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Formal and Content Analysis of an Artwork: Assignment

In response to an artwork viewed in person at a local art museum, write a typewritten paper, three to five pages in length, analyzing the formal and content elements of the artwork. You will utilize the Formal and Content Analysis Worksheets to assist you in a conducting a thorough analysis. The essay should contain a description of the artwork, including the appearance of the art; its subject matter and any iconography, metaphor, and or symbolism; an analysis of how the visual form shapes the content or meaning of the subject and a comprehensive interpretation of the overall meaning of the artwork in relation to context.

Part 1: Artwork Choice – 50 points

  • Visit a local art museum and choose an artwork to write about. Carefully choose the artwork - something that is interesting to you.
  • I strongly recommend visiting museum websites and their current exhibitions listings before your actual visit. See the attached Museum Resources guide to institutions in the Southern California Area.
  • Submit ONE, full page, high-quality color image of the artwork, include the artwork title, artist’s name, date, medium, size, country/culture of origin.
  • Include a proof of attendance with your submission. Proof of attendance can be either a cancelled ticket stub OR a picture of you next to the artwork
  • The content of your paper will be strengthened by conducting and incorporating library research. Your research sources will help form the context for your paper and enhance a fact-based analysis of the artwork.
  • Your research must include at least two scholarly texts used as bibliographical sources. Examples of scholarly texts are: books, magazines, journals, etc., written on your subject by an expert in the field.
  • Beyond the minimum two research sources, you may include as many internet-based references as you wish.
  • Compile all of your research sources into an annotated bibliography using standard MLA formatting.
  • An annotated bibliography is a list of citations of the scholarly texts used in your research. Each citation is followed by a brief, descriptive and evaluative paragraph informing the reader of the relevance of the source cited.
  • Annotated Bibliography due: Submission should include a color image of the artwork including the artwork title, artist’s name, date, medium, size, and country/culture of origin.
  • For Part 3 – you will submit a revision of the Exam from Modules 2 and 3. No points issued.
  • Your revision will be a reworking of all of the formal and content elements that require your additional attention and will serve as a complete outline for the final Analysis Paper.
  • Your submission must include a discussion of materials, composition, subject matter and context.
  • Add your revisions to each of the elements on your Exam submission so that your revisions are evident as they pertain to each element.
  • * Be sure to use your artwork image as a visual reference when completing the worksheets.
  • Include a high-quality color image of the artwork that includes the artwork title, artist’s name, date, medium, size, and country/culture of origin.
  • In MLA format, write a three to five page, essay style paper, analyzing the artwork you selected.
  • Utilize your completed Formal Analysis and Content Analysis worksheets as an outline for your paper. In the essay, discuss composition, materials and the five most prominent formal elements. Discuss subject matter, context and all of the other applicable content elements. Submit your completed worksheets with your completed paper.
  • To strengthen your analysis, integrate at least one quote or paraphrase from each of your research sources.
  • With your final submission, include a high-quality color image of the artwork that includes the artwork title, artist’s name, date, medium, size, country/culture of origin, and proof of attendance.
  • Use the appropriate art terms and indicate them in bold.
  • Use the Requirements Checklist to assist you in assuring the completion of your submission.
  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point size
  • Standard font: Times New Roman or Arial
  • 1” top/bottom margins
  • 25” left/right margins
  • MLA format
  • At least two bibliographical sources (* the textbook and lecture notes do not count as sources)
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Appropriate formal and content element terminology, indicated in bold
  • Editing: check for errors in - spelling, grammar, and syntax usage
  • Properly cited text - either quoted or paraphrased in the body of your paper
  • Header page: (first page.)
  • Body of the essay: (placed after the Header page.)
  • Artwork page: artwork image(s) with artist’s name, (if applicable) title, date and media: (placed at the end of the essay.)
  • Annotated Bibliography: (placed after the artwork page.)
  • Typed and completed Formal Analysis and Content Analysis Worksheets: (placed after Bibliography.)

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