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Top 90 Deductive Essay topics; Elements of deductive essays

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A deductive essay is a form of writing where you deduce some logical reasoning in the form of a deductive argument. Such essays are usually assigned to the students to make them learn the process of deductive reasoning. In some countries, this process in used widely to arrive at a logical conclusion. As it happens, deductive reasoning uses valid facts to draw an inference. It is primarily based on the concept that if enough information is being provided regarding a certain issue or subject, then the issue can be solved by drawing a logical conclusion by deducing the given facts and data.

Deductive reasoning, which is the primary element of a deductive essay, takes individual factors, evaluates or weighs them against the knowledge that has been gathered and sums them up to reach a logical conclusion. While engaging in the task of essay writing, it is important to remember that there are three parts of deductive reasoning.


As an essay writer, the premise is the first thing that you need to consider while drafting a deductive essay. The premise is generally defined as the fundamental fact or reality which is already established. In this part, you need to give logical reasons and the primary ideas based on which you are willing to arrive at the conclusion. Interestingly, there can be more than one premise in a single argument. You are required to provide enough background information on the premise so that the readers can measure the rest of the logical progression. Since the premise is going to build the foundation of your argument, you need to put more focus on this part while drafting a deductive essay.


Evidence, as the term suggests, are the proofs which help you support the claims that you are making while creating a deductive essay. A piece of evidence can be a factual story that you have analyzed or have observed while conducting your research. Once you are done analyzing the premises you have to provide evidence to link the given premise with the conclusion you are willing to arrive. You can use various documents (articles, journals, books, research papers, etc.), online sources, scientific finding or any other significant piece of information that may help you support your argument.


This is the final step of the deductive reasoning process where you are needed to draw an inference after analyzing the conditions based on the premise, along with evidence. The conclusion you are going to provide in your essay will act as a proof for the premise. Here, you need to be more precise, convinced and logical since you have delivered all the required information with the evidence to make your point. Interestingly, you may discover multiple conclusions while drafting your deductive essay. You may find several explanations for a certain issue, but you need to consider the particular piece of evidence which would be logically sound than the rest. If you try to mention all the potential conclusions in you five-paragraph essay, you may lose focus on the writing and fail to create an impact on the readers.

As an essay paper writer, it is important for you to know that deductive essays should be objective and logical. This form of writing analyzes the given situation (premise) and considers the most logical explanation (evidence) to arrive at a conclusion. While being engaged in custom essay writing, you need to ensure that your readers’ attention is not diverted from the thesis (a statement that briefly explains the whole point of the essay). You need to concentrate more on the sentence structure as well as the use of grammar in the essay since that promotes the credibility of the writing. Also, remember that a deductive essay should evaluate your analytical skills as well as your use of language and expression in the written deductive essay.

Furthermore, you need to pay close attention while picking a topic for your deductive essay. Try to avoid the topics that generate a strong emotional response from your side. It can be really difficult to draft an objective essay paper if the essay typer feels strongly about the topic. Go for the topics that you find interesting, but you don’t have any strong opinion about them. If you are struggling to find such essay topics, don’t worry. We have assembled some interesting deductive essay writing topics that can help you get started on your essay writing endeavor.

  1. Online Education Courses and Degrees
  2. Democracy vs Communism
  3. International Immigrants and Freedom
  4. The Harm of Lie, The Harm of Truth
  5. The Love vs Habit
  6. Terrorism has no religion
  7. Nothing is Impossible
  8. Is It Right to Judge Other People
  9. Do Pain and Sorrow make People Stronger
  10. The Investigation of President Kennedy’s Death
  11. Hitler and the Himalayas: the Hindus’ Corpses in Berlin
  12. Why has Gamel Abdel Naser Not Retired?
  13. The Grandeur and Wreck of the “Titanic”
  14. The “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine; People and Politics
  15. The People Missed in the Ocean: Preys to Sharks or …?
  16. Describe the Man’s Character, Proceeding from his Deeds
  17. Socialism – Is an Antihuman Social Order
  18. Why do the “Stars” Perish?
  19. Hong Kong and Drug Dealing
  20. What Connected Hitler and Stalin?
  21. Napoleon: “The Beginning of Collapse Is Pride”
  22. Why had Stalin Met with Hitler?
  23. Ramesses II – the Study of a Monarch’s Personality
  24. The Deductive Games for Children: “What? Where? When?”
  25. The Causes of Sea Catastrophes
  26. “The Chicken Flu”: the Causes of Appearance
  27. The story behind the camps for the “Enemies of People” in the USSR
  28. Politics, Business and War in Vietnam
  29. The Mystery behind the genius of Federico Fellini
  30. What’s the value of Liberal arts education?
  31. The significance of bilingual education
  32. Why should sex education be compulsory in all schools?
  33. Should high school education be mandatory?
  34. The importance of education in the developing countries
  35. The college education is worth the cost
  36. The role of technology in the field of education
  37. Education should be free to everyone
  38. Multicultural education vs traditional basics
  39. Colleges should concentrate more on preparing the students for the professional world
  40. Home education should only be allowed for medical reasons
  41. What is the future of printed books in the digital age?
  42. Is genetic research destroying humanity?
  43. The modern technology has created material wealth but failed to spread happiness
  44. Life was better when technology was simple
  45. New technologies create new problems
  46. The significance of alternative fuels
  47. The significance of torrents and internet pirating
  48. How medical industry will be benefited from the use of nanotechnology
  49. The use of cell phone: Does it connect people or make them more distant from the reality
  50. The concept of internet privacy
  51. Why is television losing its relevance?
  52. Identity theft
  53. Recycling is the future
  54. Why GMO foods should be banned
  55. Why the gluten-free diet is gaining popularity these days?
  56. Should schools have vending machines that sell unhealthy snacks?
  57. Should the use of mobile phones be banned in the university and college classrooms?
  58. Can we blame fast food chains for the rising number of cases of obesity in the country?
  59. Do social media sites help students acquire new skills?
  60. The impact of human cloning
  61. Why is it important to read books?
  62. TV does more harm than good to the young minds
  63. The advantages of learning a second language
  64. Why should capital punishments be stopped?
  65. Addictions are caused by the social dislocation and family stress
  66. What should be the minimum legal age for drinking?
  67. The significance of logistics planning and system design in a business
  68. Women need to be paid same as men
  69. How has hunting affected the environment?
  70. Is it possible to protect the wild by promoting eco-tourism?
  71. How using LED lights can make a difference?
  72. The consequences of deforestation
  73. How safe is nuclear energy?
  74. How effective is cognitive-behavioral therapy in reducing panic attack?
  75. Pearl Harbor attack changed the course of history
  76. Is abortion ethical?
  77. Social Media ; A boon or bane
  78. Is use of technology in teaching good?
  79. Is glamour spoiling childhood?
  80. Is it necessary to build American Wall?
  81. Brexit; How is it going to benefit Britain?
  82. Has democracy failed?
  83. Immigration and freedom
  84.  It is better to open up than hide one’s faults
  85. Radical feminism; Boon or bane
  86.  The age of voting must be reduced
  87.  The New World Order; better or worse
  88. Paris Climate Agreement; How effective it is?
  89. The world has become nuclear
  90.  Rising Islamic fundamentalism; Threat to Islam.

Now that you have plenty of ideas for your deduction essay, you can pick one from the aforementioned list or generate a topic according to your preference which you think can be explained better in the essay. Just remember, you are writing this essay for the readers. So considering your own preferences won’t be enough. Evaluate the preferences of your audiences as well and find a middle ground which covers both the factors effectively.

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