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Developing a Persuasive Advertising Campaign: Client Pitch

Analyzing Your Target Audience

Charlie Sanders, has asked you to choose one of your firm’s clients and create an ad campaign that uses a central advertising message to create two unique pieces of advertising media for different delivery formats. As this will be your first major project at the firm, you have been asked to conduct a “dry run” presentation for internal stakeholders. Directions At your firm, new associates are asked to create a mock client pitch for feedback from their managers and other stakeholders in the firm. As this is a presentation to internal stakeholders, Charlie has asked that you be explicit in addressing the reasoning behind your advertisements. Client Pitch: When you are developing a persuasive advertising campaign, it is important to consider your target audience and product to determine what media, persuasive techniques, and design elements you will include. As part of your pitch, include the following elements: Analyze the target audience for the advertising campaign. In your analysis, address the following: What market segments does your advertising campaign target? What variables of segmentation are you using to construct this segment? Describe the persuasive techniques used in each advertisement. In selecting these persuasive techniques, consider the following: What techniques will be most effective in persuading the target audience to make the purchase? What appeals can be used in different advertisements? What is the intended outcome of the appeals and persuasive techniques used? Justify the choice of platforms used to deliver advertisements to your target audience. In justifying your choice, address the following: Why did you select the platforms for your advertising? Why are these chosen platforms effective channels to reach your target audience? How do the channels and messages align? Defend design decisions with regard to the needs of the target audience. In defending your design decisions, address the following: Explain what elements you incorporated in each advertisement prototype. How do the design elements used work to motivate your target audience? Defend design decisions with regard to the intent of the advertising campaign. In defending your design decisions, address the following: What design decisions were applied to demonstrate the persuasive techniques and messaging? How do the design decisions connect with an overall cohesive campaign? What design decisions are represented to appeal to and motivate the target audience? Advertisements: As part of your pitch, your supervisor has asked you to create two advertisement prototypes that are targeted at an appropriate audience and leverage appropriate media and persuasive techniques. Create two advertisements, unique in design and medium, that are aligned to client goals and leverage appropriate technologies Incorporate a clear call to action in both advertisements Client Presentation You have been asked by your supervisor to put together a presentation for an existing client. This presentation should contain two advertisements designed with the client’s needs in mind and a pitch describing how these advertisements meet the client’s needs and leverage appropriate design principles. This trend analysis contains research on the bicycle market in America. When designing your campaign, use this trend analysis to segment your audience and target your advertisements. Your supervisor has provided you with information on three potential clients looking to advertise through your firm. Before you plan your campaign, choose one client. Once you have selected your client, design your advertising campaign.

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