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Analysis of HR Planning and Management in the EEA Water Department

Question 1: Responsibilities and Tasks of Engineers in the EEA Water Department

a. A number of years ago, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) created The Subsidy Management Program (SMP) within the Water Department. The main functions of the program are to review requests for government financial support for community projects and engineering design reports. Also, they need to perform operation and maintenance inspections of waste-water treatment facilities. Paul Wagner, head of the SMP, supervised four engineers, one technician, and one secretary. Three of the engineers were quite new to the agency within the last four months. The senior engineer, Winona Burrell, had approximately three years' experience in the SMP.

b. Winona Burrell�s experience meant that Paul Wagner assigned her the areas with the most complicated projects within the department. The other three engineers were assigned areas with less complex projects but worked closely with Burrell to learn all they could about the program from her over the next two months.At the beginning of 2020, Paul Wagner decided the new engineers had enough experience to do more difficult tasks; therefore, the SMP work could be shared on a more equal basis with each new engineer having responsibility for two or three geographical areas. This arrangement seemed to work well as the whole Water Department succeeded in reaching its objectives at the end of the first quarter. This was an excellent outcome as the whole team of SMP engineers had only been fully together for about six months. However, at the same time as these results appeared, Paul Wagner was offered a job with a consulting engineering company .

c. he decided to leave the EEA. He gave two months' notice to top management. During those two months top management did not advertise for a new SMP head. However, on the Monday of Wagner's final week, senior management of the EEA met with staff of the Water Department. They announced that, until a permanent SMP head could be found, they had appointed a temporary head of the�
SMP Samuel Kutzman, a senior engineer from another EEA department � the whole SMP team were very�

Q1. Describe and analyse in detail likely responsibilities and tasks of engineers in the mini-case. Use theories and concepts studied during the course to suggest what might be present in the HR planning process of this department that is causing the recent success of the MPS.

Q2. Paul Wagner left the EEA for a variety of reasons. Considering the context of today�s workplace, what might these reasons have been? Evaluate in detail what aspects of his job content and job design might have been improved to encourage him to stay longer with the SMP. Use concepts learned on the course, your own research and the case context to develop your arguments.

Q3. After the appointment of Samuel Kutzman, a variety of pandemic measures needed to be introduced to the SMP department. Discuss what impact these measures might have had on specific functions in the human resource department of the EEA. Moreover, analyse to what extent you believe these measures might have had some influence on his appointment rather than Winona Burrell.�

1. This an Indivisible task

2. Respond to all three questions in written form; i.e. diagrams, images, tables etc. should NOT be included in the text or word count

3. Each response in each part carries EQUAL WEIGHT i.e. 10%

4. The case-study is fictional

5. Include reference sources using the HARVARD protocol

6. Submission to Turnitin

1. TOTAL Wordcount 3 questions 750 � 1000 words (approx. 250-333 words per question)

2.� Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are EXCLUDED from the total wordcount.

3.� Font: Arial 12 pts.

4.� Line-spacing 1.5 - 2.0

5. Text alignment: Justified.

6.� The in-text citations, reference list and/or the bibliography must be in HARVARD�S style.

Assessment 1: Submission Deadline - Sunday 31/10/2021 23:59 CEST; Weight: This task is 30% of your total grade for this subject.

a. Outcome 1: Understand the Human Resources function inside the enterprise, describe and analyze responsibilities and tasks.

b. Outcome 2: Interpret job analysis and apply job design.

c.� Outcome 3: Understand different stages of human resources planning


Human Resources Planing

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