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The Virtue of Disobedience

The Role of Disobedience in Society

You can answer the question anyway you want but, in the next paragraphs (please use paragraphs), you must defend it using support from the two readings and your own experience and/or other readings. You can use the readings as source of agreement or disagreement. You don’t need to mention the names of the readings in the first paragraph, but you can. It’s up to you. Don’t however, just start the first paragraph with quotes from the essay. You need to warm up and provide some context for your reader what you are discussing before you start discussing it. Again, your first paragraph answers the question! However, when you start to discuss key points from the readings, you MUST mention the title of the reading (in quotes because it is an essay, as noted in MLA formatting) and the author. When you first mention of the author, you cite his entire name, then after, only his last name. All quotes must employ MLA parenthetical citation. I would suggest that you write at least 600-700 words. But writing a lot is not a substitute for quality. Long quotes will not count toward the word count. So don’t try and fill up space with quotes or paraphrase and summary of the readings. That is not part of your argument and ideas. Summary is not an answer to the question. Only use summary to provide context for your answer and the quotes you supply. Relying only on quotes and summary can result in failing the exam even if you write 1000 words. Again, just answer the question as if you were talking to someone and supply support from the readings to support your answer. The exam is meant to judge your ability to answer a question, integrate ideas from other sources to support your answer, and to be able formulate a well-written and organized response. Include the following information at the beginning of your answer: First and Last Name: Class and Section #: Date: Professor's Name: Set Letter (Set F, M, X, Y, or Z): Question # (The question you have chosen to answer): --- Set X Questions (Choose One): 1. In what way is the willingness to disobey (or the willingness to resist) a virtue? Take a position and defend it. 2. Why is it difficult to resist following the rules and norms so many of us live by? 3. How does it help us when we reframe our experiences — for example seeing joy as resistance or viewing disobedience as virtuous? Explain. Remember to: Develop a thesis that takes a clear stance or position. Organize your thoughts an outline can help do this. Use MLA in-text citation to support your claim with quotes or paraphrases from BOTH the Roderique and the Fromm readings. (You must use at least one cited idea from each reading). Use the notes you have written directly on the exam readings to assist you in writing your essay. Three KEY points to pass and do well: Make sure you answer the question you choose. There will be a choice of three questions. But only answer one question. Don’t try to answer more than one or a question or idea in your own mind or that you prefer. You MUST only answer the question. (Keep referring to the question as you answer it and look back at the question and your answer one last time before you submit it on Blackboard to make sure you answered the question. (You will submit it just like any other assignment). Make sure you refer to both readings in your answer. Choose one or two short quotes from each reading to support your answer to the ONE question. Do not choose long quotes or too many quotes. No short quotes from either text could result in your failing the exam. Finally, make sure you bring in something from outside the two readings, either from your own life or another reading from our class or another class. 

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