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Object-Oriented Programming Assignment

SmartPhone Class

2.SmartPhone Class

As Promised in Week 9, Topic 2, you can now write your SmartPhone Class that inherits from Phone Class. First, copy your Phone Class from Phone Class Creation Assignment with your original class plan as well.

3.Write the SmartPhone Class you outlined. This inherits from Phone class, so be sure to include the inheritance. Do not include the properties and methods from your Phone Class in SmartPhone Class, that is point of inheritance! Do not forget your subclass-specific properties and subclass-specific methods to get and set those properties (getters and setters). You will have additional methods after the getters and setters, but only for SmartPhone methods defined in your Phone Classes Diagram. This is worth 10 points

4.SmartPhone Override

From this week, Week 10, Topic 2 SmartPhone, copy your SmartPhone Class that inherits from Phone.
In your SmartPhone Class override the methods placeCall() and endCall() to something to a smart phone. Be creative. You can output a message that call end, you can display a GUI with the keypad. Use psuedocode, do not be concerned that you do not know how to display a GUI!

This is worth 5 points.

5.SmartPhones Program

Keep in mind your SmartPhone Class from Topic 2

Write a program that does the following:

Creates an array of SmartPhone of size 3

Loops for user input of each smart phone object to create each object in the array.
Loops to display each smart phone. 
You will need to write helper methods getPhoneData() that returns a string and display() that will simply output the information in the object. Use figure 7-8 as a guide (seen above and on page 218 in your text.)

This is worth 10 points.


7 Complete Exercise #8 (d and e) p 223
8. Extend your previous answer by completing the following tasks:
d. Design a class named TextBook that is a child class of Book.Include a new data field for the grade level of the book. Add get and set methods for the new field.
e. Design an application that instantiates a Book and a TextBook and demonstrates all the methods of each class

This is worth 15 points

7. Write a journal containing at least 500 words over the following topics

Describe the Waterfall Methodology, including each step 2+ paragraphs (use list items for the steps for your second paragraph)
Discuss programming practices used in Waterfall 

1 paragraph

Describe the Agile Methodology process including each step

2+ paragraphs (do not use list items, describe in paragraph form)

Discuss programming practices used in Waterfall  (Extreme Programming, for example)

1+ paragraph

Compare waterfall and agile methods
Use MLA standards for citations and cite all sources.
This journal assignment is worth 30 points

8. Make several entries in this journal, one for each topic below:
1.Version Control
2.Test-Driven Development
3.Full Stack Development
6.Relational Databases
7.Cloud Computing Each topic is worth 5 points (4 points for a thorough explanation and 1 point for the citation of source used). Total 35 points.

9. Create a program like the one shown above but put your actual name in the string the prints My name is To verify you can create and run Java a Java program, please submit a screenshot of (or another IDE of your choice) running with the HelloWorld program, the screenshot must show your name.

10. Java Logic

Declare and initialize 3 integer variables named a, b and c.

Use logic to find and print which of the three variables is the largest, for example, print "a is largest". In the case of a tie pick c with highest preference and b with second highest preference.

For full points you must submit the following:

1.Your Java code: (15 points)
2.The following test data table completed with the expected and actual outputs from your program. I will test your code with some values at random, so be honest about the actual results. (5 points)
a    b    c    expected result    actual result
20    40    60          
20    60    40          
60    20    40          
20    60    60          
60    60    20          
60    20    60          
60    60    60 

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