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An Extensive Guide On Citing a Podcast In APA And MLA Style

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Picture this. You’re researching your academic paper and coming across podcasts related to the topic you’re working on. Even though you used the information in the podcast while writing the paper, you may not be sure how to cite the source accurately. This could lead to plagiarism, and you’ll end up losing a few marks. 

In order to avoid a situation like that, you need to be aware of how to cite a podcast using different citation styles. In order to guide you, we have put together a detailed guide on how to cite a podcast in APA or MLA.

How to cite a podcast in APA

  • Prepare your reference list entry with the name of the host

Include the last name of the podcaster first, then add a comma. Make sure to keep their first initial and middle initial (if available). Once you include the period following the last initial, mention the person’s role in the podcast (Narrator, Producer, Host) in parentheses. Put a period outside the closing parenthesis.

Example: Simmons, H. (Narrator).

  • Mention the date of the podcast in parentheses

Begin with the podcast released. If that’s the only information you have, you can end the citation there. However, since most podcasts come with a month and date of release, mentioning a specific date

is preferable.

Put a comma after the year, then enter the month and day. Don’t abbreviate the names of months. Place a period after the closing parenthesis.

For example, Fuller, J. (Host). (2020, February 18).

  • End the citation entry with details about where you accessed the podcast

If you streamed the podcast online, mention the entire URL for the podcast. Don’t use a period at the end of the URL. If you listened to the podcast through an app, present the URL for the app itself instead.

In the newest edition of the APA citation style, the words “retrieved from” aren’t required before a URL unless you also incorporate a retrieval date.

  • Add the podcaster’s name and the year for in-text citations

When you paraphrase or quote from the podcast in your paper, include a parenthetical citation after a sentence with the host’s last name and the year in which it was released. Incorporate a comma to separate the name and year. Put the closing punctuation for the sentence outside the closing parenthesis.

If you mention the podcaster’s name in the sentence, include the year in which the podcast was released in parentheses right after the name. If you incorporated both the podcaster’s name and the year the podcast was released in your text, there’s no need to include a parenthetical citation at all.

  • Use letters after the date in your reference list for multiple episodes

Essentially, in-text citations only consist of the author’s last name and the year. If you cite multiple episodes of the same podcast in your academic papers that aired in the same year, your readers would be unable to find the accurate reference list entry.

That’s why you need to put a lower-case letter right next to the year in your reference list. Then, use the accurate letter after the year in your in-text citation.

How to cite a podcast in MLA

  • Begin your works cited section with the name of the narrator

Enter the last name of the narrator or first, add a comma after that, and then type their first name.

Put a comma after their first name, and then include a description of their role in the podcast (ideally, either “narrator” or “host”). Add a period after the single word description.  

For example, Lang, Linda, host.

  • Incorporate the title of the episode in quotes

Put the podcast titles of the particular episode in the title case, capitalising the first word and all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs in the title. Use a period at the end of the title of the episode within the closing quotation marks.

For instance, Lang, Linda, narrator. “The Stigma around Mental Health.”

  • Use the name of the podcast and episode information

Enter the name of the podcast in italics, and then add a comma. If you know the details about the season and episode number, mention them after the name of the podcast, separate the details by a comma. Don’t use abbreviations for “episode” or “season.” Include a comma at the end of this information.

Example: Lang, Linda, host. “The Stigma around Mental Health” Mental Health Collective season 1, episode 10,

  • Mention the publisher and the date published if available

If the podcast is produced or published by a certain group or media outlet, use that name after the episode information, after a comma. Then include the date on which the podcast was released. If a particular date is mentioned, type the date first, followed by the month and the year. Do not use commas between months or year. You can abbreviate the months that have more than four letters. Enter a period after the date

For instance: Lang, Linda, host. “The Stigma around Mental Health.”  season 1, episode 05, Action Audio, 15 June 2019.

  • Use the details on your device if you listened from an app

When you listen to the podcast through an app, you may not find the same details that you would if you streamed it from a website. Don’t mention any information you don’t have, and simply offer the details available on the app.

You don’t have to search for that information anywhere else. Present the name of the app in italics and then write the word “app” in place of the publisher. Put a comma after the word “app,” then mention the date of the podcast, if available.

For instance, Newman, Sylvia, narrator. “Chauvinism at Workplace.”  Women in Control, season 2, episode 4, Google Play app

  • Use the surname or title of the episode for your in-text citation

The objective of your in-text citation is to refer back to the detailed Works Cited section. After any sentence where you directly quoted or paraphrased the podcast, incorporate a parenthetical citation. Incorporate the last name of the narrator or host, then put the punctuation outside the closing parenthesis.

If you have to cite multiple podcast with the same narrator or host, use the title of the episode instead.

Parting thoughts,

This guide will be useful for you the next time you’re required to cite a podcast for your academic paper. This detailed account will simplify how you cite the podcasts. This means you won’t need to withhold the information from a podcast you include because you’re unaware of it.

Let the skilled experts from guide you to cite a podcast

It goes without saying that the citation process is integral to the academic writing process. But citing the social media posts or podcasts can be a little tricky, especially since different citation styles have different rules to mention the podcasts in the in-text citation and reference list. This is why students rely on us when citations are needed for their podcasts.

Our writers are familiar with the different citation styles and their guidelines and never fail to maintain the accuracy in this section. They put immense emphasis on the citation process and accurately present the details of the podcasts. Highlighted below are some of the citation styles our writers are adept at.

  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • APA
  • Vancouver
  • Harvard
  • IEEE
  • APSA
  • ASA

We also have a team of gifted editors who will help rectify any errors and inconsistencies within the citations and formatting. These professionals have maintained a stellar record of presenting perfectly cited papers. So, when you’re unsure how to cite a podcast in your written text, they’re the ones to trust. Ask for their assistance immediately by calling our customer support.

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