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An Inventory of Graphic Design Thesis Topic

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The field of graphic design has gained popularity and now draws persons with original and creative thinking. Typography and industrial design have been added to the discipline of graphic design. Through their work and ideas, which should be compelling and helpful, the graphic designer must be able to hold their audience’s attention. The capacity to come up with original and innovative ideas for the project you’re working on is encouraged by graphic design.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a multidisciplinary field that systematically applies aesthetic concepts to give visual content structure and purpose. Both idea and a tangible object may be described by it; more precisely, it may refer to a field of study, a profession, an industry, a good or service that can be bought, etc.

The designers create logos, business cards, websites, posters, and brochures for diverse firms using graphic design tools and techniques.

Do you want to become a graphic designer to start out your career? Therefore, you must possess exceptional design, creative talents and technical knowledge to become a top graphic designer. In addition to having all of these talents, you can stand out in the field and earn many more benefits if you write a thesis on a unique graphic design study topic.

How to Write a Graphic Design Thesis?

Write my thesis in graphic design might be challenging. It would help if you first had a compelling thesis topic for graphic design. Graphic design is such a vast field of study that there are many unique graphic design thesis ideas available for students. However, out of all of them, you should look for and select graphic design thesis topics that are practical for you based on your academic standing or graduate level in college.

Graphic Design Thesis Topics

You can find a variety of subjects for your graphic design thesis projects on the internet, depending on your interests. We have compiled a list of more than 100 intriguing graphic design topics for your thesis.

Best Graphic Design Senior Project Ideas

  1. What are the fundamental tenets of graphic design?
  2. What are the components of graphic design and persuasion?
  3. How does the internet influence the type of animation that is produced?
  4. How can graphic design be used to raise environmental awareness?
  5. What part does personality play in the arts?
  6. Describe the primary phases of graphic design development.
  7. Describe the expected developments in the field of graphic design software.
  8. Write up a case study on the well-known graphic artists of the day.
  9. Describe how graphic design is used in street art and social commentary.
  10. Talk about how newspaper ads have changed in the technological age.

Exciting Graphic Design Research Topics

  1. How animation facilitates the creation of stunning postcards
  2. How the use of design language might encourage buyers to remember a brand
  3. Graphic design outcomes and Impacts on consumer markets
  4. How colouring children’s books with graphics might aid
  5. The use of secondary research to examine aspects of site design
  6. Graphic design and its connection to popular culture
  7. How the creation of business cards is made easier by graphic design
  8. How people view instruction in visual communication and design
  9. Making effective use of graphic design to retarget adverts and reach the intended audience.
  10. Average budget analysis for projects involving graphic design

General Graphic Design Dissertation Ideas

  1. Is graphic design a profession or a hobby?
  2. similarities between the equipment used by traditional photographers and graphic designers
  3. Colours’ essential qualities in graphic design
  4. Contemporary graphic design and photography theory contrasted
  5. Knowing the tenets of visual design
  6. Effects of graphic designers on their industry
  7. Influences on graphic design
  8. Stages of development for graphic design
  9. Technology’s impact on graphic design
  10. The function of visual design in social media

Topics on Graphic Design & Culture

  1. An examination of Banksy’s works as a case study to demonstrate the influence of graphic design on culture
  2. A critical examination of the ways in which people might express their sentiments and emotions through graphic design.
  3. Critical comparative analysis of South-East Asian and North American main design components in graphic design across the world
  4. One image can convey a thousand words: How many different aspects of diverse worldwide cultures are communicated through graphic design?
  5. Can graphic design offend people? A critical examination of offensive design cues in many world cultures.
  6. Supporting blind people: A look at how graphic design might help those with visual impairments communicate more effectively.
  7. Graphic design and cultural norms
  8. How professionals in the film industry construct set using graphic design
  9. Restaurants and concept art
  10. How graphic design has transformed contemporary film
Exploring Innovative Graphic Design Concepts

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Topics on Graphic Design in Business

  1. A study of the ways in which graphic design might affect consumer behaviour through corporate advertising campaigns.
  2. A critique of the application of graphic design to mass communication tactics
  3. Cost-benefit analysis of graphic design: A comparison of hiring graphic designers with and without experience
  4. A study of the use of costing and budgeting techniques to determine whether managing graphic design internally or outsourcing it is the most efficient way to get a favourable return on investment
  5. How to improve health and safety through creatively produced posters and bulletins: How can graphic design be used to boost internal communication strategies?
  6. The modern marketing essential: a thorough examination of graphic design and its potential to help marketing
  7. A critique of the application of graphic design to the creation of creative and compelling logos

Gaming & Graphic Design Topics

  1. Graphic design in the gaming industry: An analysis of the relevant theories, concepts, and literature.
  2. How crucial is a visual appeal to the entire gaming experience: A comparison of visual design and plot.
  3. Can visual design help with the creation of a game campaign?
  4. A critique of many graphic design components used in the video game business
  5. How can game developers use graphic designers to interact with their main target audience?
  6. Using graphic design to attract more players to computer game interfaces
  7. Graphics and modifications to online gaming
  8. How can balance, a fundamental of graphic design, produce eye-catching images?
  9. Alternatives to traditional design programmes and online graphical design tools
  10. How visual heuristics help divide viewers’ attention into different groups

Graphic Design Topics on Digital Technology

  1. How has graphic design been affected by modern technology?
  2. How important is graphic design in social media?
  3. How have graphic design tools changed?
  4. How has graphic design been impacted by the development of computer graphics in the 20th century?
  5. What part does graphic design play in the creation of websites?
  6. How have print styles and typefaces changed in the digital era?
  7. What are the many media types that can be utilised in graphic design?
  8. How have computers aided the development of graphic design?
  9. In the digital era, does conventional graphic design still have a place?

Topics on Animation & Entertainment

  1. Examining how kinematics techniques affect the animation
  2. To research facial effects and animation.
  3. Does online filmmaking education benefits students?
  4. How many emotional impacts be improved when added to animation?
  5. The survey on the number of students interested in pursuing careers in animation art
  6. To research the idea of 3D animation and how it has altered the animation industry over the past ten years.
  7. To evaluate and contrast dynamic animation techniques with more conventional ones.
  8. What distinguishes dynamic animation from kinematics?
  9. How and when should the history of animation be studied?
  10. To incorporate text art into animated video games.

Graphic Design Topics on Marketing

  1. How do consumers recall the company?
  2. In social media marketing, what part does visual design play?
  3. How can graphic design be used in business?
  4. How does graph design to build brand loyalty with consumers?
  5. How can graphic design effectively use its graphics to carry out an advertising campaign?
  6. In the past 50 years, how have various commercials drawn viewers?
  7. How does graphic design affect marketing tactics?
  8. How significant a part does graphic design play in advertising?
  9. Is it possible to use graphic design to convey subliminal messages in marketing?

Graphic Design Topics on Visual Communications

  1. How can visual communications be influenced by graphic design?
  2. Is graphic design a significant component of government propaganda?
  3. How does visual information affect service design?
  4. Can the layout of articles in popular publications produce graphic design trends?
  5. How important is colour in graphic design?
  6. Can the use of imagery improve meaning?
  7. Web graphics’ role in fostering visitor trust and defining consumers’ opinions about web designs
  8. Graphic design theory: Application And Value Within The Design Sector
  9. Connections Between Psychology And Colour Selection In People
  10. The World Around Us Has Changed Due To Multimedia Design

Graphic Design & Historical Art

  1. An investigation of the oldest and earliest known forms of graphic design, including cave paintings and hieroglyphs
  2. A critique of the development of graphic design from 1950 until 2020
  3. Taking inspiration from the past: An examination of postmodernist graphic design components and how this may influence current graphic design trends.
  4. Did ancient art from the Roman and Greek periods influence elements of contemporary graphic design?
  5. The finest aspects of Chinese art during the Feudal Period
  6. What unique contribution did Greek theatre make to art history?
  7. Identify the qualities and elements of late Gothic art.
  8. Examine key characteristics of English late Gothic architecture.
  9. Examine how late Gothic art influenced modern buildings.

Most Frequently Asked Question

What topics are related to graphic design?

Ans:Topics related to graphic design are:

  • Visual art
  • Art direction
  • Creative art
  • Visual communication
  • Photography
  • Illustration

How do I write a graphic design statement?

Ans:Always start your statement with a thesis statement explaining to your potential client the general purpose of your design and how you plan to accomplish it. Use active verbs and short sentences to convey that the action is taking place now.

What are the 7 things for graphic design?

Ans:There are seven elements of graphic design:

  1. Colour
  2. Line
  3. Value
  4. Space
  5. Shape
  6. Form
  7. Texture

What are the 5 Cs of graphic designing?

Ans:5C’s of graphic designing are:

  • Content
  • Consistency
  • Colour
  • Connection
  • Clean

What are 3 things graphic designers do?


  • Consult the customer or the art director to ascertain a project’s scope,
  • Use layout tools, picture editing software, and digital illustration to produce designs.
  • Create visual components to help convey a message, such as logos, unique pictures, and illustrations.

What are the 10 types of graphic design?

Ans:The 10 types of graphic design are:

  • Brand Design
  • Product and Packaging Design
  • Marketing Design
  • Print and Publication Design
  • Web Design
  • UI Design
  • Typeface Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Motion Design
  • Illustrative Design

How do I pitch myself as a graphic designer?


  • When communicating, you should make use of common idea frameworks, allusions, and other shortcuts.
  • Talk about your favourite designers or podcasts on design. You might share more than you realise.
  • Make sure you understand your customer and their target market.
  • You can discover as much as you can about your customer and their audience by using target audience analysis (TAA). Keep in mind that your pitch is to both the clients and the users.

What is a graphic design essay?

Ans:A graphic essay, also known as a visual essay, combines words and visuals to examine a particular subject. Comic books, graphic novels, magazines, collages, artist books, textbooks, and even the internet can inspire graphic essays.

What is a good design statement?

Ans:An effective design statement is crucial. Consider it to be similar to a business plan for a particular undertaking. It should include all information required for the project in a way that makes it simple to refer to it at any time within the project’s timetable. As soon as you begin the project, make notes on your design briefs.

What is a good mission statement for a graphic designer?

Ans:With the help of digital and physical designs that often employ graphics, photos, art, and other visual elements, graphic designers create visual concepts to capture the attention of clients.

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