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Rhetorical Devices Analysis of FDR's and Hillary Clinton's Speeches

Purpose and Imagery in FDR's First Fireside Chat

Directions Read the postings of your peers in the "Rhetorical Devices Analysis" Discussion Board. Select at least TWO postings to respond to. In each response, address the two points your peer wrote about and offer your perspective on their ideas (about 150 words per each response). Post each response as a REPLY to your peers' postings in the Discussion titled "Rhetorical Devices Analysis." 1, My two chosen rhetorical devices: imagery and purpose used in FDR's first Fireside Chat In the first Fireside Chat with FDR, we can see that the purpose is to reassure the citizens of the U.S. that their banks are safe, and that mass withdrawals are unwise. When President FDR is addressing the citizens, he uses a lot of repetition and reassuring phrases. In this first example, we can see he is trying to keep the people calm and establish trust, “I can assure you, my friends, that it is safer to keep your money in a reopened bank than it is to keep it under the mattress.”

FDR assures the public that the mass withdrawal of funds is unwise, and that the banks are a much safer place for their money. By doing this he puts faith back into the banking system, by previously stating his plans. He also wants the citizens to continue to use the banking system. In this next example we can see him comfort and implore the citizens to continue to use banks, and that they will be open and operating. “I know that many people are worrying about State banks that are not members of the Federal Reserve System. There is no occasion for that worry. These banks can and will receive assistance from member banks and from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.” FDR wants to reassure the people that even if banks that are not part of the Federal Reserve will open and all will be normal again. In this Fireside Chat with President FDR, we can see that he uses imagery to persuade the American people to agree with his point of view.

In this first example, we see him describe the people’s actions as a sort of mass hysteria, “Let me make it clear to you that the banks will take care of all needs, except, of course, the hysterical demands of hoarders, and it is my belief that hoarding during the past week has become an exceedingly unfashionable pastime in every part of our nation.” FDR describes the people as “hoarders,” giving the image of manik and hysteric masses shoveling money into a bag. This image helps sell the idea that withdrawing tons of money from the bank is unwise and irrational. In our second example, he further paints a picture of hysterical citizens, as he wants everyone to feel safe keeping their money in banks, and that withdrawing like that would be strange and irresponsible. “Because of undermined confidence on the part of the public, there was a general rush by a large portion of our population to turn bank deposits into currency or gold -- a rush so great that the soundest banks couldn't get enough currency to meet the demand.” The imagery in this statement portrays a sort of hysterical group going to banks and demanding piles of money. By doing this it makes the idea seem illogical.

Purpose and Audience in Hillary Clinton's Speech on Women's Rights

In the speech of Hillary Clinton, at the 4th World Conference of women. I can clearly identify two rhetorical devices to discuss. The first one is the purpose, Hillary’s speech was directly focused on Women’s rights. Hillary spoke of the importance of women's voices in society. When she said, “By gathering in Beijing, we are focusing world attention on issues that matter most in our lives -- the lives of women and their families: access to education, health care, jobs and credit, the chance to enjoy basic legal and human rights and to participate fully in the political life of our countries.” Hillary clearly mentions all the aspects she thought women should not be excluded. Clinton’s speech was so powerful for all women around the world, she was the voice for all women how could not speak. I personally love when she said “ What we are learning around the world is that if women are healthy and educated, their families will flourish. If women are free from violence, their families will flourish.

If women have a chance to work and earn as full and equal partners in society, their families will flourish. And when families flourish, communities and nations do as well. That is why every woman, every man, every child, every family, and every nation on this planet does have a stake in the discussion that takes place here.” Meaning that women’s contribution to society is as important as anyone else and that giving women their equal rights means flourishing society. Powerful speech with a clear purpose, Women's Rights are Not be taken because their rights are naturally given to them. Another rhetorical piece of advice I can discuss is the audience. Hillary is directly speaking to the people that clearly oppose women’s rights. Hillary uses pathos to give her speech a sentimental touch.

When she said, “It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines are broken, simply because they are born girls.” It was very touching because babies are the purest souls on earth and can not defend themselves, Hillary mentioning baby girls was an example of pathos. Hillary was also speaking to women all around the world. Clinton said, “Speaking to you today, I speak for them, just as each of us speaks for women around the world who are denied the chance to go to school, or see a doctor, or own property, or have a say about the direction of their lives, simply because they are women.” It was a comforting message to all women, and little girls, telling them you are not alone. I am here fighting for you, and your voice will be heard.

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