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Unique Anthropology Research Topics That Are Sure to Make an Impact

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“The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences” – Ruth Benedict.

Do you aim to frame an anthropology research paper that successfully enables you to stand apart in the herd?  But, before you even begin, is choosing a remarkable idea for your anthropology research paper driving you up the wall?  If such is the case, no need to fret as we have got your back.

Choosing inspiring and intriguing anthropology research topics is critical to the success of your written paper.  An excellent research topic can always spark further analysis and help you make a valuable contribution to the field of study.

But, there exists an abundance of topics that can plunge deep into.  So, how to make a perfect choice and ensure you’ll hook your readers successfully?

Today’s comprehensive post will navigate you through certain remarkable guidelines to choose the best research paper topics in anthropology.  We also ensure to walk you through an enticing list of anthropology topics for research papers that will surely help you stay above the rest.

Ready?  Let’s get started, then!

Anthropology: The Research Areas it Entails

Anthropology implies the study of humanity.  The field of study covers human behavior and biology, societies, linguistics, and culture in the past and the present.  Due to its diverse nature, the discipline can be broken down into several specific units, with each emphasizing a particular area –

Anthropology Research Topics

Social Anthropology

This area focuses on studying human cultures and society through a comparative lens.  It seeks to comprehend how humans reside in societies and the ways they make their lives worthwhile.

Cultural Anthropology

This area of anthropology hugely emphasizes the culture, with the inclusion of norms and values prevailing in society.

Biological Anthropology

It is the study of the evolution of human beings as well as their adaptation and variability to tensions of the environment.

Linguistic Anthropology

Unlike other research areas, this sub-field of anthropology aims to figure out how language affects the lives of humans.

Archaeological Anthropology

This research area studies human beings in the past.  In certain jurisdictions like Europe, this area is deemed a complete disciple like history or geography.

With this clear overview in mind, you are now all set to find out how to choose unique and intriguing anthropology research questions!

How to Choose Perfect Anthropology Research Topics?

The scope of an anthropology research paper depends mostly on a remarkable topic.  Half the battle of turning in an impressive anthropology research paper will be won when you choose inspiring and interesting anthropology research paper topics.

Check out these below-mentioned guidelines that will enable you to choose a theme that’s perfect for you –

Anthropology Research Topics
  • To choose perfect cultural or social anthropology Assignment, it is significant to concentrate on the theme you are less or more well-versed with and in which you’re engaged personally.
  • Ensure the topic you choose is relevant to the discipline.
  • Scour through historical records, artefacts, journals, newspapers, etc., to brainstorm potential ideas.  You can also go through credible websites like Anthropology News, Science News, and The Conversation to generate current topics in anthropology.
  • Try to always go for anthropology topics for research papers that interest you and your readers.
  • Select a topic that enables you to conduct in-depth research and present your opinions or arguments effectively.
  • It is also crucial to opt for anthropology project ideas that comprise a lot of supporting evidence and offers extensive information for discussion.
  • Avoid anthropology research questions that are too broad or too specific.  If your topic is too broad, ensure to narrow it down effectively.

As you explore different anthropology research paper topic examples, you must naturally incline toward exciting and intriguing subjects.  It is always wise to comprehend what makes your heart beat a little fast and follow that curiosity.

Now, let us spoil you with an extensive list of spectacular anthropology research paper topics.  With these fantastic and impressive topics at your disposal, you will be prepared for the war effectively.

Here you go!

A Comprehensive List of Unique and Intriguing Research Topics in Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology Topics

  1. Present your views on the importance of cultural diversity in the study of human evolution in anthropology.
  2. Present an in-depth evaluation of the religious beliefs of two groups that are traditional in Europe.
  3. Homosexuality in Africa – Discuss the social and cultural revolution that led to it.
  4. What is the role of storytelling in the advancement of Native American cultures?
  5. Present a detailed forensic overview of the importance of political organizations in countless Middle Eastern countries.
  6. Discuss the ways superstitions impact the African way of life
  7. Do you think homosexuality impacts the cultural and social landscape of the world?  If yes, how so?
  8. Discuss the connection between contemporary media and cultural imperialism.
  9. Homelessness in the US – Discuss the causes and effects
  10.  Present your views on the family and structure and marriage rituals in two countries of your preference.

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Eugenics in the society of the current era – Discuss the benefits and consequences.
  2. Discuss the influence of the environment on the skin colour of human beings.
  3. Various stages of drowning till death – Evaluate six literature pieces
  4. Present your views on the underlying Egyptian belief in the conservation of the dead
  5. Present a detailed account of the importance of women in ancient Egypt
  6. Impact of smoking on the physical appearance of human beings – Discuss
  7. What are the essentials of physical anthropology?
  8. Write about the remarkable contribution of  Henry Walter Bates to the field of Anthropology.
  9. Discuss the evolution of the human brain in comparison to other animals
  10.  Discuss the relationship between anthropology and genetic engineering

Medical Anthropology Research Questions

  1. Culture and health implementing medical anthropology – Discuss the connection.
  2. Write about applied medical anthropology from the approach of holistic medicine.
  3. Ethnobotany’s role in medical sciences – Present your views
  4. Discuss the ways nursing ethics is becoming pragmatic in the career of eminent professionals
  5. Present your views on the different risks associated with In Vitro Fertilisation
  6. What is the connection between complications of watchdogs or whistle-blowers and big pharma?
  7. What complications arise in the treatment of the periodontal disease?
  8. Write about the medical threats of depression in the communities of South Asia.
  9. Orthodox and unorthodox medicines in Native Americans – Discuss the strengths and weaknesses.
  10. Present your views on critical concepts and tools in public health anthropology.

Ethnographic Research Ideas for College Students

  1. Discuss the boundaries of involvement of citizens in intensive healthcare
  2. The role played by psychologists in the progression of special education – Present a detailed expository study.
  3.  Write about the development and expansion of anthropology in the 20th -21st centuries.
  4. Handover of patients in the health care of Europe – Present an ethnographic overview
  5. How to use ethnographic sources of information to evaluate intensive public healthcare?
  6. Discuss the condition of racism theories.
  7. Do you think ‘Shariah’ can be favourable for Islamic societies or not?  Conduct a detailed and extensive study.
  8. Assess ways journalists can cope with stress and ways it impacts their profession.
  9.  Do you think the value of education has been enhanced through ethnographic innovations?  If so, how?
  10. Present your views on how stereotypical concepts related to sexual orientation affect the mental health of children worldwide.

Biology Anthropology Research Topics

  1. Discuss how biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations developed contemporary medicine.
  2. What is the function of ethnography in software technology?
  3. Malnutrition, chronic disease, and violence in any society – Discuss the relationship and present a comparison.
  4. Do you think traditional institutions can conserve cultures?  Evaluate.
  5. Present your views on how maladaptation impacts migrants in any country worldwide.
  6. Healthcare in contemporary society – Write about the commercialisation and commodification of medicines.
  7. Risk and vulnerability in public health care – Present a detailed analysis
  8. Cultural revolution of medicine in any country in Africa – Evaluate
  9. Human evolution – Discuss how geographical locations can help in describing it
  10.  How can fossil records be used in palaeoanthropology?

Forensic Research Topics in Anthropology

  1. Are the present methods of creating the behaviours of criminals effective?
  2. Do you believe insects are the quickest decomposition agents?
  3. Forensic technology – What are the common techniques implemented in the field?
  4. Present an overview of the evolution of police canines over time.
  5. Discuss the influences of environment and migratory paths on the survival and appearance of Neanderthals.
  6. Present your view of the updated archaeological methods of dating in oncology.
  7. Do you think DNA evidence is accurate in the criminology of testing and matching?
  8. Present a detailed study on a case with a confession situation and make sure to outline the unique features of the case.
  9. Do you think the techniques used in Egyptian mummification were effective?
  10.  Write how Darwin’s evolution theory and its implementation in the field of forensic anthropology.

Linguistic Anthropology Topics for Research Papers ‘

  1. Endangerment of language – Discuss
  2. Present a detailed analysis of the classification of language
  3. Verbal vs. sign communications –  Present a comparison analysis
  4. Present your views on how language is the most  vital component among immigrants from Bengal
  5. Discuss the essential aspects that resulted in the emergence of linguistics anthropology
  6. Present your views on the effect of colonisation on the language of a certain society worldwide.
  7. Write how Dell Hymes contributed to the field of linguistic anthropology
  8. Present a comprehensive research work on language and gender
  9. Discuss the language of American and African women
  10. Present a recent perspective on the comprehension of intercultural communications

Interesting Anthropology Research Topics

  1.  Discuss the crucial changes in theories behind linguistic anthropology
  2. Classification of language – Present a detailed analysis
  3. Write  about the crucial aspects that fostered cultural hatred in a society that’s diverse
  4. Present your views on the evolving concepts of matrimony in Asia
  5. Write a detailed overview of the ways the Roman Catholic Church enhanced the sculpting and architectural science
  6. American vs. Chinese societies – Present a detailed analysis of the greeting gestures
  7. Write about the importance of women in ancient Egypt
  8. American consumerism culture vs. Scandinavian minimalism culture – Discuss
  9. What do you think is the psychology behind the genocide, and how it impacts the human relationship?
  10.  Present an anthropological evaluation of human behaviour in the ‘Lord of the Flies.’

Current Topics in Anthropology

  1. Present your views on the reconstruction of skeletal systems
  2. Give a detailed interpretation of archaeological research
  3. What are the methods of embalmment?
  4. Write about contemporary industrialisation.
  5. Present your views on family, marriage systems, and kinship
  6. What do you think about oral traditions and culture?
  7. Investigate the sexuality of women and ways culture impacts their sexual health.
  8. Present your views on how AIDS or HIV has impacted the gay community since its innovation.
  9. Discuss why abortion can be considered the first choice for sexual assault and domestic violence victims.
  10.  Discuss how sex worker has helped in curbing the spread of AIDS or HIV in Central Europe.

Good Anthropology Project Ideas

  1. Medical procedures various countries have discovered independently – Present a comparison and contrast analysis.
  2. Economic anthropological concerns prevailing in pre and post-capitalist communities – Present a comparison and contrast analysis.
  3. How can mental processes be examined in the psychological analysis of anthropology?
  4. Discuss the role played by reality shows on television in the social life of humans.
  5. Infectious and vector-borne diseases – Write about the political ecology
  6. Present your views on the impact of cross-cultural experiences in the modern world
  7. Accuracy of radioactive carbon dating – Present a critical evaluation
  8. Discrimination in the workplace – Discuss the process of evolution
  9. Maya vs. Aztec civilisations – Present a detailed comparison analysis
  10. Present a detailed study of pagan rituals worldwide

Unique Anthropology Research Essay Topics  

  1. Present a detailed study of ways the Roman Catholic Church enhanced the science of architecture and sculpting.
  2. Discuss the influence of Greek culture on Italian culture and languages
  3. Write about the cultural constructions of human society and the ways they assist the evolution
  4. European politics monarch vs. Western democracy – Present a detailed criticism
  5. Discuss the ways polygamy is practised in various societies of Asia
  6. Discuss the close connection between science and magic
  7. Aztec  and Maya civilisations – Present a detailed comparison analysis
  8. Write about the traditional practices of healing in Africa
  9. Present your views on the significance of the presidency of Barack Obama on the black population in the US
  10.  Discuss the common childbirth rituals in various societies around the world

Top-Notch Anthropology Research Questions

  1. Explain the ways the internet fostered Westernisation.
  2. Discuss the role played by the folklore in transgenerational retainment and defence of cultures.
  3. Present your views on modern and amazing facts that support homo habilis’ existence.
  4. Write about the long-term impacts of physical labour on the physical appearance of human beings.
  5. Discuss ways Kyphosis is connected to human senescence
  6. Describe the role played by literature in the development of human beings
  7. What do you know about the Quechua people residing in Peru
  8. Describe the different rituals and folklore in the society
  9. Discuss the implications of the use of cocaine in South America
  10.  Present your views on the beliefs in magic and supernatural occurrences
  11.  Discuss the impact of the catastrophes of Hiroshima, Chornobyl, and Nagasaki on the development of human beings
  12. Who did you think set the standards of traditional and non-traditional sexual orientation?
  13.  Alaska vs. Asian Native imagination of law – Present a comparative analysis.
  14.  Why do you think gay marriages were and are still banned in various cultures around the world?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a good research topic for anthropology?


  • Discuss the role played by chemical science in the pharmaceutical science of rural communities.
  • Assess how journalists cope with immense stress.
  • Biological vs. physical anthropology – Present a comparison and contrast analysis.

What are examples of research in anthropology?


  • Immersion of an individual in a culture
  • Evaluation of ways people interact with their environment
  • Linguistic evaluation
  • Evaluation of human biology
  • Archaeological evaluation

What is anthropology, and what are some of its sub-fields?

Ans: Anthropology denotes the systematic study of humanity.  It aims to comprehend the evolutionary origins of humans, their distinctiveness as a species, and the diversity in our social existence forms around the world.  The sub-fields of anthropology are –

  • Archaeology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Linguistic Anthropology

What are some examples of cultural anthropology research topics?


  • Present an extensive analysis of the philosophy of two societies of your preference.
  • Present your views on music, dance, and parties in contemporary society.
  • Discuss your views on feminism in patriarchal societies
  • Discuss the evolving role of women in countries of Asia.

What are some examples of linguistic anthropology research topics?


  • Phonetics and phonology
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Multilingualism
  • Semantics and pragmatics
  • Sign language

What are some current issues in anthropology research?


  • What is the connection between global forensic anthropology and forensic pathology?
  • Eugenics – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages
  • Present your  views on sex, networks, and AIDs in unimagined communities of Uganda
  • Discuss ethical and political issues that arise while living in closed societies

How do anthropologists conduct their research?

Ans: While conducting research, anthropologists use countless qualitative methods as well as complementary quantitative data in a study of mixed methods.  They employ informal conversations, questionnaires, formal interviews, surveys, and sound or video recordings.  They also conduct archival or historical research, public records, and reports based on their research area.

How can anthropology research benefit society?

Ans: The field of anthropology offers the possibility of learning each aspect of human existence.  It also answers every query about us, our past, present, and future.  Further, it helps in connecting everyone around the world.

What are some career paths for anthropologists?


  • Forensic detective
  • Contract archaeologist
  • Professor
  • Journalist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Arts promoter
  • Zoo curator

What are some ethical considerations in anthropology research?


  • Anthropologists must make sure their involvement with a community does not cause harm or embarrass their informants.
  • They must acquire informed consent from their informants before delving deep into the research.
  • They should maintain the anonymity and privacy of informants
  • They should make their final outcomes accessible to other researchers and participants

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