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Top Auditing Dissertation Topics For Quick Approval in 2023

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Auditing a dissertation is mandatory for every student, especially accounting and nursing students as it is required to pass the degree program and exhibit the academic skills of the students in the subject.     Auditing dissertation is research that offers professionals and students various opportunities to improve quality in health care and business organization. In business, this usually includes bookkeeping, the preparation of financial statements, and vision and mission statements.  

 However, unlike other topics, Auditing dissertation topics are significantly difficult to find as it requires extensive research and knowledge of business to conduct an audit.   To make the process easier, students can focus on Ph.D. Auditing research topics that others have thought of. The following section will provide 100 top Ph.D. Auditing dissertation topics that can be used in future auditing-based dissertations:

  1. Impact of continuous auditing on organisational functioning
  2. Critical analysis of the effects of small business budgeting 
  3.  Impact of continuous auditing on infection control
  4. Analysis of asset and liability management  in supply chain
  5. Analysis of asset and liability management in health care setting
  6. Innovative Technologies Used in the Audit
  7.  Risk assessment in workplace  regarding sudden spillage
  8. Audits of Internal Control over Financial Reporting
  9.  Effect of internal auditing on financial reporting
  10. Analysis of asset and liability management in public limited company

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  1. Comparing capital expenditure and revenue expenditure
  2. Critical analysis of the effects of hand hygiene audit in health care
  3. Critical analysis of the effects quality improvement program in health care
  4. Risk-taking in business from the perspective  of health care
  5.  Prevalence and incidence of frequent financing errors in bank
  6. Comparing and evaluating the taxation system of the USA and China
  7. An audit of the anticoagulation therapy of patients in a rural practice
  8. An audit of influenza vaccine uptake
  9. An audit of effectiveness of no interruption rooms in hospital
  10. An audit of current practise of the use of low aspirin in patients with angina
  11. An audit of effectiveness of treatment in lymphedema.
  12. An audit of current practise of    nursing for end-of-life care patients
  13. An audit of Indwelling urinary catheter practice in health care
  14. An audit of cross-cultural health care practice in primary setting
  15. An audit of Data security and GDPR compliance.
  16. Auditing human resources for  employee engagement
  17. Auditing human resources for workplace wellness program practice
  18. Auditing managers for the leadership styles
  19. Issues of accounting ethics in health care and biochemical industry
  20. Studying the various accounting procedures  in bank and other public health limited
  21. Auditing managers for interpersonal communication
  22. Auditing employees for their  improved performance in presence of support
  23. An audit of current practise in rural treatment centre
  24. An audit of current practise of midwives for pregnant women
  25.  Auditing of use of medical coding in improving nursing diagnosis
  26. Relation between earning management and discretionary accrual
  27.  Auditing on the responses of children to pain
  28. An audit of fall prevention in health care
  29. Audit of knowledge and practice regarding hand hygiene moments
  30. An audit of current practise for dementia care
  31. An audit of current practise of nurses for improving CBT
  32. An audit of current practise of community nurse in improving health of older adults
  33. An audit of health care practices in respite care
  34. Auditing employees for praising and reward based performance
  35. Auditing the treasury function of bank
  36. Internal audit analytics on robotic use in surgery
  37. Audit of  pain management system for  older adults
  38. nutritional management for older adults
  39. Auditing on use of electronic health record for health care sector
  40.  Auditing on the responses of family members of terminally ill patients
  41. An audit of data security of Facebook
  42. An audit of data security of electronic health record
  43. An audit of current practise of seclusion in mental health
  44. An audit of  workplace wellness program
  45. Audit of supply chain management in clothing industry
  46. Audit of GMO used  in US and UK
  47. An audit of   use of artificial intelligence in health care
  48. Audit of Advanced cyber threats
  49. Employee safety audit in health care
  50. Effective reporting of risk assessment result.
  51. Auditing benefit and contribution plan management
  52. Food and product safety audit
  53. Risks associated with business combinations
  54. Audit on Customer relationship monitoring
  55. Product integrity and safety audits.
  56.  Leading practice in managing employees
  57.  Audit on use of nonverbal communication in patient engagement
  58. Risks associated with poor ergonomic   structure
  59. An audit of workplace data management in military camp
  60. Compliance audit for NMBA standards
  61. Rights and obligations of Gillick competence audit
  62. Income and expenses audit in social work
  63. Internal Controls audit in hotel industry
  64.  Internal audit of quality control of FDA approved drugs
  65. Internal Control audit of lather industry
  66. Employee safety audit in chemical industry
  67. Auditing corporate governance  
  68. Auditing common practice for improving eco friendly products
  69. Auditing governing bodies for the initiative regarding climate crisis
  70. Machine learning auditing
  71. IT Audit regarding   coding practice
  72. Auditing projects, project management in music industry
  73.  Auditing on robotics use in health care
  74. Audit regarding three Lines in IT industry
  75. Audit regarding relationship between audit committees and chief audit executives.
  76.  Audit report and follow-up review
  77.  Internal audit presentations to management
  78. Internal audit presentations    regarding new Accounting Standards
  79. Sustainability audit of current corporate responsibility
  80. Audit report on ethics followed by hospital industry for diverse population
  81. Product integrity and safety audits of apple and Samsung: a comparison
  82. Testing and evaluating controls audits in information technology
  83. Audit report on ethics followed by clothing industry for plus size models
  84.  Audits of current practices of occupational therapists to support stroke patients
  85. Audits of current practices of counsellor while supporting patients
  86. Auditing governing bodies for health promotion in rural and remote area
  87. Audit regarding drug safety
  88. Audit regarding management of diabetes in rural area
  89. Audit of current practice of safe ward
  90. Audit of nurse safety in mental health

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