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Course Code   :  Geog210
Course Title   :  human geography
Ref style  :  APA

Description:This assessment item requires you to research and write a formal academic essay  based on independent review of relevant theoretical and empiric literature. In answering one of the following essay questions, it is important that you make the relationship(s) between power, identity and place explicit. You can choose to answer a pre-set essay question or create your own essay question. No matter which essay question you decide to w...

Course Code   :  ENGEN170
Course Title   :  Engineering and Society
Ref style  :  APA

As a professional engineer, you are often required to analyse data to make recommendations. In some cases, you can only link the data via a spatial parameter through a GIS tool.TaskIn the following assignment, you will build on what you learnt in the previous GIS lab and develop further analysis. In the previous lab you created a map using a single layer. In this lab, you will utilise GIS’ ability to spatially combine data from multiple lay...

Course Code   :  GEOG 1120
Course Title   :  Regional Geography of Canada
Ref style  :  MLA
4/5 star rating

What is an Annotated Bibliography?An annotated bibliography is a list of citations of books, articles, and documents (such as government reports) that includes a summary of each source. Like any bibliography, an annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of research sources. In addition to bibliographic data, an annotated bibliography provides a concise summary of each source and assesses its value or relevance. The purpose of the annotation...

Ref style  :  APA

BackgroundAs a professional engineer,you are often placed with the responsibility of making sense out of complex problems and large quantities of data. Your success raising an issue or making a recommendation can often be determinedby your ability to communicate in writing or in person.Theobjective of this assignment is to introduce you to the process of sourcing, referencing and communicatingcomplex data into a format that nonprofessional decisi...

Course Code   :  INX300
Course Title   :  astronomy
Ref style  :  APA

This paper is NOTasimple generalized view of a topic of astronomythat anyone can look up doing a Google search as a high level overview. Youreffort in this paper is to look at specific astronomical or space related issues and do an investigation into the actual scientific literature of this area. This is the stuff that no textbook can cover.Some of these papers may be difficult to understand, but will allow you to learn some of the vocabulary and...

Course Code   :  HM411 |#| healthcare management
Course Title   :  healthcare management
Ref style  :  Open

Introduction to the Assignment*Assigned industry: Manufacturing/handling of man-made mineral fibres Assignment #3 - Final Assignment Assessment (worth 40% of final mark) Introduction to the assignment: In the final assignment of the course students will develop an Industrial hygiene procedure based on a specific industry that will be assigned to them. The procedure will document what will be accomplished and how and will also determine the scope...

Course Code   :  SIM337 |#| contemporary developments in business and management
Course Title   :  contemporary developments in business and management
Ref style  :  APA

Group video presentationDetails of the assessment components Both components of your assignment are based on a case representing an organisational challenge. Imagine that your group of occupational and business psychologists has been approached by a client (an organisation of your choice), who has been experiencing issues with one or more of the following organisational domains: liveware, software, hardware, physical work environment. You hav...

Course Code   :  GEOG3010
Course Title   :  Geography of Canada
Ref style  :  APA

Research MethodologyIn this assignment we need students to undertake an investigation of some communities in “hinterland Canadaâ€Ã‚. Each cluster of communities is drawn from the same region, sometimes very nearby. So they both face similar general issues of remoteness and similar challenges of distance. But one or more communities in the cluster are Indigenous reserve communities or settlem...

Course Code   :  CTR09132
Course Title   :  foundation analysis and design
Ref style  :  Harvard

Question: Your single (MSWord) answer file should then be uploaded to Moodle, prior to the end of the examination time. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Moodle Exam Instructions. Please ensure you do this in sufficient time and prior to the stated deadline, to avoid any technical issues. You should also retain a hard and soft copy of your answer script in case of queries. Please be aware that examination answer scripts may be...

Course Code   :  GEOG-100
Course Title   :  Geography Research Paper
Ref style  :  APA

Step 1: Rank and organize the dataYou will write a research paper on a topic of your choice, and will create a choropleth map to support your thesis statement and/or one of the arguments in your paper. The paper must be written from a geographical perspective. This is easy to forget given that geography overlaps with other disciplines. Connecting your paper with ideas from the course is an excellent way to demonstrate understanding of concepts...

Course Code   :  CGEO793
Course Title   :  geography of toronto
Ref style  :  APA

In this assignment you will choose a Toronto (or GTA) neighbourhood and propose a redevelopment of that neighbourhood. You will research and write an 1800-2200 word Redevelopment Proposal.   Human Geography is the study of the relationship between people, place, and space. Your Redevelopment Proposal must be about a particular neighbourhood and through your discussion of proposed changes you should illustrate the integrative character of...

Course Code   :  Geog 1100
Course Title   :  Intro to Human Geography
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

The Dominance of Global Agricultural Corporations: Explaining at Least Five Ways They Direct the Global Supply of FoodNext, write an essay in which you explain globalized and industrialized food production. Use the guidingquestions below to focus your discussion while providing a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.Make sure to organize your thoughts into a cohesive argument. A strong introductory paragraph canhelp you keep your paper focus...

Course Code   :  ISB 202
Course Title   :  Applications of Environmental and Organismal Biology
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Identifying and Describing Scientific ControversiesIdentify a controversy and then answer the following questions in a post: 1. What is the controversy? 2. Is it a “scientific controversy”, and what is your reasoning? Refer to the online prep task for how to identify scientific controversies. 3. If it is a scientific controversy then describe and evaluate the scientific claims and evidence that is (or “was,” if it is...

Course Code   :  Geog210
Course Title   :  human geography
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

InstructionsHere are the descriptions of my assignment please let me know if u know some additional information from my side. Instructions The Final Research Paper will give students the ability to demonstrate application of geographical tools and theories. Students will have an opportunity to think critically about course materials and their own research materials, and synthesize these materials in a way that allows them to see the world in a d...

Course Code   :  ENGT5115
Course Title   :  Sustainable Development
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Critical appreciation and awareness of the concept of sustainable development1. Critical appreciation and awareness of the concept of sustainable development as seen in current research and policy debates and as considered in the academic literature 2. Ability to engage in critical appraisal with the aid of appropriate and balanced reference to relevant facts, theories and views of others; 3. Knowledge of SD strategy of a country/ region/ ...

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