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Guide on How to Cite an Image Found On Google Images

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They say a good picture stops a moment from running away – so it is relatively safe to say that images can serve a crucial purpose in academic essays or presentations. Students rely on Google Images to find relevant photos from hundreds of website. Hence, knowing how to cite an image found on Google Image scan come pretty handy.

90% of the students who don’t know how to cite an image found on Google Imagesmight assume the task to be burdensome. Fortunately, that’s not so! Once you learn how to cite pictures found on Google Images, you will find that it’s quite similar to citing a website.

How to Cite an Image Found On Google Images: Crucial Factors

When it comes to how to cite an image found on Google Images, you will realise that you aren’t quoting a picture directly. Instead, you have to visit its source.While the citation details remain similar, the format differs depending on the citation style.

Here, we will discuss how to cite an image found on Google Images in three popular citation styles – American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago/Turabian citation style.

Copyright Infringement:

Before proceeding with how to cite images in different styles, you must understand that most pictures found on the search engine such as Google or Bing are copyright protected. This implies that accordingly to the Copyright Law, you can only use the images for academic purposes and not for any monetary gain.

Vital Information for Citing Images:

The crucial step of learning how to cite a photo is to locate the source of the image – meaning “visit page” to find the required information. Here’s a list of information you require for citing a picture found on Google Images:

  1. Full name of the photographer or illustrator
  2. Formal title or a description of the image
  3. Name of the website from where you got the image (and no, not Google!)
  4. Name of the Publisher of the website
  5. Publishing date on the website
  6. The URL

Pro Tip: Don’t forget double-space and indent the lines if you are writing the citations in printed copies.

Now that you the basics, let’s learn how to cite an image found on Google Images in APA, MLA, & Chicago citation styles.

How To Cite a Picture In APA Citation Style

Using images in your assignments can be an engaging way to support your idea. If you are wonderinghow to cite an image or a picture in APA format, you need to keep in mind the following information:

  • Name of the photographer or artist
  • Date of publication or creation
  • Title of work
  • A bracketed description ([Photograph] or [Painting])
  • Publisher or production company
  • Location of the publisher if any
  • URL if accessed online 

The reference list for an APA style image citationconsists of its author, year of publication, the title of the image, description in brackets, and source (the website name and the URL).

Remember, in APA style:

  • If there’s no formal title of the image, write the description of the image in brackets.
  • No placing a period at the end of the URL

Reference Structure:

Image creator’s or Photographer’s Last name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year of publication). Title of image [Description of the picture]. The name of the website.

How to Cite A Photo in MLA Citation Style

If you are wondering how to cite a picture or an image found on Google Images in MLA style, you need to pay attention to the four vital points.

  • For images with a title, write it in quotation marks and capitalise the first letter of the important words and pronouns.
  • For images with no official title, write a simple description. Capitalise only the first letter in the description and the first letter of pronouns.
  • Only include the publisher’s if it differs from the author’s name and website title.
  • Remove http:// and https:// from URLs while citing

Reference Structure:

Last name, First name of the creator. “Title” or description of the image. Title of the Website, Publisher, Date of publication, URL.

How to Cite Images Found on Google Images in Chicago Style

Knowing how to cite an image found on Google Images in Chicago style can prove to be helpful for the majority of the university students. For citing a picture in Chicago style, make sure:

  • You include a description for images with no official title.
  • Don’t put the description in quotations.
  • When there’s no publication date available, only include the date when the picture was assessed.

Reference Structure:

Last name, First name Middle initial of the creator of the image. “Title of image” or description. Digital Image. Title of Website. Month Day, Year of Publication. Accessed date. URL

Want to Learn How to Cite an Image Found on Google Images in Other Styles?

The citation experts at knowhow to cite an image found on Google Images in several citation styles. They possess impeccable academic skills and belong to a highly acclaimed educational background.

With our experts, you not only learn how to cite a picture or an image but also various other sources. You also get FREE access to our sample repository with thousands of citation examples. We guarantee:

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Citation plays a pivotal role in determining the credibility of your paper and highlights your academic skills. Learn how to cite an image found on Google Imagesand other sources from the best to give your grades a much-needed boost. So, wait no more and contact us.

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