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Comparative analysis of “Drown” and “Complexion” using outside source

Comparing Rodriguez, Teo, and the narrator of “Drown” view on education in relation to their identities

Paper 4: Comparative analysis of “Drown” and “Complexion” using outside source Assignment prompt: 1) "Complexion," by Richard Rodriguez, and “Drown,” by Junot Diaz deal with the theme of education and identity. Compare how Rodriguez, Teo, and the narrator of "Drown" view education in relation to their identities. With whose view of education do you MOST identify? Explain why, using support from the two essays, ONE OUTSIDE SOURCE, and your own life. Use of outside source: The source must connect the assignment’s theme of education, and can touch on the topics of education and class, gender, race, immigration, age, etc. It must be relevant to either one of the two readings, “Complexion” and “Drown,” or your own experience as related to education. The best source is a research article from a peer-reviewed academic journal. (See the library instruction video to explain and clarify what a peer-reviewed journal and article are.) But you can use a nonfiction book, a chapter in a nonfiction book, or a news article from a periodical like The Economist, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal or another respected news source). You can also use a government website (.gov) or educational site (.edu). YOUR SOURCE SHOULD INCLUDE SOME KIND OF DATA (FACTS AND FIGURES) OR RESEARCH. Do NOT use Wikipedia, a blog, or most sites that ends in .com (ask if not sure). Do not use a work of fiction (novel or story) and most memoirs are not good either unless it includes data and research. You should approve your source(s) with me first or there is a chance you will NOT receive credit for the source if it is not deemed acceptable. Please review the library link to instructional YouTube videos on credible sources, library research tools, and citation format (you don’t need to look at APA style, which is for social sciences but not English and literature courses). You need only one or two sentences from this outside source. Make sure you attribute the source using MLA parenthetical citation format and NOT APA style, which is for social sciences not English or the humanities. Library link: You may include a second outside source that we discussed in class, such as the “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work,” by Jean Anyon, but that cannot be your only and primary outside source. Your first outside source must be something you found on your own, related to your answer and related to the topic. Use specific examples. Make sure to upload your assignment as .docx or PDF file. If it is not one of those files, you may not receive credit for the assignment. Please note ? 5 pages, not including Works Cited page, which will be the sixth page. Double-spaced. 12-point font. 1-inch margins. PLEASE use the paper checklist to help you organize and write your paper. It WILL help! VERY IMPORTANT: 1. If any of your work in this paper is plagiarized, which means you include another person’s words OR IDEAS, you will automatically fail this paper and the course. You can use another person’s words and ideas but they must be in quotes (if exact words) and with MLA parenthetical citation (whether exact words or paraphrased ideas). If unsure, ask me! 2. If you do not use an acceptable outside source—one of the key points of this assignment—you can lose 30% (weak source) to 50% (no source) from the grade (4.5-7.5 points from paper’s total 15 points). I encourage students to meet with me on zoom about this paper. I can answer any questions through email, including the vetting of sources and general questions. This is your last paper assignment. I encourage you to submit it earlier for feedback and possible revision. I will not accept any papers after the deadline. You have a month to complete the paper.

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