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Global Market Evaluation for New Zealand Firm in Emerging and Developed Markets

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Learning Outcome One: Critically evaluate global market environments and opportunities.


For this assignment, you are required to work in a group to research and critically evaluate two foreign external environments for a New Zealand firm that is not currently present in any foreign markets.

Each group will need to select a New Zealand firm, and two (2) foreign markets. You will need to select one (1) developed market and one (1) emerging market. The foreign markets that you choose should not be countries that you have spent significant time in, and you MUST have your choice of countries and firm authorised by the course convenor. No two groups will be permitted to research the same organisation and countries; these will be allocated on a first served basis as per the forum on Moodle.

Your digital presentation will need to analyse the international marketing environment that confronts the organisation, and specifically address the political, legal, economic, cultural and technological elements of the foreign market. Use the template provided on Moodle to structure your presentation

1 Background

The background should clearly describe the firm that you have chosen and provide a brief overview of the company and its current operations. You should also identify and justify your choice of countries (3 marks)

2 The Foreign Marketing Environment

Conduct research into the foreign marketing environment of the countries of your choice. Critically analyse the main features of each of the following as they pertain to your chosen business and explain the relevance of these features for your chosen business:

(i) Political environment (5 marks in total, 2.5 per country)
(ii) Legal environment (5 marks in total, 2.5 per country)
(iii) Economic environment (5 marks in total, 2.5 per country)
(iv) Cultural environment (5 marks in total, 2.5 per country)
(v) Technological environment (5 marks in total, 2.5 per country)
(vi) Geographical environment OR Financial environment (5 marks in total, 2.5 per country) (30 marks)
Make sure you present the foreign marketing environment for each country as a whole before moving onto the next country as shown in the template.


In describing the different environments, you need to identify at least three (3) researched facts for each of the political, legal, economic, cultural and technological environments in your chosen countries. It should be clear that you have researched each fact and have not just used your common knowledge (each fact should have an APA citation on your supporting material). You do not need to limit yourself to three (3) facts – this is a minimum. You should strive to provide a coherent picture of each factor in the macro-environment.

3 Analysis

Based on your research presented in section 2 above, critically evaluate the overall suitability and attractiveness of your chosen countries.
As part of your analysis, you should identify the three (3) biggest risks to your organisation and the three (3) greatest opportunities in each country.

Your analysis needs to be justified with either reference to international marketing theory covered in class and/or research published in an authoritative source. Your analysis needs to conclude which country is most attractive for your chosen business to enter. 

4 Contrasts between Foreign Marketing Environments

Based on your research reported under section 2 you are required to:

(i) Identify four (4) differences between the two different countries that you have researched. You should clearly state and justify why you consider these differences to be significant.

(ii) Evaluate how each of the four (4) differences you identified in section 4(i) might potentially change your organisations marketing strategy.

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