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Course Code   :  Geog1101
Course Title   :  Human Geography
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

PurposePurposeThe purpose of the assignment is to;get you to become familiar with geographical concepts, develop essay writing skills, and develop research techniques for geographical analyses. A Comparative Geographical Analysis of Two Communities in British Columbia This is an individual and independent research to measure your understanding of the subject matter of this course. You must write a research essay on the comparative ge...

Course Code   :  SUM304
Course Title   :  sustainable development
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Coursework Outline/ScenarioLearning outcomes:The assignment for SUM304 is an opportunity to evidence your ability to analys and evaluate in the context of the Learning Outcomes (LOs) stated below: The world is in a state of climate emergency. In order to limit global temperature rise to less than 1.5°C, it is essential to control carbon emissions. The building sector is highly energy intensive and is responsible for 39% of the glob...

Course Code   :  GEOG474
Course Title   :  field studies in biogeography
Ref style  :  APA

Question: Land and Forest Allocation in Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Comparison of Case Studies from Community-Based Natural Resource Management Research Briefly address each of the following with reference to your assigned reading. Unless otherwise noted, your responses can be point form as long as the meaning is clear. 1) What are the main questions addressed by the paper you read? 2) Describe the type of management investigate...

Course Code   :  GEOG1015
Course Title   :  climate change and sustainability
Ref style  :  Harvard

Question:• Students will produce a two-page climate change fact sheet that provides a clear, well-illustrated, thoroughly reference evidence-based argument to a non-specialist audience to counter a key climate denialist statement.See the module handbook for the assessment feedback sheet and marking criteria that I will use to mark your assessment.   Examples* of Common Climate Change Denialist/Contrarian Argum...

Course Code   :  7LFS1037
Course Title   :  ecology and conservation
Ref style  :  Open

Assignment briefing and reportYou  are  an  ecological  consultant  and  have  been  asked  to  carry  out  a  preliminary  ecological appraisal for a site near Hertford by a client. The site has been purchased by a developer and a housing development is planned for the site...

Course Code   :  MG7022
Course Title   :  energy engineering
Ref style  :  IEEE

RequirementsRequirementsThis project requires the student to conduct an energy audit of MIT Tech park campus. The purpose of which is to propose energy optimisation strategies based on current issues, and future potential issues. Optimised strategies must be presented in a detailed report, and will be presented in front of staff and potentially industry professionals. Optimised strategies must consider all pro and cons, with particular attenti...

Course Code   :  GEOG2090
Course Title   :  Space Exploration
Ref style  :  APA

DiscussionForum Post Assignment Instructions 2021Space exploration is not just about science and engineering, it is fundamentally a social process. The assignment is designed to bring critical thinking into the course through questions about the social aspects of space exploration past and present. To do so you will respond to questions I have posted in the forums section of OWL. Each question comes with a required reading to kickstart your th...

Course Code   :  PA7201
Course Title   :  earth observation of the atmosphere
Ref style  :  Harvard

Step 1: Generate Global Monthly MapsDuring the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen considerable changes in atmospheric composition following dramatic changes in human behaviour during lockdowns and the corresponding changes in air pollution emissions.  In this coursework you will use NASA Giovanni to explore some of these changes in atmospheric composition. Create global monthly maps to explore the differences between the month of April 201...

Course Code   :  GEOG 1191
Course Title   :  Introduction to Human Geography
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

InstructionsThis essay assignment is marked out of 100, and contributes 20% of your final grade. The essay is introduced at the end of Unit 2, Module 4; it must be submitted by the end of Module 7. This comprehensive essay provides you with the opportunity to apply and examine your growing knowledge and appreciation, gained progressively through GEOG 1191, of a topic/issue of your own choice related to people’s and society’s int...

Course Code   :  SCIN140
Course Title   :  introduction to environmental science
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Natural Selection1. Demonstrate familiarity with library and electronic media to study scientific principles of Natural Selection and Population Dynamics and their importance in studying ecosystems and basic driving force of evolution. Ecosystems are parts of the biosphere where a group of animals and plants named a community interact with non-biotic factors to produce a self-standing system by fixing energy and recycling matter.We are stud...

Course Code   :  GEOG2090
Course Title   :  space exploration
Ref style  :  APA

Costs of Robotic Missions and Time TakenA new Prime Minister has been elected in your country and they have allocated $100 Billion dollars over the next 20 years to space exploration. The new Prime Minister has named you head of the National Space Exploration Agency and would like to a see a PowerPoint presentation outlining your plan to spend these $100 billion dollars. You can choose to explore any objects in our solar system, but the kinds ...

Course Code   :  RD20120
Course Title   :  equine business and grassland management
Ref style  :  APA

AimsAimsThis assignment is designed to draw upon and develop the grassland science and management skills and knowledge acquired throughout the module.Task OutlineAlthough grassland / pasture is a potentially valuable resource for horses, many owners and managers fail to capitalise on this. Whereas pasture might not necessarily be the sole / ideal solution in all circumstances, its potential needs to be realised wherever and whenever possible.&...

Course Code   :  COMM3010
Ref style  :  APA

Retention loss and word recognition gains after posttestsApart from the findings addressed above, a surprising result emerged. Except for beginner students who experienced retention loss when using computer-mediated dictionaries, both groups of students continued to show gains in word recognition after posttests, although they did not have access to the stories that they had read in the two conditions. This coincided with Knightâ€&#...

Course Code   :  GEOG1100
Course Title   :  human geography
Ref style  :  APA

Choosing a Reputable Canadian or International News SourceStudents will access a major recent Canadian print media (Globe and Mart National Post Maclean s Magazine, Sluff Online Magazine Of local news Sources, i.e. Halifax Chronicle Herald. Halifax Metro or similar) or reputable International media source and use their chosen news story as a 'jumping off point' Of as an illustration that ties in to the objectives of this course. The paper...

Course Code   :  GEO793
Course Title   :  Geography Of Toronto
Ref style  :  APA

Gentrification Definition and DiscussionYour essay will discuss the processes of gentrification in North American cities in general, and in your  chosen  neighbourhood  in  Toronto  specifically.  Please  answer  the  following  questions  in  your essay. Structure your essay under these 6 subheadings:  1) Introduction: State what your essay is about, what your main argument...

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