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Developing a MobApp for Registering Training Courses: IT242 Case Study

The Scenario

This Case study must be submitted on Blackboard via the allocated folder Email submission will not be accepted Students must work as groups in which each group has up to four students.You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented, marks will be reduced for poor presentation.Identical copy from students or other resources will result in ZERO marks for all involved students.

The case study is about the analysis of the students’ understanding in analyzing a given scenario and practical skills to apply concepts and build diagrams studied in IT242 (Software Engineering). The case study consists of five parts. Students are required to answer all of these parts based on the below scenario. Developing a MobApp for Registering Training Courses The College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) at the Saudi Electronic University offers a number of training courses during each academic semester designated specifically to university students in Saudi Arabia. These training courses aim to improve the students' knowledge and develop their programming/technical skills. In order to facilitate the courses’ registration process, the Student Club at the CCI would like to implement a MobApp that allows students to register or drop the training courses. The new MobApp will have the following description.

At a specific period of each semester (usually in Week 2), students can view a training  catalog that contains a list of training courses that are available for the semester. Information about each training course, such as course name, trainer name, start and end dates, time slots, fees, and prerequisite skills, are included to help the students make informed decisions. To register any training course, the student should enter his/her full name as in the University ID (UID), email address, contact number, university name, and branch. The MobApp will allow the students to register up to two training courses each semester. In addition, each student will indicate two alternative choices in case a training course becomes unavailable or cancelled. No training course will have more than 50 students, and any training course that has less than 3 registered students will be cancelled. When the registration period is over, all courses with 3 or more registered students will be available in the MobApp. Then, the MobApp sends the information of the registered training courses to the billing system so students can pay the required fees.


Once the student pays the fees, his/her name will appear in the attendance list of the training course. At any time before paying the fees, the student can drop any registered course.On the other side, and before the students can do the registration process, the college’s professors (become trainers later) can use the MobApp to announce the training courses that they would like to present. The interested professor should enter his/her full name,email address, mobile number, branch, training course topic, required skills, and brief description for the proposed topic. Any professor can propose up to three different training topics. The administrator of the developed MobApp can view the proposed training courses, approve/disapprove courses, allocate dates and time slots for the training courses, create the meeting links for the approved courses, and update the training catalog by removing training courses that have less than 3 students.

1.1 Draw a Use-case Diagram for the given main scenario. Show all use cases and actors. (4 Marks)
1.2 By using the template below, provide a detailed use-case description for the use case “Registering a Training Course”.

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