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Latest Online Engineering Dissertations Topics

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An engineering dissertation is a comprehensive technical project report of a student’s research work during the study. Choosing good engineering dissertation topics allows the students to conduct an in-depth investigation and gather evidence to answer the hypothesis.

Although many students struggle to brainstorm software engineering dissertation topics or engineering management dissertation topics turn to professional dissertation writers for assistance, most of them don’t get the opportunity to enjoy such luxury.

How To Structure Your Dissertation On Engineering?

The Engineering dissertation structure is no different from the structures of other dissertations. However, it differs a little depending on your university standard or topic.

There are some variations for Civil Engineering dissertation topics, and for Engineering Management dissertation topics, the variations are different. But the basic essay structure remains the same.

You can seek help from your professors or go through our Engineering dissertation examples to learn more about these engineering dissertation structure variations.

An example of a basic engineering dissertations structure is –

  • Title page: This page is the introductory section of your project. It contains the title of your study, your name and details, and the details of the university or governing body you are affiliated with. 
  • Acknowledgments: This section allows you to show your gratitude to those who supported you in completing the study. 
  • Abstract: This section aims to help the reader understand a broad overview of the research study.
  • Table of contents: The content of the research paper is listed in this section. 
  • Introduction: It is where you will introduce your topic and all the details related to it to your reader. This space will also include your topic’s background and the study’s central theme. 
  • Literature review: This section explains the importance of your chosen topic with the help of other published works on the same or relatively similar issues.
  • Hypothesis: In this section, you will state your initial idea about the topic based on the initial research. This place states the surface idea about the topic and helps proceed with the findings. 
  • Methodology: This section is for the methods you will use to move your research ahead or how you will collect all the information—for example, primary research, secondary research, survey, etc. 
  • Results: In this section, you will drop all your findings after in-depth research. 
  • Discussion: This is the place for data analysis. You will analyse all your findings in this section and prove your hypothesis true or false. 
  • Conclusion: In this section, you can formally add your perspective, but do not introduce any new claim or topic here. 
  • Reference list: Add all your citations in this section. 

100+ Potential Engineering Dissertation Topics For University Students

A dissertation is a vital project in disciplines like Engineering. Hence, to produce an outstanding project, you must choose your Engineering dissertation topic carefully. If you can relate, these tips will help you find the most demanding engineering dissertations structure topics of 2022.

There are various online engineering dissertations topics you can choose from. Some of them are – 

Electronics And Communications Dissertation Topics

  • Defining the limits of electrical impulses for the electronics in use today.
  • The limitations of optical fibre communication systems and potential improvements to their effectiveness.
  • The national grid is developing an embedded communication system to maximise energy use.
  • Inter-symbol interference in optoelectronics has improved.

Sensors Technology Dissertation Topics

  • Pressure sensor for a large-scale solar panel design and development.
  • A study of wind direction and speed sensors to improve wind turbine performance.
  • Measuring airflow around substantial building structures using MEMS.
  • Creation of microsensors to gauge tank oil flow rates.

Environmental Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • examining the effects of the aviation sector on the environment and exploring suitable mitigation measures
  • The cost to the environment of wind energy, a form of so-called green energy.
  • Examine the obstacles preventing the implementation of cutting-edge technologies from reducing the carbon emissions produced by cars.
  • Design and create a system for calculating an energy-intensive company’s carbon index.

Supply Chain Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • A corporation can increase output by highlighting distribution network engineering and management differences.
  • Examine the crucial elements of a manufacturing organisation’s process planning and optimisation of the supply chain.
  • Creating a supply chain model for a modest yet successful online business.
  • How can organisations succeed by removing supply chain bottlenecks?

Below we’ve categorically enlisted some engineering dissertation topics suggested by our experts to inspire you. 

Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Building an earthquake-proof bridge
  • How to build a school with all basic amenities at a low cost?
  • Use of erosion resistance constructing materials for longevity
  • Reinforcing an existing structure for sustaining radiation
  • Brick panel – what are the cheapest and the most convenient options?
  • Air pollution, how bad does it affect the surroundings?
  • Are air pollution filters effective?
  • Natural resources in rural areas
  • The qualitative measuring of water supplies
  • Groundwater – identify the potential challenges
  • Study the effectiveness of Earth Walls
  • How to improve the construction quality of tall building?

Engineering Management Dissertation Topics

  • Critical analysis of the activities of a public-private intermediary organisation
  • Managing uncertainty in product platform lifecycles
  • A case study on the implementations of information technology in the health sector
  • Identify the uses of hierarchical and perspectives decision modeling for assessing solar photovoltaic technologies
  • The impact of social capital on improving intermediaries
  • Innovation measurement in an organisation through decision framework
  • Technological forecasting and segmented rate of change
  • Sustainable managing of an engineering team
  • Managing engineering projects – the potential challenges
  • Process improvement plans for supporting businesses
  • Factors responsible for efficient supply chain management
  • Improving an organisation’s efficiency with leadership

Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Topics

Hydrodynamic cavitations for scalable exfoliation of nanosheets

  • Plasmonic devices in spectroscopy and biomedical
  • Authothermal pyrolysis reaction kinetics
  • Muzzle gases and blood droplet backscatter
  • Geometric modelling and structural analysis of composite laminates
  • Novel sound absorbers – development and application
  • Electro-hydraulic system for automation
  • Use of Abel inversion methods for reconstructing the planar fuel concentration field
  • Fabrication of porous structures with the additive manufacturing techniques
  • Cooling effectiveness and water conservation using flow blurring atomisers
  • Tensile and impact testing to measure hydrogen effects on X80 steel mechanical properties
  • Integrated microfluidic surface acoustic wave sensors

Software Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Coding environment for various applications
  • Digital reading and its impact on the human brain – steps to counteract
  • Identify the ways to combat the challenges of remote working
  • IT and its role in improving inter-organisational knowledge management
  • Identification of the best approach to perform System-Level Testing of Distributed Systems
  • Analysing various security mechanisms in IEEE 802.11-based WLAN
  • 5G wireless networks and challenges in the transmission techniques
  • Software-defined networking for detection of network traffic
  • Heuristic algorithm for computing
  • An optimal algorithm for the generation of clusters
  • Identify the impact of the internet on the job market in Australia
  • Use of artificial intelligence in improving human-computer interaction

Electronics Dissertation Topics

  • Use of embedded controller for bomb detection robotics
  • Ultrasonic based distance management system
  • Wireless motor design for aerospace
  • ZigBee technology and its application in metering
  • Application of ZigBee in smart grid monitoring
  • ZigBee technology for sewage monitoring
  • Designing a remote-controlled robotic arm
  • Electrical engineering and use of computer-aided designs
  • Wind energy technologies in the US
  • Analysis of variable power supply
  • Designing a vehicle speed detecting system
  • Aerospace Telecom and system and different coding techniques

Electrical Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Ways to increase efficiency in electrical devices
  • Using a power conditioning system on a micro-grid system
  • Wi-fi applications and RF power circuit designs
  • Hybrid cars and the future of vehicle electronics
  • Use of full-wave component models to design passive networks
  • Physiological signals in blood flow dynamics – develop a framework
  • MEMS acoustic emission sensors
  • Identify the ways to reduce carbon footprints in electricity generation
  • Internet communication – controlling and monitoring voice quality
  • Analyse the processing of human electroretinogram
  • Modelling of the Ku-Band AG channel
  • Analysis of an ultra-wideband band pass filter with a notched band

Dissertation Topics In Thermal Engineering

  • Managing the integration of heating systems into broader energy system with machine learning
  • Developing building regression models with sensing platform for predicting thermal comfort
  • Clean energy technologies for the future
  • Net-zero energy building (NZEB) for the construction of buildings with less energy consumption and low carbon emission
  • Suspension plasma sprayed (SPS) ceramics for rough environmental conditions
  • Ways to improve the life span of thermal power plant components
  • Waste-to-energy technologies for the next generation
  • Analysis of lubricants under electrification
  • Designing a low cost, lightweight mechanical heliostat
  • Spark-ignition reciprocating engine – numerical analysis
  • Use of CFD to analyse a flow-through solar dryer duct
  • Creating a helical spring in a two-wheeler suspension system

Sensors Technology Dissertation Topics

  • Optimising energy consumption for Cloud IoT
  • Locationsation technologies
  • Big data and real-time IoT data analytics
  • Optimisation of IoT-enabled services in smart cities worldwide
  • IoT and GIS-cased information system for managing natural resources
  • Privacy and security of IoT for integrated solutions
  • IoT and data protection on cloud
  • IoT and energy-efficient networks
  • WSN – Challenges and opportunities
  • IoT application development – principals and best practices
  • Blockchain technology and WSN systems
  • Smart home and building automation

Environmental Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Restoration of coral reef in the Atlantic region amidst the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Analysis of the use of sugarcane bagasse ash for partially replacing cement in ISSBs
  • Rehabilitation of sanitary sewers in Florida
  • Concrete integrity and durability in drilled shafts and the impact of support fluid type
  • Wastewater in urban and rural contexts – removing and recovering nutrients
  • Removal of neonicotinoid pesticide and nitrate from floating wetlands
  • Waste handling practices on androgens and estrogens from feeding animals
  • Buoyant plume dilution and surface gravity waves
  • Investigate FRP-Concrete Bond
  • Forests and their role in securing hydropower needs
  • Ion Exchange Water Treatment Technology
  • Carbon and nutrients in the Microalgal bioenergy system

Supply Chain Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Use of IT for an integrated supply chain strategy
  • Implementing Green Supply Chain Management Practices
  • Supply chain engineering and the impact of Industry 4.0
  • Big data and its implications in DDMRP
  • Supply networks and IoT
  • Blockchain and its role in sustainable project management
  • Analyse the role of machine learning techniques in supply chain engineering
  • Is ERP a boon to supply chain engineering?
  • Inventory management in Supply Chains
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for the efficiency of Supply Chains
  • Analysis of the COMSOAL approach and possible improvements
  • The role of the Total Quality Management strategy in supply chain

Computer Science Dissertation Topics

  • Software programs and their role in the reduction of global energy consumption
  • The internet AS topology and its applications
  • Reprogramming neutral networking with machine learning technique
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the support vector machine in computer vision.
  • Identify the risks of dynamic robots.
  • Investigate the existing techniques to track perpetual mobile systems
  • Graphic structure for machine learning
  • How to improve the reinforcement learning techniques with prior experience?
  • Modular learning and the role of the dynamic composition of functions
  • Classical and quantum communication systems – performance analysis
  • Investigating the data-driven approach for image classification
  • Analysis of the Data Stream model

Tips To Find Impressive Engineering Dissertation Topics

Research areas in civil engineering, software engineering and thermal engineering are some of the most sought after. Finding the best engineering dissertation topics from these areas becomes seriously overwhelming.

Keep in mind these points while searching for dissertation topics in thermal engineering or any other sub-field of engineering.

  • Whether it’s civil engineering or mechanical engineering, always choose dissertation topics that interest you. If not, you will lose interest and fail to produce an impressive paper.
  • While searching for engineering dissertation topics, always stick to the keywords from a specific sub-area. You will get more productive results and save time.
  • Don’t choose engineering dissertation topics that are too broad or narrow. Stick to topics with sufficient existing peer-reviewed literature to support your hypothesis.
  • Irrespective of the engineering dissertation topics and sub-areas, gather comprehensive data from credible websites, journals, databases, etc.
  • If you have to search for dissertation topics in thermal engineering, start at the earliest so you can give more time to researching.

Need Expert Advice On Finding Engineering Dissertation Topics?

Our Mentors Can Help

Are you struggling to find good engineering dissertation topics? Do you need guidance with writing the proposal? Look no more for the dissertation specialists at are at your aid.

Our team consists of PhD qualified professors and engineers who are the epitome of theoretical and practical knowledge. Whether it’s choosing dissertation topics in thermal engineering, computer science, civil or mechanical engineering or editing your dissertation, they off complete writing and proofreading support in all areas of engineering. Contact our mentors today.

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Most Important Frequently Asked Questions Searched By Students

How Do You Write A Good Engineering Dissertation?

Answer: Practical tips on how to write an excellent engineering assignment paper:

  • Set an early priority deadline for your engineering dissertation
  • Get feedback from your advisor from time to time
  • Start working on the research part immediately
  • Keep your objectives easy and simple to follow
  • Have a clear goal and structure
  • Never ignore the editing stage

How Do You Start An Engineering Dissertation?

Answer:  Here is how to have the best kick start to your engineering dissertation:

  • Come up with a catchy title for your dissertation
  • Conduct deep research into the engineering dissertation topic
  • Create a perfect outline
  • Build a proper structure
  • Work on creating an engaging introduction

Is Writing An Engineering Dissertation Hard?

Answer: Writing an engaging dissertation will be a tough nut to crack. You need to make sure it is simple and easy to grasp. You will need support from the best research materials to help you back up your claims associated with your engineering dissertation topic.

 If you find working on an engineering dissertation too difficult, consult top professionals immediately. They will ensure the process of an engineering dissertation is easy.

How Many Hours Should I Spend On My Engineering Dissertation?

Answer: You should spend at least two hours each day on your dissertation paper. Others also choose to write two pages each day. It is up to you to figure out the plan that tends to work best for you. It is best to work on the dissertation paper’s writing and research aspects for at least 3-4 hours each day.

Which Topic Is Best For An Engineering Dissertation?

Answer: Here are some of the best engineering dissertation topics:

  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Power distribution
  • Signal processing and communications
  • Materials processing, fabrication and inspection technologies
  • Sustainable production systems
  • The corrosion resistance of stainless steels
  • Human factors and systems engineering
  • Electrical circuits and devices
  • Environmental and climate change

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