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A great number of students are opting for higher studies in various fields, especially from English Speaking Countries like the United Kingdom alias the UK and from Australia and so on. Many students from the UK are now a days analyzing on numerous dissertation topics to make their assignments attractive, be it from subjects related to Business Studies, Literature or even Language. There are basically two kinds of titles with which you can decide upon a dissertation writing topic and they are the Short Statement Title and the Long Statement Title. Let’s go through them one by one:-

Short Statement Title

In this format, the title consists of very few words usually ranging from two to six in number. As examples such topics are like:-

1. Business Expansion

2. Spreading Business Worldwide

3. Working style of women in a business

You can see over here that minimum words have been used to describe the agenda of a dissertation topic and these subjects are very interesting to take up for a business dissertation. It’s so as current issues related to business always catch the eye of the reader. Business Expansion is a core activity every growing business organization thinks of. If a dissertation is made on the ways to expand a business then such ideas are welcome, provided they are original and thought out through studies and research work. Even if an organization has expanded in its nation, it always desires to be established in other parts of the World. This is possible if the owners and management of the organization have the finances and capacity to spread its presence in other nations. Coming on to the third example, women’s issues are coming to the forefront in every debate be it on news channels or college debates. Making a dissertation about business in terms of woman’s working style can make for an engaging topic by a business management student. In this way, apart from business subjects, you can choose a catchy topic on any other subject you are into while working upon your dissertation.

Long Statement Title

Here, you need to specify the agenda of your topic under consideration in detail within the title. The title in such cases ranges from one to two long sentences. Usually, the second sentence is written in an interrogative statement style. The following examples can clear your doubts:-

1. Automobile Financing has become a great tool for the UK to reach out to Asian Nations for strengthening worldwide business relations with them. Will this tool help improve the UK in improving its economy as well as relations with foreign countries?

2. English Literature has been a great tool for the youth in the UK and abroad to give the youth brigade a different perspective towards life. Is this subject losing popularity in this modern age of Technology and Fast Life?

3. The Internet has come with loads of additional information, covering areas like Grammar, providing essay help and so on. Do you think that it can act as a substitute for text books while learning the English Language?

4. The first example was a long statement title regarding a topic about Business Management in UK, the second example was about a topic which reflected the Literature Subject studied in the National Language of the UK and the last example lays emphasis on UK’s National Language learning. These are various topics from subjects like Business Management, English Literature and English Language. Their subject areas are quite different from each other but all of them harp on issues in demand. Such topics can surely make for the best works within the UK Dissertation Industry.

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