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100+ Interesting Nursing Research Proposal Topics To Choose [2024]

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Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare sector has been the line of defense, especially the nurses who come forward to protect and take care of their patients like a shield. During the study, a nurse student needs to select interesting and informative. It becomes a task to select one that fulfills all aspects of providing information and is interesting at the same time.

Selecting a good research topic increases the chances of getting good grades and enables students to learn and perform well. However, searching for a good topic is not an easy task. Surfing online and hitting heads on the number of sites kills a lot of time. Still, the search for a good research topic never ends. A perfectly written research proposal should be unique and have well-framed, in-depth information with cohesion.

However, all these factors depend solely upon selecting the topic; hence, framing good quality research has to begin with a great topic. The solution to the problem lies below; there are 100 topics for nursing research proposal that can be helpful for you in selecting a perfect research proposal topic for your upcoming research paper:

Adults Nursing Research:

  1. Importance of active lifestyle in maintaining good health.
  2. Management of oral health and hygiene.
  3. Factors affecting stress and anxiety.
  4. Proper maintenance of water intake to prevent dehydration.
  5. Awareness programs for weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

Browse Through Trending Nursing Research Proposal Topics Examples

Finding the right topic is a crucial step for writing a perfect nursing research proposal. The topic needs to be interesting, and at the same time, it also needs to be easy for you to write it. To ease the pressure, we have listed some trending nursing research proposal topics for your reference.

Nursing Research Example

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Child Nursing Research:

  1. Maintaining healthy eating habits in children with obesity.
  2. The ethical perspective of Vaccination.
  3. Causes of Seizures in infants.
  4. Management of pediatric antibiotic resistance.
  5. Care of infants with psychological issues.

Women Issues Nursing Research:

  1. Post-pregnancy care and health management in women with premature babies.
  2. Improving strategical methods for preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Emotional stability maintenance in women with miscarriages.
  4. Cervical cancer screening mythologies and their pros and cons.
  5. Treatment and care plan for chlamydia.

 Eldercare Nursing Research:

  1. Interdependence of Leg restlessness and deficiency of vitamin D.
  2. Posture maintenance therapy pros and cons.
  3. Care plan and diet relation of Diabetes patients with a high lipid level.
  4. Causes of anorexia nervosa in elderly.
  5. Mitigation of risk and vulnerability in elderly.

Self-Care Nursing Research:

  1. Importance of proper sleep and diet in nurses.
  2. Prioritizing self-care in nursing.
  3. Maintenance of health and hygiene.
  4. Effects of poorly ventilated space for nurses.
  5. Effect of productivity by improper mental stability.

Primary Healthcare Nursing Research:

  1. Home care nursing benefits.
  2. Private versus public healthcare sector.
  3. Benefits of incorporating probiotics in daily diet.
  4. Importance of nurses in schools.
  5. Eliminating finance business in public healthcare settings.

Quantitative Nursing Research:

  1. Benefits of diet management.
  2. Causes of heart attacks and their effects.
  3. Challenges in the management of chronic diseases.
  4. Evaluation and efficacy of critical care nurses.
  5. Training patients for self-care management.

Mental Health Nursing Research:

  1. Motor function rehabilitation in stroke patients.
  2. Effectiveness of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation.
  3. Depression and anxiety in AIDS and Cancer patients.
  4. Side effects of Antipsychotic drugs in Delirium.

Pain management Nursing Research:

  1. Neck exercise in the treatment of migraine.
  2. Usage of pain killers through injections and IVs.
  3. Effects of limiting movement in osteoporosis.
  4. Therapy protocol in Rheumatoid arthritis.
  5. Management of panic attacks leading to severe headaches.

Obstetric Nursing Research:

  1. Breastfeeding and HIV.
  2. Negative impacts of early pregnancies.
  3. Management and care during labor.
  4. Mitigation of pain during childbirth.
  5. Care plan and change of habit during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Diseases Nursing Research:

  1. Prevention of infectious diseases.
  2. Stroke management in patients with high cholesterol levels.
  3. Food intake in diabetes management.
  4. Hypertension and risk of stroke in elderly.
  5. Awareness of safe sex to reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Nursing management Research:

  1. Comparison of opportunities of nurses versus other health experts.
  2. Comparison of salary and growth in nurses versus doctors.
  3. Strategies to increase productivity in nursing.
  4. Collaborative nursing and its benefits.
  5. Challenges of serving during the shortage of nurses.

Relationship Management Nursing Research:

  1. Effectiveness of communicative skills in nursing.
  2. Importance of trust and relationship in nurses and doctors.
  3. Effects of dependency of doctors or nurses.
  4. Benefits of building bridges between nurses and families of patients.
  5. Alliance of Human resources with nurses for better management and care.

Digital Nursing Research:

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine facility by nurses.
  2. Online critical care nursing.
  3. Nursing home care versus digital care nursing.
  4. Management and tracking of chronic diseases through an online nursing essay help portal.
  5. Importance of nurses’ global community groups online.

Career Related Nursing Research:

  1. Workload stress leads to long-term effects on nurses’ health.
  2. Balancing professional and personal lives of nurses.
  3. Management of health in compulsory night shifts.
  4. Adapting to the advancement in the healthcare settings.
  5. The usefulness of residency programs for nurses for career growth.

Lack of Communication Nursing Research:

  1. Trust issue of families upon healthcare.
  2. Maintenance of good terms with the nurses and doctors.
  3. Filling the gap of care needed by the patients.
  4. Development of communicative skills for better trust and dependability.
  5. Role of maintaining health by gaining the trust of patients.

Development of Skill Nursing Research:

  1. Critical thinking in nursing.
  2. Management of emergency.
  3. Decision making and leadership in nursing.
  4. Benefits of cultural competency in nursing help.
  5. Improving better teamwork in the nursing profession and its effects on the productivity of nurses.

Ethical Nursing Research:

  1. Ethical perspective in the management of elderly patients.
  2. Ethics in treating psychiatric individuals.
  3. Ethical way of pain management.
  4. Infertility ethics.
  5. Paediatric care and management ethics.

Comparison Nursing Research:

  1. Complementary versus alternative therapeutic approaches.
  2. Female versus male nurses’ acceptance in a healthcare sector.
  3. Effectiveness of medication versus therapies.
  4. Pregnancy termination: pill versus surgery.
  5. Home care versus nursing home care. Pros and cons.

Health promotion Nursing Research:

  1. Importance of safe sex methods and contraceptives.
  2. The ethical importance of patient care.
  3. Benefits of spreading awareness against the seriousness of infectious diseases.
  4. Educating parents for including healthier alternatives for their children.
  5. Developing a stronger community of nurses.

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