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Ford and Chevrolet Current Messaging Structure: An Analysis

Overview of the Ford Current Objectives

Ford is a multinational company that operates in more than ten countries and supports more than ten thousand drivers by average the countries they operate. There has been a noticeable fall in the sales volume revealed to be caused by reduced return in the number of old customers, reduced new customers, and lack of  new referrals from their website data. Out of four differential parameters (Strategic Focus, Operations, Stock, and Marketing) done to compare the current position of Ford and its crucial competitor Chevrolet. Three parameters showed negligible differences while the marketing approach had significant disparities. A thorough analysis has been done on its internal and marketing communications structure and vast differences noted in its message structure. This, fortunately, is a crucial difference and perhaps the main reason for the fall in the number of customers and broader difference in customer share in the market. This memo exposes the differences in the message framework of these competing firms and how they bring about differences. This will aid in understanding their message objectives, strategies, reasons for differences and recommend the strategies that, if used, can improve their operations by enhancing the achievement of message objectives.

The current objective for ford automobiles is to create and design vehicles that are attained increased performance levels in safety and well positive crash testing programs in the world. TheyTherefore, they position themselves strategically to use effective raw materials with high strength to deliver the promised products to their customers. However, the company's key competitor, Chevrolets, provides the highest level of service in all paradigms of the automotive dealership by making available for its customers high-quality products and services at relatively competitive prices that will crown their monopoly in the automotive excellence market.  Ford and Chevrolet Current Messaging Structure Ford has different modes of communication that largely depend on the context of the message being dispatched.  Externally Ford’s message to its consumers is delivered through its promotional activities to individuals or business customers.

They approach this by using television adverts, online platforms, and newspapers. They also have a reputable social media presence and are actively involved in social development programs to improve their public image. They are sensitive to their product price patterns and usually adopt a dynamic pricing system that moves with the market conditions. These positions are determined by tracking the competition trends, demands, and consumer perception. Chevrolet's message structure mainly focused on its products and consumer satisfaction. Therefore, they keep enhancing the quality of their products to keep to the demands of their mission and as a tool to maintain their segment position and target audience. The company has profiled most of these customers and produces vehicles that effectively meet their needs.  They are sensitive about their target demographic versus their geographic segmentation and very alert in maintaining good comfort vehicles that emotionally lure customers into accepting the value of their money when using the company products. In its internal communications, Chevrolet adopted a well-defined hierarchical messaging strategy that, even at first glance, exposed the strong brand position statement and reputability in handling customer-related issues. This is the reason why they support the BCG matrix in the marketing strategy.

Ford and Chevrolet Current Messaging Structure

The message structure of the above companies will be analyzed based on message levels of communication.  This strategy resembles an art that can explain the complexities associated with communications. It has five domains or levels.  The first domain, called verbal level, concerns the selection of words to be used during communication with a rationale that words used in a message evoke human memories and images differently. It, therefore, insists on the need for logic or reasoning attached to the chosen word in a message at this influences reception or the message. The physical level of communication that stresses when connecting with the message sender must physically align with others. It appreciates and confirms that eye contact, posture, facial expression, stances, breathing during message delivery increases message receptivity.  The auditory domain argues that ineffective communication, the speaker or the message should be aware that auditory cues should be used to fit the audience's ways.

This level points to the need to confirm voice, tone, speed, volume, and range to determine how messages are received and interpreted.  The emotional level argues that the speaker or message emotion can direct the recipient can put a listener in a particular state of mind. Therefore, a need for a conscious emotional state that limits the use of pride, anger, or fears when communicating a message. Finally, the energetic level of communication or the psychic level demonstrates that an effective communication or message should have a higher intention for the receiver's wellbeing by arguing that some clients possess an X-factor that imparts receptivity and understanding of the messages. It, therefore, needs that messages to be sent to include a person's level of consciousness, message harmonic, and subtitle energies. To sum up, all these levels represent the message and how another party conveys it.  They are all interdependent and therefore becoming aware and taking constructive actions to work and enhance the messaging structure within an organization to result in different outputs based on the company's objectives.

The above are screenshots that show the official websites and some legal documents belonging to the two companies. Shows the Chevrolet official page. This website ( is easy to navigate has a strong customer support panel to inquire about issues as a result of using their vehicles. Shows that the customers’ happiness message with the services they received, and the last picture is a letter seeking a job at Chevrolet. The letter is so comprehensive that makes it easier for one to understand this organizational structure and this are basis of a good message framework. The last two screenshots Fig 4 and Fig. 5 shows messages in the circular perhaps negative news and this difference is perhaps the reason for fall in sales.  Business messages and how they are used matters in shaping the future of design.  A notable difference is also noted in customer support. Chevrolet minds investing in customer care. Their message design carry their services at a glance. They know good targeting and their positioning statement tells more about the business behaviors. Therefore when designing an effective messaging framework it should be able be able to stand alone and explain who the business is, what does it provide, why the products are are important towards improving the society and finally what makes make them stand out despite many competitors. 

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