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Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan

Afghanistan into the Hands of Taliban

This essay explores Human rights violations in Afghanistan. Over the past two centuries, communists, monarchs, Islamic regimes, and Taliban emirates have governed the nation. The violations of the human rights of women and minorities are rampant in the country. Recent events in Afghanistan have grabbed the world's attention. After the United States withdrawal in 2021, putting an end to a 20 years’ long war, the Taliban seized the nation. There is a rising fear of a recurrence of human rights violations under the Taliban. Civilian casualties are already up by 50%, as compared to last year, and It's still going up ("Afghanistan: Taliban Abuses Cause Widespread Fear"). Taliban violates the rights of women- including the right to attend schools. There is a Rise in fears of human rights violations of minorities, leaders of civil society, and people who work for human rights advancement. Various human rights organizations recognize the violations of human rights in Afghanistan. Standard human rights granted under international conventions are also in violation. It is a consequential problem because Human rights are an essential part of our life (United Nations).

Afghanistan into the Hands of Taliban

After the takeover, the Taliban have tried to show themselves as a responsive group that recognizes fundamental rights, human rights, and freedom of expression. but they are still engaged in human rights violations, Imposing restrictions on civilians, activists, and women. With all the advancements made towards human rights in the country in the last 2 decades, the Taliban has taken it apart. They asserted that they Will show courtesy and respect the rights of Afghans. They have so far acted contrary to what they claimed and assured, still the journalists are tortured for covering protests news going inside the country. In many cities, females protested on the streets demanding freedom and equality, they threatened journalists to not report protests. During World War 2, human rights violations were rampant. In response, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was made. Rights such as social, economic, and cultural rights are all included. States and other actors can violate human rights. “A human right violation is the denial of the freedom of opinion, expression, and movement to which every individual is lawfully entitled”. People living in less developed countries undergo more serious human rights violations. 

The primary target of the Taliban is those who worked in Afghan forces, as in one instance they killed a pregnant women police officer. People who are high profile are desperate to leave Afghanistan. Neighboring countries closed their borders to avoid migrants from Afghanistan. The climate of threat on defenders of human rights has started, and human rights activists made all the gains on human rights seem of no use. Again, the human rights abuses have started, the growing number of attacks on civilians targeting protesters and people who speak and act against Taliban ideologies can be witnessed. “Adopting an effective framework for safeguarding and promoting human rights across the globe in a way that respects and articulates their universal nature" is one of the key issues facing those involved in international human rights policy and practice..

Violations of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Violations of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights ensured equal rights and dignity to the human family. The action of the Taliban after capturing Afghanistan violates these rights. Articles 3 and 19 of the UDHR, which states, "All of us have the right to human dignity, freedom, and right to security," as well as "All of us have the right to speak freely, which encompasses the right to freedom of expression without intervention and the right to access, acquire, and transmit ideas and information over any means and irrespective of boundaries.", Respectively. Taliban is repeatedly abusing the right to life, liberty, and security provided in the declaration. The civilians, And especially women, are deprived of a basic right to life and liberty. Freedom of opinion and expression is also a significant right. The people of Afghanistan are afraid to express their opinion and are forced to adhere to Taliban ideologies. On one hand, they are repeatedly claiming to respect the rights of Afghans and they are following their ideologies and making people do what they think is right. The continuous attacks on protesters, civilians, activists, and journalists are rampant. The actions clearly show they are not concerned about the fundamental rights of citizens of the country. Daily crackdowns on protests and door-to-door search for human rights activists have become common now.

The solution to growing human rights violations

Maintaining international peace is significant and complex. The root causes of human rights violations are dissension, disagreement, and insecurity. Addressing the disagreement and insecurity between two groups or nations can help resolve the problem of human rights violations. Analysis and examining information in advance for early warning is a useful tool, But yet these tools are not used properly and to their full capacity. Many countries are failing to adhere to international human rights conventions and making their laws against human rights.

People in our societies are deprived of their fundamental rights based on caste, religion, sex, and place of birth, etc. we require a more practical and responsive approach to tackle this issue. To avoid human rights violations in Afghanistan and the rest of the world, we need to join hands together to protect the rights of people. We should focus on rising conflicts and attempt to address them as soon as possible to avoid further violations of rights. Early warning tools can be useful to identify the conflicts and address them in advance. The UN recommends the use of private armed forces or security firms and peacekeeping forces to avoid conflicts that turn into human rights violations.

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