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Future Communication Strategies for Coca-Cola: Balancing Traditional and Digital Marketing

Coca-Cola's successful marketing strategies

1. Review the "Marketing Excellence: Coca-Cola" case study on your textbook. In thinking about the great brand success Coca Cola has experienced, what do they need to think about in the future with respect to communication strategies? Think about both traditional and digital applications and be specific with both media, themes and timing.

The above question is what the class is responding to.   

Assignment: Read the 3 short student responses to the Discussion board post below.  All 3 are my classmates’ responses to the discussion board questions above.  Please reply to all 3 classmates post using
a). at least 150 words and
b). the instructors’ directions. Please mention the products/goods my classmates used in their responses.  Then reply with 1 substantive response paragraph.  Instructor’s directions: Follow these instructions when writing your response.  

Note:  When responding to your peers, praise them for what they are doing well, and lend your own information and/or perspective to your peer's discussion response. (All of your responses within the discussion threads need to be no less than six or seven full sentences in length and pertain to the Discussion Board Question/Topic, in order to be eligible for participation credit).

Student #1

Coca Cola is a company that prides about its marketing strategy. Its marketing strategy has allowed the company to generate a global brand. This brand has allowed the company to improve and sustain its sales. Today, the company boasts of a brand value of $87.6 billion (Statista, 2021). This is a brand value that identifies the appropriate management of business operations and processes. Founded in 1892, the company continues to impact its customers and in the process influencing how new markets are gained and dominated. The company has majorly focused on its marketing strategy. The company relies on a marketing strategy that responds to the emotions of consumers. For instance, the company adopted a marketing campaign that supported the names of consumers on their different beverages. This helped the company to attract and retain consumers.

To achieve its success in the market, the company has majored on digital marketing. This is highlighted by TV ads that convey appropriate messages to consumers. The company has also focused on digital campaigns that are aimed at sensitizing consumers to purchase their products. The use of digital marketing has ensured that the company has been able to break language and cultural barriers. This has supported its growth and development. Coca Cola is also a major sponsor in different events. The sponsorship deals have allowed the company to create positive relationships with consumers. This explains the progress the company continues to make. Therefore, it is appropriate to note that the company has an effective marketing campaign. Nonetheless, it is important for the company to balance how it utilizes both traditional and digital marketing strategies. Infusing these marketing campaigns will allow the company reach wider market segments and in the process improving its sales. The company has already affirmed its market dominance. It is therefore critical for the company to utilize appropriate marketing campaigns to improve its sales.

Student #2

The 129-year-old company has maintained its success by simply going above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers, providing them with a beverage that is loved worldwide. When it comes to mass marketing, perhaps no one does it better than Coca-Cola. Coke is the most popular and best-selling product in the world. Today, the company reaches consumers in more than 200 countries and has a brand value of $79 billion (Keller & Kotler, 2016).  One of the company’s main focus was to gain extensive distribution to ensure their product would be love by all. During World War II the marketing strategy used was genius by, giving “every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for 5 cents, wherever he is, and whatever it costs the company.” This introduced the beverage to the world. Coke’s advertising has primarily focused on its ability to quench thirst and connect people no matter who they are or how they live.

Student #3

Coca Cola has remained so successful over the years due to their strategic marketing. The put emphasis on connecting with consumers emotionally and genuinely care about their customers wants. One of their unique marketing concepts that I have witnessed in my lifetime is when they put the names of their consumers on their bottles and cans. This is an excellent way to get their consumers engaged and feel a sense of happiness when they see their name. This also associates the Coca Cola name with a positive, happy feelings.

I think that Coca Cola should continue focusing on both traditional and digital marketing as they both have proven to be successful for them in the past and present; however, both forms of marketing are always evolving and they need to be aware of these changes and market accordingly. A major platform that is being used for marketing now is TikTok, and many companies are using this platform to better engage with their consumers while simultaneously marketing and gathering data.

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