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Course Code   :  GG107
Course Title   :  Environment,Food and People
Ref style  :  APA

The exam requirements“Hunger would be eliminated in the world if people stopped having so many babies!” Your final assessment will be a three-day take home exam that will require you to write a  (excluding bibliography) that uses the course material as your sources. At 9am EST on June 17th, I will post the exam (via a course announcement)  which will be comprised of three, strongly worded, provocative statements. You must c...

Course Code   :  GEOG 202
Course Title   :  Geography
Ref style  :  APA

The answers should be part of a carefully constructed essay, complete with topic sentences and transitions. 1. What is your overall opinion of the book? On what basis has this opinion been formulated? That is, tell the reader what you think and how you arrived at this judgment. What did you expect to learn when you picked up the book? To what extent - and how effectively - were your expectations met? Did you nod in agreement (or off to sleep...

Course Code   :  GED5004
Course Title   :  General Education Electives
Ref style  :  APA

In your first assignment, you will consider how you are going to solve one major environmental challenge facing Canadians today. You will describe both the problem and your solution using science to back your findings.This assignment will give you an increased awareness as to the types of environmental challenges facing Canada today.The premise for this application assignment is that you are the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada. During your...

Course Code   :  SYG2010
Course Title   :  social problems
Ref style  :  MLA

Please answer all three of the following question prompts in paragraph formation. Be sure to write in complete sentences. You should cite (using proper MLA citation) from at least one of the assigned readings or videos provided in Module 6’s Learning Assignments, at least two times for each question prompt (i.e. that's at least two parenthetical citations in each of the three prompts). Your answers should be betweeength for each question pr...

Course Code   :  GEOG 2640
Course Title   :  Geographies of Culture and Inequality
Ref style  :  APA

The History and Production of the SpaceOne of the purposes of examining culturefrom a geographic perspective is to understand that the places we inhabit everyday are embedded with particular cultural meanings. These cultural meanings help shape the use of that space, but they also help shape who has authority over those spaces. Inthis assignment, you need to choose a specific location(one that you can visit while writing your essay)and illustrat...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Background and ContextNewspapers, news websites and magazines are a rich source of information about current environmental issues.  They frequently provide valuable insights into how such issues are being understood and addressed in wider social and political contexts. Your task is to choose an environmental issue from the list below. You then need to search current and recent news sources (newspapers, news websites, magazines and webzines,...

Course Code   :  GEOG6005
Course Title   :  arid zone environments
Ref style  :  Harvard

Introduction to Arid EnvironmentsThis module develops an understanding of the nature and extent of arid environments and their interaction with the global climate systems across a range of spatial and temporal scales. Longterm and short-term variations in climate, the nature and extent ofdrylands, and the rates and types of processes operating in these environments will be explored. Human impacts on drylands (desertification, salinisation, def...

Course Code   :  ENVS2710
Course Title   :  Environmental Control Practice
Ref style  :  Vancouver

Objectives of the AssignmentThis assignment is an essay, and is designed to establish your knowledge and understanding of ECP. In this exercise, you will be assessed based on: • Your skill in identifying existing and/or potential environmental aspects or sources of environmental pollution, and the corresponding impacts in the industry or operation you have selected. You will also be assessed in your selection or prioritization of important ...

Course Code   :  EVDS 1680 A01
Course Title   :  environmental technology
Ref style  :  Chicago

Characteristics of Local Climate and Challenges to Human ComfortThe opening chapter of ‘Design with Climate’ includes the statement: "The structure which in a given environmental setting reduces undesirable stresses, and at the same time utilizes all natural resources favorable to human comfort, may be called 'climate balanced'" (Olgyay 2015, p.10). Select 1 example of a building that you believe to be climate balanced in the sense d...

Course Code   :  anth2210
Course Title   :  rise of new world civilizations
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Comparing the Distance and Topography Between Winnipeg and Thunder BayComparisons: The following questions ask you to compare distances between Andean sites andcultures with some distances between Winnipeg and other Canadian cities. When asked to identify thekind of topography, be general, e.g., “lots of mountains” or “flat plains”; do NOT identify every river,mountain, valley, etc.! And don’t concern yourself with ...

Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

We don’t need the full report. We just need Environment and sustainability, and Engineer and Society part. The part we need is the vulnerability of the environment. We also need to include the impact of tsunami and earthquake and their effects (on Auckland and the other cities nearby). For the environmental impact assessment, you will need to consider current local, regional and national legislation applicable to the project, major and min...

Ref style  :  Open

Living in the 21st century demands us to equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges of the century. Thus, in the assignment, you shall learn to enhance your skills and knowledge relevant to cope with those challenges. One of the prevailing issues that need our concern is the sustainability of the environment. In this assignment, you are required to apply the 21st century skills learned it all of the topics in...

Course Code   :  geog 210
Course Title   :  Geography
Ref style  :  APA

Steps for Completing the AssignmentIn this assignment you will practice "Mapping the Context" of the proposed Skeena LNG project in northwest BC. Follow these directions to complete this assignment: 1. Read the assigned sections of Chapter 3 in The Policy Process. See 'Readings' for these details. Pay particular attention to the sections noted. You will need to refer to the information in these sections to complete the assignment. 2. Read the ar...

Course Code   :  COHS 3340
Course Title   :  ergonomics
Ref style  :  Vancouver

Description of the concernYou are required to develop an information sheet for front-line workers on an ergonomics topic. The topic can be office or industrial based but should be relevant to front-line workers daily work activities.  Your assignment must be submitted using the Assignments link above. The information sheet should be no longer than 2-pages in length, neat, easy to read, and when feasible include pictures or diagr...

Course Code   :  Mkt2020
Course Title   :  retail marketing
Ref style  :  APA

About Penningtons: A Trailblazer in Plus-Size FashionPenningtons is a leader in the plus-size women’s fashion market in Canada and are a banner under Reitman’s Canada Limited.  They are committed to be the customer’s partner and advocate for body diversity and size acceptance. They want to showcase the customers sense of style, encourage her to ...

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