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Statistical Analysis of Travel Agent and Drug Addicts' Surveys

Summary of Responses for Travel Agent Business Strategy and Government Reduction

For Questions 1 and 2 of your first assignment generate Random samples of size 200-250 to perform the following tasks. You can assume that the population size for travel agent survey is 2500 and for the regular illicit drug addicts’ survey is 2000.

Before generating your data, please read this assignment carefully and add questions that are required in this assignment to your questionnaire

1- Based on your own questionnaire, use your sample data to summarise the responses for the travel agent business strategy and the government reduction of the drug policies. These strategies and policies should have been addressed in your questions. Please pay particular attention to the following:

a- Use graphs and statistical analysis when ever is possible.

b- Most of you for the travel agent questionnaire have included questions that ask for the age of the respondents and the amount they would spend for their trip, use stratified sampling (at least two strata) for these two questions to provide an estimate of the average age for the travellers and the total amount spent towards their travel.  Use the sample size n (above) and define N1, N2,… yourself  (in a logical manner that makes sense in your questionnaire ) for each strata, then use proportional allocation  rule to obtain n1, n2,…. Provide the error of both estimations.  

c- Use the handout given to you for the Statistics module 1, 8 and 9 to assess if the amount spend by the different age group is the same or not. If it is not the same, then identify the groups that are different.

d- For the travel questionnaire, in your report discuss the age distribution, amount of money to be spend, popular destinations and so on. You can use pie chart for this section. If the questionnaire that you have designed does not have question about age, amount they spend, destinations, please add these questions to your questionnaire before generating data.

e-  For the regular illicit drug addicts, you can discuss their age distribution, family background, how they were first introduced to drug, how much do they spend on drug, do they want to receive help to stop their addictions. Again, add these questions to your questionnaire before generating data.

2- Write a maximum of 2 A4 sheet (font 11) report for each questionnaire. You do not need to include your graphs and statistical analysis in your report (put them in the appendix) but you should refer to them with graph or table number. Make sure that you briefly state your research question and target population at the beginning of your final report (there is no need to mention the sample and procedures of collecting data you have already been assessed on these points in assignment 1). Your report should be able to guide the travel agent or government to set up their business strategies or policies in a very informative way.

Please consider the following points in your report:

1- In your appendix please clearly explain the purpose and the reason for the statistical task that you are carrying out in a few lines and the results of your statistical analysis in words (in each part of your analysis). For example we plot the data in histogram to obtain information on the average and variability of ….. Our results show that average age is….  

2- In your two pages report, you do not need to explain why you used for example regression (you have already done this in Appendix) just say based on statistical analysis presented on A2.1 we recommend .....

3- At the begging of each report I expect a brief introduction on the research problem investigated in the report.

4- If you are using stratified sampling what are N1, n2 and so on. You can use proportional allocation to estimate n1,…

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