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Investigating an Organization's Performance in Achieving SDG 12 Targets for Responsible Consumption

Step 1: Target Selection

This assignment requires students to focus on SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. MG 12 comprises specific targets and indicators. It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the SDG12 Overview, Targets and Indicators, and Progress and Info pages accessible.This assignment is designed to promote enquiry-based learning and critical thinking skills. Students are required to choose one of the SDG 12 targets as a focal point and to carry out an investigation around how that target is being responded to by an organisation of the student's choosing. This investigation will require the student to familiarise themselves with the details of the target and associated indicators and also the performance of the organisation in relation to the target.

We are keen that students address () the surface level sustainability related claims of the organisation (e.g. pledges around sustainability in store or online) (ii) company reports which may provide more details on sustainability related performance (iii) external evaluation, for example, NGO reports relating to the selected organisation. The final deliverable is a short video documentary describing both the investigative process and subsequent conclusions. Formative assessment will be utilised at the mid -way point of the semester. This will comprise an opportunity for students to receive f eedb ack on their progress on th eassignment at that point and serve to provide adequate time for students to res pond to that feedback before final submission of the assignment. We have put together a step-by-step plan which we advise students to work through when completing this assignment. 

Step 1: Target selection Choose one or more (no more than three) targets from SDG 12 to focus on and clearly state these at the outset of your submission in both the video and supporting documentation. Step 2: Sector selection Think about your chosen targets in the context of a particular consumer-oriented business sector. 

Step 3: Enablers and Constraints Provide a brief overview of the enablers and constraints which impact on the achievement of stated target(s) for organisations operating within this sector. 

Step 4: Investigation and Critique Choose a retail brand who have demonstrated progress in relation to meeting the target(s) you have identified above in step 1. Carry out a critique of the organisation's performance under the following headings:

• 'Ma glance' — how does the organization communicate its sustainability agenda to consumers (this could be through their website, social media, product packaging, advertising, in-store communications).

• 'Digging deeper —seek out more detailed information from the company website, for example, CSR reports for re cent years as well as media reports and/or NGO reports which mention the activities of your chosen company.

• 'Independent enquiry' —Conduct a life cycle assessmentof one of the product offeringsof the chosen retail brand. The life cycle assessment should involve a cradle-to-grave analysis to assessthe environmental and human impacts associated with all the stages of the chosen product categories life, from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal or re-use. 

Step 5: Evaluation and Conclusion Having conducted steps 1 to 4 above comment on where the brand has made progress and whether or where there is a gap between your chosen targets and the retail brand's performance. In summary what has your chosen organization achieved in relation to specific SDG12 Targets, what positive steps have they taken and what improvements remain to be made in the organization or the sector more broadly? 

Digital Artefact (video) and Supporting Documentation Create a Video presentation illustrating the process and results of your investigation. See Appendix A fora guide to resources on video production.

• Submit a short bulleted report documenting the process as set out in steps 1 to 5 above. This report should include a bibliography which lists numerically all the material you consulted including academic articles, company reports, industry reports, web pages, podcasts, videos etc. (no word count limit on the bibliography). Please ensure academic sources are referenced using APA style (note: lecturers will direct you to appropriate APA style guides). Research report should be completed using size 12 font and 1.5 line spacing and submitted as an MS word document and not a PDF

• All submissions must be accompanied by a declaration of individual authorsh

• Instructions for online submission will be provided closer to the deadline.

• Please be aware plagiarism is an academic offence and will not be tolerated underany circumstances. 

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