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Case Study Assignment (Team Assignment)


Case Study Assignment (Team Assignment)

This assignment is to be completed in teams of 3 or 4 members. You should begin by submitting (in week 1 or 2 the signed group participation form at the end of this document. This form needs to be completed and signed by all group members. Once submitted, the teams will remain fixed and no member additions or deletions will be allowed unless by approval of your subject coordinator.


The objective of this assignment is to apply the knowledge and experience acquired with BPMN diagrams and Business Process Management concepts gained through the lectures and activities to a simulated industry Case Study Problem. You will need to employ analytical skills for this Case Study to discover existing problems and re-design the business processes.


Your task is to model, analyze, re-design and automate an Equipment, materials and service acquisition process for the University of Geelong (Scenario contained at the end this
document). A narrative description of the “as is” process is given below. You must take this description as the basis to analyze the process, identify improvement alternatives and to design a to- be process. If you find that the description below is not detailed enough, you can make your own assumptions. But any assumptions must be reasonable and documented. The first step is to understand the “as is” process model. To this end, you are asked to design a detailed BPMN process model reflecting the current state of the process. This BPMN model should not only deal with the “normal course” of action, but it should also show how different types of errors or exceptions are handled, including changes, cancellations and over-due invoices.

Next, you should identify wastes in the process as well as at least 5 major issues you consider the most important (and explain why these are the most important). The latter should be assessed and documented in an issue register. The “issue register” should include the following columns: Issue Priority Number, Issue Name, Short Description, Data/Assumptions, Quantitative Impact and Qualitative Impact. The issue register should not be an inventory of every possible issue you can think of. Instead, you should focus on major issues that would capture the concerns of customers and/or suppliers, staff and management stakeholders. 

MITS5507 Assignment 3

Based on the identified issues, you should then design a “to-be” process model in BPMN and explain what changes you are proposing and how would these changes address the identified issues, and/or how they would contribute to achieving the company’s strategic goals. In addition to proposing a “to-be” process model, your team must build a mock-up application using a business process management system (e.g. Signavio Workflow Accelerator). The purpose of this mockup application is to demonstrate how the to-be process could be automated and how would this automation affect the way the participants in the process do their work. This will be a, “demonstrator”. You can should keep it simple.
The description of the case study processes is provided below. However, it may need more information in some sections. At the postgraduate level, you are required to do some research to add detail as necessary to the case we have provided. You are allowed to make reasonable assumptions based on your experience and research. All assumptions have to be clearly explained in your report.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions are to be submitted through turn-it-in. Drop-boxes linked to turn-it-in will be set up in the Unit of Study Moodle account. Assignments not submitted through these drop-boxes will not be considered. Submissions must be made by the due date and time (which will be in the session detailed above) and determined by your Unit coordinator. Submissions made after the due date and time will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day (including weekend days). The turn-it-in similarity score will be used in determining the level if any of plagiarism. Turn-it-in will check conference web-sites, Journal articles, the Web and your own class member submissions for plagiarism. You can see your turn-it-in similarity score when you submit your assignment to the appropriate drop-box. If this is a concern you will have a chance to change your assignment and re-submit. However, re-submission is only allowed prior to the submission due date and time. After the due date and time have elapsed you cannot make re-submissions and you will have to live with the similarity score as there will be no chance for changing. Thus, plan early and submit early to take advantage of this feature. You can make multiple submissions,
but please remember we only see the last submission, and the date and time you submitted will be taken from that submission.

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