variables play a role?
  50. In sports, which is more important: inherent skill or training?
  51. What are some ways that sport can help us enhance our physical health and well-being?
  52. What criteria do we use to evaluate sports greatness?
  53. What are the differences between team sports and individual sports?
  54. The new sports superstar: how athletes have evolved into celebrities
  55. Making the transition from novice to professional sports is a big step.
  56. Cryptocurrencies are the way of the future – learn more about the Blockchain.
  57. Would the Bitcoin bubble explode at some point?
  58. What has been the evolution of the online gaming industry?
  59. How can a modern entrepreneur grow and thrive?
  60. Is accounting a necessary part of running a business?
  61. Should big businesses be excluded from paying business taxes?
  62. The impact of switching from traditional business to e-commerce on Facebook’s evolution
  63. What has eBay done to diversify internet retail?
  64. Should you put your money in stocks, bonds, forex, or cryptocurrencies?
  65. Our privacy is severely violated by social media.
  66. Our capacity to communicate through speech is being harmed by smartphones, and game consoles are hurting our children’s social skills and growth.
  67. Television is linked to a decrease in mental ability.
  68. Self-driving vehicles will have a negative influence on human capacity to drive.
  69. Do technological improvements encourage laziness?
  70. What impact will virtual reality have on our future?
  71. Is artificial intelligence going too far in terms of ethics?
  72. Is there a decrease in job opportunities as a result of technological advancements?
  73. Can computers and artificial intelligence (AI) educate better than humans?
  74. Adoption is a wonderful way to start a family.
  75. Divorce has the potential to break apart families and have a detrimental impact on children.
  76. More assistance should be provided to single parents.
  77. Children from single-parent homes are at a disadvantage compared to children from two-parent families.
  78. Families might be strained by having two working parents.
  79. What are the dynamics of relationships between younger and older siblings?
  80. What are the most crucial responsibilities of a parent?
  81. When is a good time to start a family?
  82. When should youngsters consider leaving their parents’ home?
  83. Is it necessary to keep in touch with distant relatives?
  84. What is the most pressing global issue that we are now confronted with?
  85. Is global warming a big worldwide problem?
  86. Is it possible for a single government to tackle a global problem, or does it necessitate global cooperation?
  87. How have institutions like the United Nations and NATO aided in the resolution of global issues?
  88. Why Is Ignoring Global Issues Morally Irresponsible?
  89. Increased tides and floods might arise from melting polar ice caps.
  90. What is the impact of plastic pollution on our environment?
  91. Deforestation is lowering our oxygen levels and destroying animal habitats.
  92. Is it possible for one individual to actually make a difference?
  93. Pollution is at an all-time high.
  94. Before and after the internet, there was no comparison in terms of social life.
  95. What influence has the internet had on our daily lives?
  96. The rise of celebrities and social media
  97. How online dating has altered the way we establish connections
  98. A comparison of current and previous political parties
  99. The way we make friends evolves as we grow older.
  100. Instagram has given the notion that our lives aren’t what they seem.

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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