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Algorithm Design & Programming - C# Program Submission Problems

Problem 1: Calculation of Gross Pay, Tax Deductions, and Net Pay

Assessment Title: Algorithm Design & Programming

You are required to submit C# programs for each of the four problems given in this document. For each C# program, you are required to use appropriate variable names (follow the naming conventions) with suitable data types. Also make use of comments in your code.

Write a program in C# to prompt the user to input their name, employee number, week ending date, hours worked, rate per hour, standard and overtime tax percentage rate. Use the data input to calculate gross pay, tax deductions and net pay. Output the results as a formatted payslip. Assume that a standard working week is 37.5 hours.

E.g. Ask the user to enter the following data:

Employee Name:

(sample input – Mark Bate)

Employee Number:

(sample input – 123456789A)

Week ending:

Number of hours worked:

Hourly Rate:

Overtime Rate:

Standard Tax Rate:

Overtime Tax Rate:

(sample input - 26/01/2018)

(sample input – 42.5)

(sample input – 10.50)

(time-and-a-half as 1.5)

(sample input – 20)

(sample input – 50)

Once the above data has been entered the program should display the employee’s payslip

Write a program in C# which prompts the user for a delimited data row.

After entering the data row (with delimiter) the user is asked for the delimiter as per Figure 1a below.

(Note: the user can enter any delimiter of their choice.)

Figure 1a.

On entering the delimiter and pressing carriage return, write out to the Console window each individual data item as per Figure 1b below.

Figure 1b.

Write a program in C# that prompts the user to enter a number of integer values. The program stores the integers in an array, counts the frequency of each integer and displays the frequency on the Console as per Figure 2 below.

Figure 2

Write a program in C# that prompts the user to enter a number of Movies. Your program should store the Movie Names in an array and output what has been stored as per Figure 3a below.

Figure 3a

If the user enters the word Exit as a Movie Name the program should stop prompting the user to enter any additional Movie Names and should output Movie Names collected as per Figure 3b below.

Figure 3b

The number of marks deducted depends on the lateness of the submission and will be deducted according to the following scale:

  • Where an assessment is submitted between 1 and 14 days late 2 marks per day are deducted
  • An assessment submitted after the deadline but within 24 hours of the original deadline will attract the first day penalty, i.e. deduction of 2 marks
  • Where an assessment is more than 14 days late it is annotated at the discretion of the lecturer but no marks are awarded.


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