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Argument Essay Prewriting and Plan: Covid-19 Vaccination Importance and Annotated Bibliography

The Importance of Covid-19 Vaccination

Argument Essay Prewriting and Plan

  1. Your Thesis Statement: Please provide your thesis statement with a clear stance and situated within the debate you chose in Week 1.

Covid 19 vaccination has helped in containing the spread of the virus and individuals on a global lave are advice to take the vaccine as the most effective way of containing the virus. It is therefore essential to raise awareness to the general population about the essence of the vaccination programs so that individuals can come out in large numbers to get the vaccination as soon as possible (England, 2021).

  1. Please compose a paragraph of approach and purpose. 1What has been your approach to finding your sources? 2What have you been looking for? 3How successful have you been? 4Do you plan to change strategies, and/or do you have additional specific sources or search strategies in mind?

Write your full, rich paragraph here.

For this paragraph, follow the organization below.

1st sentence (topic sentence)— To find sources for my paper, I wrote my thesis with its points, reviewed the new Writer’s Reference Center, and used the library’s Chat Live to make sure I found what I needed.

2nd sentence (Support Sentence)—I have focused my research on the three points of my topic, reviewing my side of the topic as well as the opposition’s side.

3rd sentence (Support Sentence)—Because I used the points in my thesis, the Writer’s Reference Center, and the Chamberlain Library’s Chat Live, I have been successful in finding information for both sides of the argument.

4th sentence (Support Sentence)—At this point in time, I am satisfied with the strategies I have implemented, and I have no further search strategies in mind.

5th sentence (Conclusion)—Although my research took a good amount of time, using the research tools available through Chamberlain provided the research strategies and information I needed.

  1. Your Annotated Bibliography (Provide 6 sources, 3 that support your stance and 3 that oppose your stance.)

Please very carefully review your textbook, your lesson, and the discussion board for this week before beginning. The annotated bibliography is formatted in a particular manner, and there are different types of annotated bibliographies. Yours must be analytical in nature in that you are not just explaining the source’s contents, but also performing evaluations on your sources and connecting them to your own purposes.

Your sources will be in alphabetical order, all referenced in correct APA style, and each followed by a rich paragraph analyzing the source. The paragraph must be formatted according to APA standards, with correct indentations and spacing. For an example of formatting for a full annotated bibliography, see your book.

Each annotation should include a very brief overview, then a close look at specific points, ideas and information from the source that stand out to you as important in the context of your own argument. Use evidence from the source and explain how and why it is a viable source in general, and then specifically why it is valuable to you, to one of your specific points/purposes. Finally, note if the source backs or opposes other sources on your list and how. In short, dig deeply and use your annotations as preparation for structuring and drafting your paper.

According to the Week 3 Lesson, the following information needs to be included in your annotated bibliography.  The areas below are color-coded so you can tell the parts in the Sarris example below.

  1. A briefoverview of the author's point and purpose.
  2. A focuseddiscussion over why you have chosen this source in particular as opposed to other sources with a similar topic and purpose- what is special about this source?
  3. A focuseddiscussion of how the source will benefit your paper. Does it support a specific point? How? Is it a valuable piece of opposition for rebuttal? How?
  4. A further illumination of the source in the annotation paragraph(s) by using evidence from the source to illustrate its value, the author's stance, and specific pieces of information and/or argument that are standing out to you as important and useful in forwarding your own points.

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