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200+ Ph.D. Dissertation Topics For Literature, Finance, Computer Science & More

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Brainstorming on your PhD. Dissertation topic getting too nerve-wracking? Well, calm your nerves as brings you an assortment of the choicest PhD dissertation topics in English literature, finance, computer science, management and more.

Go through the list and make your choice.

Good PhD. Dissertation Topic For English Literature In 2021

  1. The World In Agony: Analyzing The Covid-19 Pandemic
  2. The World After Covid-19 Pandemic
  3. The Biggest Trending Content Topic: Covid-19
  4. Technology and Humans: A Match Made In Heaven?
  5. Effectiveness of Human-Technology In Society Upliftment
  6. Literature in The 21st Century: How It Has Changed Through The Years?
  7. Researching 17th & 18th Century British Literature
  8. Literary Movement Through The Centuries
  9. Paradise Lost: How It Shaped The Future of Novel
  10. Gender Representation in English Literature
  11. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Analysis of The First Science Fiction Novel
  12. India Through Rudyard Kipling’s Works
  13. Modernism vs Post-Modernism
  14. The Culmination of Science & Arts in Science Fiction
  15. Nature & Environment in Literature.
  16. Hans Christian Anderson: The Man Behind The Biggest Fairy Tales
  17. Study of Post-Colonialism in Literature
  18. The Origins of Children’s Literature
  19. Psychology in the Modern Novel
  20. How Are Philosophy and Literature Interrelated?
  21. Politics in Literature: A Historical Analysis
  22. Milton’s Tragedies: A Detailed Glance into His Writings
  23. The Biggest Contemporary Fiction Literature

The Best Business Topics For PhD. Dissertation In 2021

  1. Accounting Standards and their Setting
  2. Forecast Analyses
  3. Auditing and Its Essentialities
  4. Issues Surrounding Corporate Financial Reporting Issues
  5. Initial Public Offerings
  6. Study of Different Tax Policies
  7. Taxes and their impact on Business Decisions
  8. Acquisitions & Mergers: What, How and Why
  9. A Study of Corporate Management Behavior
  10. ICT Integration: How It Has Changed Business Across Sectors
  11. Potential Implications of BREXIT on UK Businesses & Supply Chains
  12. Covid-19’s Impact on Globalization
  13. How does Corporate Social Responsibility Impact On Customer Loyalty?
  14. Benefits and Challenges of Virtual Work Environments
  15. Conventional vs Digital Marketing: A Comparative Study
  16. E-Commerce: The Future of The Rising Behemoth
  17. Configuration of Human Resource Management in MNCs
  18. Information Technology Management Across Different Industries
  19. Impact of E-Commerce on the Retail Sector
  20. Influencer Marketing & Its Impact on Sales
  21. Big Data and Data Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  22. Maruti Suzuki: Studying One of The Most Successful Business Partnerships in South Asia
  23. Studying Product Lifecycle Management: An Electronics Manufacturing Industry Perspective

Marvelous PhD. Dissertation In Management For 2021

  1. Managing Cultural Diversity At The Workplace
  2. Integrating Strategic Human Capital and Strategic Resource Management To Boost Performance
  3. The Mediating Effect of Leadership and Management: Impact on Strategy, Innovation & Complexity
  4. Role of Managers in Implementing Technological Changes In An Organization
  5. Study of Knowledge Management Research
  6. ICT and IoT in Business Management
  7. Knowledge Management and its Impact on Firm Performance
  8. Business Risk Management in the SME sector
  9. Enterprise Resource Management: Their Critical Role In Success
  10. Digital Transformation of Business Management
  11. Budgeting and Planning Systems
  12. Analyzing Managerial Economics
  13. Barriers To Entrepreneurship Development
  14. Credit Risk Management in Businesses
  15. Rising Trends in Cost Management
  16. Developments Of Cryptocurrencies and Their Impact on Policies
  17. Impact of Company Management on Product Quality
  18. Organizational Management using Lean Six Sigma Method
  19. System Optimization Using Simulation: A Managerial Perspective
  20. Warehouse Management: Effect on Order Picking Systems
  21. Digital Transformation: Impact on B2C and B2B Markets
  22. Human Resource Management: Necessity and Implementation
  23. Technology in Corporate Finance Management

First-Rate PhD. Dissertation Topics In Finance

  1. Effect of Corporate Investments in Economic Development
  2. Does Microfinance help the Community?
  3. Negative Impact of Strict Financial Relations
  4. The Rise of Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Financial Instruments
  5. Study of Modern Accounting Methods and Standards
  6. The Future of Digital Banking
  7. A Study of Relationship Banking
  8. Analyzing The Current Security Practices in Online Banking
  9. Impact of Brexit on UK Finances
  10. Importance of Credit Flow in the Agriculture Industry
  11. How has IT transformed the Banking Industry?
  12. Financing Terrorism: The Role Played By Economies & Financial Institutions
  13. Alleviating Poverty Through Microfinancing
  14. Risk Analysis of Financial Companies in Emerging Economies
  15. Understanding Financial Distress & Default
  16. The Idea Behind Hedge Funds
  17. Roel of Sentiment In Asset Pricing
  18. Technological Innovations In The United States Banking System
  19. Risk Management in Financial Institutions
  20. Microfinance and the Empowerment of Women
  21. How Covid-19 is Decreasing Bankruptcy?
  22. Equity Investment in Emerging Economies & Developing Markets
  23. Value of Human Capital in the Stock Market

Excellent Topics For PhD. Dissertations In Educational Leadership

  1. The Best and Most Effective Measures for Educational Reform in Schools
  2. Communication In Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Educational Institutions
  3. Role of A Principal In Institutional Success
  4. Value of Educational Leadership in a Society
  5. Impact of Educational Leadership on Students
  6. The Best Leadership Strategies For Principals and Teachers
  7. Part of Women In Educational Leadership
  8. Technology in Educational Leadership
  9. Effects of Technology on Educational Leadership
  10. Transformation Through Holistic Educational Leadership
  11. Diluting and Eliminating Racial Habits Through Effective Educational Leadership
  12. Changes In Educational Leadership Between College & High-School Instructors
  13. Analyzing The Latest Developments In Educational Leadership
  14. The Role of A Community In Fostering Proper Educational Leadership
  15. Impact of Educational Leadership On Pedagogical Research
  16. Understanding The Roles & Responsibilities of Rural School Principals
  17. Exploring Educational Leadership Practices For Reframing 21st Century Education
  18. Educational Tech and its effect on Educational Leadership
  19. Strategies To Boost Teacher Efficacy
  20. Using Blended Learning To Improve Educational Leadership
  21. The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Educational Leadership

Topics For Law Dissertations For PhD. In 2021

  1. The Validity of Lie-Detectors in Criminal Justice
  2. Comprehensive Evaluation of Male and Female Rape Legislations in the USA
  3. Best Methods To Protect Witnesses In Criminal Cases
  4. Looking Into the History of the Death Penalty
  5. Investigating The Challenges of Identifying the Nature of Crime
  6. Crime and Morality: A Study of Criminal Theory
  7. Implications of USA’s War on Terror on Criminal Law Enforcement
  8. Racial & Religious Prejudice in Correctional Facilities
  9. The efficiency of International Tribunals For War Crimes
  10. Systematic Comparison of Human Rights Across Countries
  11. Was the US Intervention in Iraq legally justified?
  12. Analysis of the Legal Foundations of Parenting & Civil Partnerships
  13. Impact of Culture on Family Lawsuits
  14. Job Security and Unemployment: Study of Employment Laws In India
  15. Analyzing Efficiency of Equal Employment Opportunities
  16. Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Case Study of UK and US
  17. Limitations of International Trade Laws
  18. Environmental Laws Across The World: Investigating Their Effectiveness
  19. Evaluating The Energy Consumption Laws
  20. Comparing The Laws on Intellectual Property Rights In US and UK
  21. Regulations Aimed at Stopping Corruption
  22. Ethics and Medical Laws: Can they co-exist?
  23. Understanding Abortion Laws: Social, Religious and Medical Perspectives

Nursing PhD. Dissertation Topics For 2021

  1. Interpreting Sleep and Allostatic Load as Future Cancer Predictors
  2. The Structure & Process of Emergency Triage in the US
  3. Effect of Social Networks in Self-Care behavior and Health Outcomes Amongst The General Population
  4. Knowledge Development For Undergraduate Clinical Nurses
  5. Burn out in the nursing profession
  6. Stages of Evolution from Nursing Theory to Nursing Practice
  7. Perceptions of Support For New Nursing Graduates
  8. Study of Moral Distress in Novice and Experienced Nurses
  9. The Nurse As an Advocate
  10. Exploration of Clinical Reason and Decision Making in Nursing Students
  11. Progress In Rural Nurse Education Programs
  12. Nursing Behavior and Their Impact on Patient Psyche
  13. Examination of Social Factors in Self-Management For Ages Adults
  14. Looking Into the Ethical Dilemmas Faced By Healthcare Professionals During Covid-19
  15. Understanding the Well-Being Of Nurses & Healthcare Professionals During a Pandemic
  16. Comparative Study of Nursing and Healthcare in India and the USA

Economics PhD Dissertation Topics For 2021

  1. Identifying the impact of coronavirus on the economy
  2. Research on the Impact of Covid-19 on Stock Markets
  3. Role of Banks in a Country
  4. Impact of Wars on a Country’s Economy
  5. Role of Ethics and Culture on Economic Development
  6. Role of Location linked to a particular firm
  7. Economics and expansion of bioenergy
  8. Illegal Immigration and its effect on the economy
  9. European Regional Policy and its impact on British SMEs
  10. Salary Inequalities in the United States
  11. The link between Minimum Wages and Employment Rates
  12. How Does Professional Training Affect Employment Opportunities?
  13. Can a blend of different cultures increase a firm’s productivity?
  14. Youth is one of the biggest catalysts in the promotion of economic agents.
  15. Role of Entrepreneurship in an Economy
  16. Impact of Technology on Economy
  17. Climate Change & Economics
  18. Understanding the role of families in finding large-scale firms.
  19. Economic Value of Historic Places

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