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Developing an Emotional Brand Experience

Learning Outcomes

a) Can explain the fundamental theories of brand development and position

b) Competently utilise specified design software to digitise brand position and touch points

c) Can apply brand theories to develop an emotional brand experience

d) Have understood and demonstrated the role of the consumer in the development of brand strategies

e) Work Independently to fulfill project requirements, can demonstrate a customer brand journey applied across a continuum of 2D and 3D
brand touch points supported by iterative research processes.

You are to translate your Brand Expression (as developed in assessment 2), into a set of meaningful audience experiences. You will begin this process by brainstorming and mapping exciting and engaging experiences related to your brand, and by identifying relevant touchpoints to engage your specific target audience. Explore and exploit all opportunities for sensory and emotional engagement between your brand and the audience you would like to engage.

Details of the Brand Experience Journey to be submitted to blackboard for assessment:

• Every brand is a journey. Through the brand, customers can discover new aspects of themselves, new strengths, new abilities, new ways of being and doing. The quality of that journey how enlightening, how enriching, how transforming is a function of your brand vision, and the brand imagination behind it.

• Plot the audience journey that your brand provides. What truths can the brand journey reveal? What frontiers does the journey explore? What depths does it plumb? What’s the spirit? The tone? The texture?

• The brand journey is immersive. It begins by asking a set of questions critical to the immersive brand itself.

a. What is holding our audience back?

b. Where do they want to go—and how can we help them get there?

c. How can our brand advance audiences beyond the reach of competitors?

d. How can we create audiences that add value back to the brand?

• Identify specific touch-points where potential audiences can engage with your brand and build an emotional connection or through sensory stimuli. For example, how and where will your audience experience and become excited about your brand? Consider multimedia platforms incorporating the use of time and space such as graphic displays and video projections, pop-up installations, virtual or physical window displays etc.

• Brand journeys are joint ventures where brands and audiences interact to advance one another. They’re dialogs tuned to new experience and to emergent truths. As they unfold they connect audiences to themselves, and to one another, sometimes through the brand, and sometimes beyond it. Interesting brand journeys ask questions: Why take the journey at all? The brand will have the answer. Absorbing journeys take risks. 

• Develop one key touch-point in visual detail, explaining on how your audience will engage and connect emotionally and physically with your brand. e.g. a performance video involving the use of your symbol

• Represent the design and development your chosen touch-point through analogue or digital drawings and if applicable through models, including annotation and dimensions, materiality and any interactive technologies involved

• Employ relevant visualisation techniques to prepare a final presentation of your brand’s unique audience Experience Map and selected key touch-point. To assist you in preparing your presentation ask yourself the following questions.

1. Who is Your Audience?
Defining your audience is the first step to building a successful visual brand presentation

2. How Do You Offer Value?
You should also understand what makes your ideal audience tick. Why would your audience engage with you brand?

3. How Do You Visualize Your Personality?
Consider how you can play up the images on your presentation to bring out the key points of your personality.

4. How Do You Find the Emotion?
Does your brand tell a story that will move your audience in some way?

5. Do You Keep It Simple?
Your brand presentation does not need to be complicated. When you have too many things going on, you run the risk of confusing your audience. At the risk of seeming underwhelming or unexciting, remove everything from your visual identity that does not contribute to your brand persona.

• Your brand presentation can be presented as a PDF, animation or video.

• Limit your presentation to 5 minutes.

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