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Creating an Inclusive Environment: How Healthcare Professionals Can Help Marginalized Patients

Creating a Welcoming Space

1.    Use your pre-written outline and introductory paragraph to guide you in your writing.
2.    Write the rough draft of the body of your essay: include at least 2 body paragraphs (if you can do 3, that's great!) .
3.    Follow the PEEL technique:
i.    Use a topic sentence detailing your point.
ii.    Give 2 specific examples as evidence.
iii.    Explain and expand on each example in order to prove your point.
iv.    Link your ideas to answer the so what? factor, making your reader understand the greater significance of your examples in the end.
4.    Use 12 pt Times New Roman font, left justified, 1” margins, double space, & indent for paragraphs.
5.    Please include the rubric in the submission.
6.    Please review the sample Essay
- but do not borrow any ideas from it.

 For years, minorities in Canada have been fighting for  their  right  to be  treated equally. They have always been portrayed in a negative light  due  to biased judgements. Marginalized people  are  often discriminated against,  especially  in  the healthcare system  where they  are the most  vulnerable  and in need of  care. A  healthcare  facility should be  a  place  where  an individual can seek help comfortably and without  being judged. However, that  is  not  the  case  for  people  of colour who “have  long complained that  doctors  and nurses  routinely dismiss  their  complaints  of pain because  even highly  educated medical  professionals  perpetuate  stereotypes  about  drug use” (Trichur, 2020, para  16).  Instead of  categorizing people, we  should learn  to  recognize  and celebrate their  differences.  Healthcare workers  have the ability  to  provide a safe space  for minorities  by creating an  inclusive  environment, having the  correct  attitude,  and being an ally. 

           Healthcare  providers  should set  up a  welcoming space.  One way  they  can  do  that  is  by putting  posters  and magazines  that  show  people  of  different  ethnicities. When patients  enter  a healthcare  facility and are  surrounded by pictures  of  people  that  look like  them, it  can make  them feel  represented.  As  a  result, this  can help them  feel  more  seen instead of  just  being another statistic.  The other  way  they  can  create an  accepting  environment  is  by adding multilingual signage. That  way, patients  that  are  not  fluent  in  English can be  at  ease  when they read a language  that  they  are  familiar  with. Canada  is  a  country that  is  full  of  immigrants, so it  would make sense to  use signs  that  cater  to  them.  All  of  those changes  can  help  patients  feel  that  we’re all  one  community even though we  come  from  different  backgrounds.  

Having an Accepting Attitude

          Furthermore, they need to implement  a  greeting routine. They can start  by keeping eye contact  when they talk to a  patient. Eye  contact  is  important  when you communicate  with anyone because  it  shows  that  you  are  paying  attention and  care  about  what  they  have  to say. They can also state  their  pronoun  when they introduce  themselves  to a  patient. There  are  minorities  that  do not  feel  comfortable  sharing  their  pronouns  unless  someone  else  uses  them.  Thus, they would feel  relieved  and  encouraged  if  a healthcare  worker  initiates  it.  This  kind  of  gestures  might seem small  to some  individuals, but  to others, it  is  a  sign of  respect  and sincerity.

                   However, these  changes  might  be  useless  if  healthcare  workers  do not  advocate  and  selfeducate  for  their  patients.  A  healthcare  provider  should speak up if  they witness  a  co-worker discriminating against  a  patient. Nevertheless, it  has  to be  done  in a  way that  does  not  negatively affect  the patient.  For  example, a  healthcare  worker  should  speak  to  that  colleague away  from the patient, and if  needed bring it  up to the  supervisor, HR, or  the  Diversity and  Inclusion office  if there  is  one  in the  institution. The  thing that  minorities  need the  most  is  the  staff’s  support  and the  knowledge  that  they  are  in safe  hands.  Healthcare  providers  should also regularly attend  antiracism training  for  healthcare  workers.  It is  important for  them to  always  educate  themselves  and challenge their  biases.  That  way  they  cannot  cause  harm  to the  patient, be  it  intentionally or unintentionally.  All  of  these  things  not  only can help improve  the  hospital’s  reputation but  also make patients  come back. 

          All  in  all,  healthcare professionals’  actions  can  make a positive difference in marginalized people’s  lives. Establishing a  more  diverse  place, taking  care,  and not  being bias towards  minority  patients  can  greatly  impact their  experience  in  the  healthcare  facility.  A healthcare provider  is  a  noble  profession that  aims  to tend to the  patients, not  to discriminate against  them.  Minorities are always  prejudiced against  in their  everyday lives. So, it  is  the healthcare workers  duty  to  make sure that  the patients  have a pleasant  encounter  at  the hospital. At  the  end of  the  day,  a  hospital  is  a  place  to heal,  not  a place  to  fear.  

•      essay comm 1003 rubric.pdf essay comm 1003 rubric.pdf - Alternative Formats (288.938 KB)
Learning Objectives:
•    Create logical, cohesive introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs using outlines and drafts.
•    Revise and edit your own writing to improve organization, sentence structure, grammar and mechanics.


This is the final complete draft of your essay: How My Profession Can Create an Inclusive Environment It should include a title, an introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It should be approximately 2 pages in length No secondary sources are encouraged - besides the article read in class, which must be accurately documented (and will be graded as part  the grammar section).All suggestions should be original ideas - if secondary sources are used, they should only support the need or reason for the changes.Do not use the Internet to find suggestions; use your own experience and class discussions.


The essay is worth15%. It is your final assessment and will be marked as an assignment showing the synthesis of all we have done in the course.

1.    APA format should be followed: Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1" margins, left justified, double spaced, and indent for paragraphs.
2.    Please use your rough draft feedback to create your final draft. You have received feedback for most of the essay, except the conclusion, which we covered in class.
3.    Please submit your complete essay as an attachment with your name in the file name: Myfullname_ final essay in  a word doc or pdf file on or before the due date.  Please include the rubric in your submission.

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