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Investigating Trends in Human Development Indicators: A Quantitative Analysis


In this assignment, you will investigate quantitative patterns and trends associated with the concept of human development. You can choose to research trends across the states of the United States or across the countries of the world.


Your job is to analyze a pair of indicators (variables) using the methods we’ve learned in class. You will choose the pair of variables depending on your group’s own areas of interest; they vary from economic to educational to environmental policy measures.


You will explore each variable’s individual distribution as well as the possible relationship between the two.


Our Proposal: The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and related loss of jobs, incidents of police brutality, and increase in Asian hate crimes, amongst other issues, is an important indicator of why marginalized communities are a bearing the brunt of several health disparities like chronic health conditions, mental health, heart conditions and even death.


We believe these disparities are directly related to systematic inequality in America economy Our proposal will look at the median earnings of African Americans, Asian and white men within specific ages.


We will compare the data to see if it justifies the idea that making more money makes them healthier or making less money makes them less healthy.


We hope our findings will show that addressing social determinants such as access to education, equal jobs opportunity and elevating poverty will contribute to alleviating health disparities.


Measure of America Health:

What is meant by human development? Define the variables, and describe to the best of your ability how the data was collected. Provide context and describe why the indicators you chose are important. Provide at least two reliable sources for context.

What do you think the data will show? Include a unique hypothesis (each group member should have a different hypothesis) written in a complete sentence that includes a justification. Provide at least one source to support your hypothesis.

What analysis or data visualization(s) did you choose to investigate your hypothesis? Why? Generally explain what the analyses or visualization(s) show (e.g., “A bar chart shows the frequency of each value of a single categorical variable.”)

What does your visualization reveal? What does the result mean in the context of the variable(s)? Describe each visualization using the language used in class.

5. Conclusions

Now considering all hypotheses and results explored by your group, do your results support your hypotheses?


What story does the data tell?


What’s the main takeaway?


Who cares, and what might they do with the information?


What might be interesting to further investigate?

• Analysis Appropriate data analyses are performed correctly and explained accurately.


• Depth Context of the variables is thoroughly explored and documented with external sources. Interpretation of analysis is thoughtful, not just a basic description of the graphs. Analysis is thoroughly performed. Conclusions and suggestions for future investigations are thoughtful.


• Figures Graphs/Tables/Charts are easy to read, labeled appropriately, and referred to and discussed. All figures are useful in helping the audience understand the data and/or conclusions.


• Organization and Format Sectioning is used appropriately and effectively. Figures look nice and are arranged thoughtfully. Entire presentation is organized aesthetically. External sources are cited appropriately.


• Clarity Explanations of context, analysis, figures, and conclusions are clear and concise and presented for a non-technical audience. Spelling and grammar are used correctly. The slides flow well, with all figures adding to the audience’s ability to understand the analysis and interpretation.

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