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Best Marketing Dissertation Topics Ideas

How To Find Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics?

Get Connected With Our Stalwarts To Make Way For Top Grades In Your Scorecard

As a marketing graduate, you must submit a unique dissertation as a part of your Mastering degree or Ph.D. program. Your professors expect you to choose an intriguing topic from various areas like branding, link marketing, wire/automated marketing, retailing principles, or other alternative fields. In such a circumstance, most students find themselves in a tough spot, unable to choose topics to write an exemplary marketing dissertation about. That’s when it becomes crucial to remember the unique marketing dissertation topics can provide.

Our writers know all the vital steps to choose the perfect marketing dissertation titles. Here are certain steps enlisted by them that you must know to stand out in the class with unique dissertation topics in marketing-

  • Interests  And Passions Must Take Priority

If there is a marketing field you’re personally interested in, ensure to choose marketing dissertation ideas from there. When you are intrigued by something, you will be passionate about the research process and dig deep to find relevant studies to back up claims.

  • Comb Through Online Lists

The best way to seek inspiration is to go through lists. You will come across viable topics that will enable you to find one you’re interested in.

  • Choose A Well-Research Topic

Well-researched dissertation topics in marketing will provide you with enough sources to cite to back up your claims. It will be easier for you to determine certain aspects that are still not well-researched to make your contribution to the field.

Reach out to our SMEs for unsurpassed assistance. With quality support from a team of eminent 5000+ stalwarts, score better than ever and strengthen your foundation like never before! Ask us ‘How to choose the best marketing dissertation ideas?’ and will arrive at your aid.

What Are The Top Marketing Dissertation Topics Examples?

Every marketing student wishes to score high GPAs, but it’s easier said than done. They must choose unique marketing dissertation titles and conduct extensive research to produce exceptional papers. If you’re searching for interesting dissertation topics for marketing that are the right blend of trending, controversial, and relevant- has precisely what you require.

Have a look at certain marketing dissertation topics our stalwarts offer whenever you seek guidance-

  1. Relation between brand awareness and repeat purchases
  2. Relationship between influencer marketing and lifestyle branding
  3. Is it good to hit or miss pop-up advertisements?
  4. How customers see online shopping
  5. Role branding personality plays in purchase decisions

Availing marketing dissertation topic examples from us is the smartest decision you can ever take. Simply share your concerns and be assured of instantly receiving unique marketing dissertation ideas from us.

Marketing Dissertation Topics 2021

Immense hard work, adequate patience, and extensive research required to develop the best marketing dissertation titles have never been easy for the students to decipher. This often leads to average grades and failures. Bring an end to all your academic concerns by availing the best marketing dissertation topics 2021 from us.

Have a look at certain outstanding marketing dissertation topics of 2021 our stalwarts can offer when you seek assistance-

  • Impact of product packaging on organizational sales- A case study of the US or UK retail sector
  • Impact of E-marketing on consumer purchase decisions
  • Role of IT in revolutionizing marketers’ approach towards manipulative advertisement
  • Impact of digital marketing on businesses throughout the world
  • Comparative study of the last ten years- Traditional vs Digital marketing

To get your hands on the best marketing dissertation ideas, seek assistance from the best SMEs for relentless support. You can even opt for one-on-one tutorial sessions to help choose the unique marketing dissertation topic examples and stand apart in the crowd.

Marketing Dissertation Topics 2022

We know putting together a stellar marketing dissertation is one of the intricate tasks out there. Things might be overly complicated for students who fail to understand how to choose trending and current marketing dissertation titles. Now that you are looking for the same count on our expertise and take home excellent marketing dissertation topics for 2022.

Take a look at certain relevant and trending topics our writers dished to help you deliver impeccable papers-

  1. Do you think there is brand loyalty behind bias and competition among supermarket retailers?
  2. What must be known to develop a brand as an international company?
  3. Apparent challenges faced by companies in taking a business abroad- analysis through the lens of Post-Brexit
  4. Use of meta-universe and AI-based tools to communicate with intermediaries
  5. Creation of strong market leaders and use of a cultural aspect when tackling customers

If you’re looking for attention-grabbing marketing dissertation topics for 2022, then you’re at the right place. Whether you need only topics or our well-experienced stalwarts to write the dissertations, we have an eminent team to assist you in the best possible ways.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Does choosing unique digital marketing dissertation topics that focus strongly on the use of digital promotion and online advertising seem like an uphill task to you? Then, have a word with our eminent stalwarts.

Here is an extensive list of excellent digital marketing dissertation topics and beyond we can offer on various subject matters-

  1. Use of blogging for promotional purposes
  2. Presence of smartphone analysis of user preferences- where we tend to cross the line when it comes to user privacy
  3. Explain- Online campaigns and their  efficiency during times of social distancing
  4. Discuss digital word-of-mouth
  5. Ways technology helps us reach remote areas of the world by addressing crucial social issues.

Our eminent writers stand ready to make things easier for you this term with an elaborate and comprehensive list of slants. Reach out to us today to witness a significant difference in your grades.

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

Ideation is essential for creation. Thus, fashion designing or fashion marketing dissertation topics are necessary to generate. Here is an extensive list of fashion marketing dissertation topics compiled by our specialists-

  • Role of customer satisfaction in fashion marketing
  • Influence of brand loyalty on fashion marketing
  • Evaluation of the change in the fashion industry post- 1980s
  • Comparative study between Facebook and Google ads- Which will generate more revenue?
  • Why was denim made, and how did the fashion industry change its perception?

If you want to come up with extravagant fashion marketing dissertation topics that get quickly validated by your instructor, avail our assistance. Opt for our services and get immaculate fashion or international marketing dissertation topics for the best results.

Advertising Dissertation Topics

Our stalwarts also offer a diverse range of advertising dissertation topics employing both conventional and digital advertising methods. We also conduct extensive research to choose trending advertising marketing dissertation titles that you can choose for academic research writing.

Here’s a snippet of advertising marketing dissertation topics examples we offer whenever you avail of our services-

  • Factors impacting consumers’ decisions purchasing face products
  • Impact of direct marketing strategies on the competitive advantage of an industry
  • Evaluate how SMEs can grow through marketing their CSR
  • Difference between adaptive and uniform marketing tactics
  • Pros and cons of SMS marketing

You no longer have to suffer in silence. When you need an extra hand to deliver a unique dissertation, is where you turn. We will offer the best topics that will guarantee ultimate academic success.

Influencer Marketing Dissertation Topics

Whether you’re grappling with developing a subject matter or choosing unique slants, we shall back you up with conviction.

If you need only the best in business to provide you with social media or influencer marketing dissertation topics, do not think before trusting us. Here are certain excellent topics and more our writers can help you with-

  • Rise of cyberbullying on the social media platforms
  • Ways Instagram has changed marketing techniques of businesses
  • Way Instagram influencers can accelerate the growth of fast fashion
  • Influence of Instagram on purchasing behavior during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Impact of Instagram usage on the mental health of young children

Our professional stalwarts are well-versed in the vital steps of coming up with the best marketing dissertation topics. Thus, if you need only interesting marketing dissertation titles, don’t hesitate to reach us.

International Marketing Dissertation Topics

The research, countless hours, and the steps to follow in coming up with unique marketing dissertation titles are not a cup of tea for every student. However, you can end all your concerns by seeking help from our stalwarts.

We ensure to offer excellent international marketing dissertation topics like these and more-

  • Use of outsourcing in online marketing
  • Why do people tend to avoid international marketing practices?
  • Modern and marketing delivery methods
  • The cultural bias of experts of goods in India
  • Zoom and Skype as international marketing tools during Covid-19 times

Your papers will exhibit sheer brilliance if you write on topics we have curated specially for you. Choose to avail our sports or international marketing dissertation topics to watch your career graph reach new heights of academic success.

Retail Marketing Dissertation Topics

The ideation for the retail dissertation topic allows limited room for creativity. This limits students to think around a minimal domain related to the subject. Hence, a lot of topics get rejected. To get immediate approval from your professors, you can choose to avail retail marketing dissertation topics from us.

Here are certain topics and more on retail marketing our experts can provide you with-

  • Impact of visual merchandising in generating profits for clothing brands in the UK malls
  • Role of management in generating sales for automotive retail management
  • Positive and negative impacts of an increasing competitor in retail jewellery stores
  • Role of supply chain management in facilitating consumer purchases on online websites
  • Effects of consumer behavior in retail management on shoe brands

The high-ranking students of your class rely on us for the best marketing dissertation ideas. Why don’t you give it a try too? Drop a buzz to give your grades a complete makeover this term.

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

You can come up with creativity all you want, but if you don’t have any experience in the field, it is not possible to develop unique social media marketing dissertation topics. As there are countless issues in the field, only a professional with extensive experience will be aware of them. As a result, it is always wise to seek our assistance in choosing an interesting idea.

Here are certain exceptional topics and more that our stalwarts will offer when you seek guidance-

  • Impact social media has on the world.
  • Is it possible that social media is causing more harm than good?
  • Influence of social media on a young mind
  • Impact of trending syndrome on self-esteem
  • Relationship between social media and suicide

Make a smart choice and avail marketing dissertation topics from us today. Achieving new milestones in your academic journey will get easier in the upcoming days.

Most Important Marketing Dissertation Topics Provided By MyAssignmenthelp.Com

The filed of marketing is always evolving. And this evolution brings forth plenty of ‘literature gaps’ that ought to be filled by budding marketing students. However, hold your horses before turning in any common marketing dissertation topic on your professor’s table. Instead, choose one from below that you could base your research on. has top 10 online marketing dissertation topics that are up for grabs. Scroll down to learn about them.

 The New Marketing Realities

 An important marketing dissertation topic listed out by our experts is New Marketing Realities.

The new marketing realities are driven by three factors.

Technology has helped marketers enormously by generating leads, driving website traffic, and building brand awareness with Ads.

Globalisation has provided unique opportunities to employees, market researchers, and sales professionals by helping them surpass their local coverage.

Social responsibility acts through which marketers could focus their efforts on attracting customers who want to make a positive difference with purchase.

If you cannot understand about this marketing dissertation topic, come to us for marketing dissertation help online.

Marketing Plan: Enterprise Rent A Car

 The marketing approach of the Enterprise Rent-a-car is unique and commendable. This marketing strategy provides the strategist with the much-needed competitive advantage that distinguishes it from other players in the field. The strategy is centralised in forming a professional, entrepreneurial, and decentralised minded team who can make decisions at operational level and provide employees with regular training. The core strategy that has prevailed over years is to keep their employees motivated by enabling growth within the agency while putting client satisfaction atop its motto.

Come to us to learn about this marketing dissertation topic.

 Market Environmental Analysis Of Apple Inc.

 On revising the past years of global economy, we have learned about how the world has made significant progress from recession recently. However, the uncertainty of life that is dependent on earning has taught people a lesson on how to save, be it money or resources. This has made people shift from the quality to less expensive products. And as we all know Apple for its luxury and quality. On that note, it is this luxury that has mislaid Apple because of its supreme pricing position and has paved way for its competitors who can now produce less expensive products.

Learn more about this marketing dissertation topic. Seek marketing dissertation topic help online from

Distributor Request Letter And Marketing Proposal

Here is a list of factors that you can highlight in your distributor proposal if you choose it as your next marketing dissertation topic:

  • Information about each party that is involved
  • A strategically drawn marketing plan
  • What type of professional relationship you want to establish with your marketing partner
  • Give a detailed description of the product
  • Explain briefly about your experience as a distributor
  • List out the financial details
  • Research thoroughly about your supplier
  • Gather more relevant information such as relevant sales data, goals that you have reached, and previous experience that you hold

Wondering what more you can include in a distributor proposal to get your decision confirmed by the evaluator? Sign up with now to get marketing dissertation topic help and receive more suggestions on how to increase the chance of your distributor proposal to get accepted.

Marketing Strategy Of Marriott Hotels

Marriott’s marketing strategy analyses the brand with the marketing mix framework which essentially covers the 4Ps (product, place, price, and promotion). Besides, they focus on other marketing strategies that include promotion planning, product innovation, and pricing approach. All these business strategies are based on Marriott marketing mix that has helped the brand to stand out from its competitors. This has also helped the rand to achieve its business goals and objectives.

Come to us and get marketing dissertation topic now!

MK7040 Marketing In The Digital Age And Corporate Social Responsibility

Choose MK7040 as your next marketing dissertation topic and elaborate on new-age marketing strategies that have helped in evolution of customer buying behaviour seamlessly. The module focuses on teaching aspiring marketers about emerging technologies that are changing ways customers interact with brands. Companies are deploying marketing communication strategies to embrace customers using touchpoints to position their brands conveniently.

Do you wish to learn more about this marketing dissertation topic? Contact us now.

MG628 International Marketing Management

You can choose MG628 International Marketing Management as your next marketing dissertation topic. The module MG628 guides students on ways to assess, analyse, and apply key marketing concepts conceptually including the strategic evaluation and application of vital models and theories. Students who enrol in this course will learn in-depth about the globalisation concepts within given environmental conditions. They will also learn to create a marketing plan after applying a range of management tools and skills.

Learn more about this marketing dissertation topic only at

MS70102E Global Marketing And Digital Business

You can choose MS70102E Global Marketing and Digital Business as your next marketing dissertation topic and elaborate on contemporary marketing knowledge that you have acquired. Also, expand on how the module equips its candidates with strategic and operational marketing skills needed to succeed in the marketing sphere.

However, if you fall short of information, you can get marketing dissertation topic help online on this topic and other related ones as well.

Get enlightened more on this marketing dissertation topic at

BUST08015 Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Another important marketing dissertation topic that you can choose to write on is the BUST08015 Innovation and Entrepreneurship course. Elucidate upon how the course will draw on ideas and theories of entrepreneurship and innovation to explore organisational functionalities. You can explain how students will benefit from enrolling in this course that will teach them effective strategies that companies follow to market their services.

Get greater insights into this marketing dissertation topic from our expert marketers.

QHO423 Marketing, Sales And Negotiation Skills

You could also choose QHO423 Marketing, Sales and Negotiation Skills as your next marketing dissertation topic and expand on how the course helps students develop their strategic marketing and negotiation skills. Introduce key sales and negotiation techniques and related skills that one can use to boost production and consumption of goods.

You don’t need to search hither thither for getting marketing dissertation topic help. Beat the clock by choosing one topic from the list of ten or ask for more by signing up with now. Get a huge list of marketing dissertation topics by clicking below.

Most Important Frequently Asked Questions Searched By Students

Q. Which Topic Is Best For A Marketing Dissertation?

Answer: Students can score well if they choose a unique marketing dissertation topic. It should be done after research so that students can produce quality assignments. The topic needs to be trending and relevant.

We list below some of the topics:

  • The connection between brand awareness and repeat purchase
  • Hitting and missing pop-up advertisements
  • Customers perceive online shopping
  • Purchasing decisions influenced by brand image
  • Brand loyalty and advertisement
  • How does packaging impact sales?
  • Online campaign during the pandemic
  • Intelligent phone analysis and user preference

Q. What Is A Dissertation In Marketing?

Answer: The final project of a marketing program is known as a dissertation. A student needs to go for complete research to complete it based on the existing market scenario. The formal piece of writing keeps investigating a particular question. If there is an argument, the particular claim is spoken of positively or negatively.

A dissertation in marketing must make an original contribution to the already existing knowledge. A student needs to start with a hypothesis. Next, they gather evidence and then try to develop an argument. Students can take referenced from published literature.

Q. How To Pick The Right Marketing Dissertation Topic?

Answer: It needs extensive research to develop the best titles. Things might appear complicated for students initially. Try and compare studies from the last ten years. Ideation is essential to create anything. So, start by choosing a topic which seems interesting to you. It must also be relevant to you.

  • Develop research question –
  • Work on the title, introduction, hypothesis, and literature review
  • Create an outline and put up the research objectives

If possible, seek assistance from the experts at, they can guide you in the best possible way.

Q. How Long Should A Dissertation Be On Any Marketing Topic?

Answer: A dissertation should be 800- 1000 words. All the ideas and points must be comprehensively presented.

Q. What Should Be The Format Of A Dissertation In Marketing?

Answer: A dissertation can have different structures in marketing. One can consult a supervisor if there is any difficulty in understanding the pattern. A dissertation must have:


It shows the scope of the research and explains its importance. The context of the topic must also be provided. The research objective must be highlighted. Give an overview of the structure here. Make the introductory part engaging, and it must motivate the readers to study further. It must say the scope of the research and also provide a context for it.

Literature review

It is the theoretical framework of the project. Critically evaluate and analyse all the points. Identify if there are any gaps. Try to justify it with the help of research. Provide a critical analysis and build a substantial argument.


It should simply decide how the research will be conducted. Be clear and precise. Explain the methods involved in collecting any data. Use tools and offer justification if required.


Shows the raw results of the analysis here. Include the graphs and tables here. It must add value to the findings.


Discuss the implication of the findings. Highlight the limitations and validity of the findings.


Sum up whatever has been discussed in the paper. Mention the key areas of difficulty and emphasise the importance of the outcome.

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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