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Marketing Dissertation Topics & Ideas for All Students

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You must be very bored with your homework and wish that you could spend your time with your family and friends. With homework piling up and your exams approaching, you must also be running out of ideas for your dissertation in marketing due to fear and stress. Thus, you need to be very careful while choosing a topic for your marketing dissertation, as well as follow the tips to get started with it. Along with a set of topics suggested to you, you can choose your favorite topic and score awesome grades for your dissertation!  

How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Marketing Dissertation

You must be very careful and thoughtful when choosing your dissertation topic. Below are some rules for choosing a special marketing dissertation topic. 

Identifying the Demands 

You must be clear about the challenges and obstacles in researching a marketing topic and comprehend the needs of your marketing tasks. This strategy will help you come up with an important and unique topic idea for your dissertation. 

Selecting a Topic with a Wider Scope

For your dissertation in marketing, you should choose a relevant topic with a broader area of research. The topic should be informative, so you should be able to find many ideas for writing about it. 

Conduct Intense Research

You must research the subject from different angles to gain more knowledge about marketing. You can study the subject in greater depth and explore its different angles, such as where, when, what, how, and why.  

Choosing an Interesting Topic

Before deciding on an interesting marketing topic to write your dissertation on, you must first be able to recognize what are the areas that genuinely motivate you to write. Then, after identifying your area of interest, take a break and relax to start with the next process of writing your dissertation. 

Understanding the Significance  

At this stage of choosing your dissertation topic, you must first be able to identify what are the dissertation topics of prime importance and what are the topics of least importance. Once you have chosen a list of topics from there, you should shortlist which topics you want to write on 

Tips for Writing Marketing Dissertations 

Are you thinking of writing your marketing dissertation uniquely? Do you desire to write your dissertation in a way that truly fascinates the readers? Below are some ways of writing your dissertation uniquely. 

Decide Your Topic Direction 

You must find it difficult to choose a marketing topic that is relevant to the subject. You must go through the articles previously written by you or search for new ideas to choose a relevant topic. 

Research Thoroughly

To write a dissertation, you need to conduct an in-depth research that would help you to come up with a series of distinct questions that discusses the problems and identify the answers to these problems. You can find such questions and answers only after conducting research either online or offline. 

Understand the Importance and Validity of Information

You will find many resources associated with your dissertation that will answer your questions related to the subject. However, you should verify and check the importance of the information you have about the industry and whether it is accurate.

Organize Your Dissertation Properly

Before you start writing your dissertation, you should make a plan that will help you arrange it in an order. You should organize your dissertation as an introduction, methodology for research, original resources, and bibliography, and incorporate other information. 

Save Time for Proofreading 

You should revise and repeatedly read your dissertation to observe whether your dissertation provides accurate insights and is valuable. Moreover, you should check your dissertation to notice any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors that may be present there. 

An Updated List of Marketing Dissertation Topics for University 

Are you tired and puzzled by your dissertation on marketing piling up for homework? Do you feel distracted and can’t focus? Are you clueless about what to write for your marketing dissertation? There are no reasons for you to worry anymore. 

Along with a list of compelling marketing dissertation topics, you will find ideas that will surely help you craft a wonderful marketing dissertation. These ideas on marketing dissertation are surely going to make you fall in love with the subject.  

  • Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

If you want to learn the basics of marketing, you should start by choosing topics related to direct marketing. Direct marketing subjects usually cover traditional marketing methods that began before the advent of digital marketing. 

Relationship Marketing Topics 

  1. A Case Study on How Relationship Marketing Affects Customer Loyalty in Honda Motors
  2. A mixed analysis of customer loyalty can be defined as a response or attitude.
  3. An exploratory analysis of USA how loyalty schemes lead to a boost in sales
  4. What is the role of corporate communication strategies and management of crisis in gaining customer loyalty and trust? 
  5. How do customer co-creation and customer feedback lead to improving customer-centric marketing strategies in the US? 

Brand Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the impact of packaging in retail industry as a part of brand marketing strategy?  
  2. What is the comparative analysis between Coca-Cola and Pepsi branding in consumer responses?  
  3. A Case study on Nestle’s brand management and corporate social responsibility strategies
  4. What is the connection between successful telemarketing efforts and a voice message duration in a mobile industry?
  5. How to develop an information system and what is its impact on marketing for direct marketing purposes 

International Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the reasons behind the issues in growth of global markets and the e-commerce industry? 
  2. What role does Artificial Intelligence play in designing attractive campaigns for global marketing? 
  3. How significant are cultural values in obtaining green marketing decisions to influence the quality of the global markets? 
  4. How significant are cultural values in obtaining green marketing decisions to influence the quality of the global markets?
  5. How have safety and health conditions altered in the field of international travel industry after COVID-19? 

B. Cultures and Marketing Dissertation Topics

Your cultural background plays a major role in influencing your purchase decisions regarding beauty products. What are your likings and dislikes? What beliefs, regional identities, and religions sometimes influence your purchase decisions? 

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Ideas

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization of fashion marketing? 
  2. What are the issues and opportunities of cultural differences in the fashion industry, thereby influencing the brand image?
  3. How important is introducing celebrity culture as one of the vital fashion marketing techniques? 
  4.  How do photography techniques in the field of fashion influence international marketing practices?  
  5. How has Covid-19 impacted the marketing patterns of clothing brands, thereby affecting the industry of fashion marketing? 

Beauty Brand’s Direct Marketing Ideas

  1. How does celebrity endorsement play a crucial role in influencing consumer psychology for beauty products? 
  2. What is the role of colour psychology that influences consumer choices and purchase decisions in relation to beauty products? 
  3. How do differences in gender and age influence the responses of consumers towards beauty brands? 
  4. How do cultural differences and semiotic preferences influence marketing for beauty products in different geographic locations? 
  5. What is the role of storytelling in developing a greater emotional association with customers in relation to beauty brands? 

Sports Marketing Ideas 

  1. What is the effect of women’s power on sports marketing of products?
  2. What is the effect of social media, including channels like Twitter, on motivating fans for the aim of sports marketing? 
  3. What is the role of advertising through social media marketing in boosting the decisions to purchase sports products? 
  4. How do small and medium enterprises help in the promotion of sports products? 
  5.  How do the Olympics play a vital role at national and international levels in the marketing of sports products? 

C. Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

COVID-19 must have made your studies in online marketing and digital marketing very hard. Though there has been a growing need for online marketing techniques, it has also increased your workload. Are you curious to know how to design fascinating digital marketing campaigns to win the hearts of your consumers and gain brand loyalty? 

  1. What is the role of the landing page in the marketing of different products and services online? 
  2. How do tools for visual keywords play an important role in search engine marketing to increase consumer reach for different products and services?
  3. What is the difference between targeted marketing and Facebook marketing?
  4. Which one of the digital marketing strategies is a more effective marketing strategy, pay-per-click marketing or search engine optimization? 
  5. How can you apply blockchain technology as a part of a digital marketing strategy? 
  6. How are the techniques of online copywriting different from content marketing strategies? 
  7.  How do email marketing strategies play an important role in digital marketing? 
  8. How have video marketing strategies changed in the last 5 years?  
  9. How does the social media marketing strategies influence the purchase decisions of consumers? 
  10. What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?  
  11. What important role do discount coupons play in obtaining sales and deriving customer loyalty for different products and services digitally? 
  12. What strategies can you adopt to boost search engine marketing through managing your online content? 
  13. What is the role of Blockchain technologies and app development in digital marketing and its future potential?  
  14. What is the effect of double click features and Google functionalities in promoting new launches of products and digital marketing innovation?
  15. How important is email marketing in the field of marketing through digital methods? 

D. Customer Relationship Management Dissertation Topics

At present,  to perform well in business, you must behave well with customers. Your relationships with your customers and the communication and control process you adopt determine your consumer’s brand loyalty. This approach determines the level of brand equity your business enjoys. 

  1. What is the role of customer satisfaction and customer service in influencing the purchase decisions of customers? 
  2. What is the part played by customer service in effecting marketing strategies and business ethics?
  3. How does public relationship strategies influence the quality of customer service? 
  4. What is the function of analytics and big data in contributing to improving the quality of customer service and understanding customer needs? 
  5.  What is the difference between the practice of customer relationship management strategies adopted in B2C organizations and cloud customer relationship management in B2B organizations? 
  6. What is the function of cheap and costly customer relationship management software in generating revenue in different organizations? 
  7. What is the role of managing customer relationships in obtaining profit from customers, retaining customers, and deriving customer loyalty?
  8. What are the macro and micro leadership strategies that you can obtain to attain sustainability in the competitive environment of the US?
  9. How does customer relationship management contribute to the technology industry in the US?  
  10. How does managing customer relationships help in retaining customers in the banking sector?
  11. Assess the different strategies of different ways of dealing with work management in customer tracking in the US
  12. What are the major customer relationship models that influence consumer behavior? 

E. Consumer Psychology and Marketing Topics 

Marketing communication is an effective way you obtain the attention of your consumers toward your brand. The way you design the style of language and tone for a particular marketing message for your company determines consumer behavior toward your brand. 

  1. How does consumer awareness and knowledge play a vital role in influencing the purchase decisions and obtaining changes in the consumer behavior?
  2. What are the differences in responses shown by consumers in relation to online and offline shopping? 
  3. What are the distinct responses shown by consumers in relation to luxury brands? 
  4. How can brands establish great relationships with customers to improve their brand image? 
  5. How has the customer service strategies evolved after the COVID-19 pandemic?
  6. What are the different kinds of bad customer service strategies that impact the reputation of the brand negatively? 
  7. What are the modern techniques for delivering customer service? 
  8. What is the role of AI in monitoring customer relationships?
  9. What are the ways in which males and female consumers show differences in behavior towards products and services? 
  10.  How does globalization play a role in perceived differences in consumer responses towards brands? 
  11.  How does business ethics play an important part in influencing consumer responses and developing relationships with them?  
  12. How does demographics play an important role in consumers showing differences in responses towards various brands in the US? 
  13. How do consumer sensations and emotions play an important role towards influencing the various purchase decisions towards a brand? 
  14. What role does the social and cultural background of the consumer play in influencing their purchase decisions?
  15. How do the emotional and mood stages of the consumers play an important role in influencing the way they react to ad messages? 
  1. Mobile Marketing Dissertation Topics 

With mobile marketing messages and customized promotions for your services and products through mobile devices, you will surely attract more consumers to your brand. Contemporary mobile attributes and customized mobile marketing techniques will surely give you more direct sales promotions, thereby leading to brand equity. 

  1. What is the relationship between mobile ads and the brand vision of an organization? 
  2. How is mobile banking related to changes in consumer decisions for different products and services? 
  3. What is the relationship between the speed of the mobile page and changes in the rankings in the search engine? 
  4. What are the ways of increasing rankings in voice search and how important is it in search engine marketing? 
  5. How can the rankings for domestic search engines be improved in the US, and how has it evolved after COVID-19?
  6. How does infographics play a major part in influencing the decisions related to mobile app marketing? 
  7. How does making marketing calls that remain unanswered negatively influence the return on investment derived through paid search?  
  8. How much cost and time is required to develop a mobile application infographics? 
  9. What are the rules you must follow for SMS Marketing? 
  10. How are Facebook and Instagram important for promoting your business as a part of your social media marketing strategy? 
  11. How much effective are social media marketing campaigns in storytelling and advertising to promote your brand? 
  12. What role does video content play in contributing to social media marketing as a successful marketing campaign?
  13. How to promote data protection strategies in the field of social media advertising? 
  14. How can you use social media to contribute to the management of your brand prestige and manage your brand’s crisis? 
  15. How can you utilize different strategies of banner advertising in social media for brand promotion and marketing of your products?

G. The 4Ps of Marketing Mix Dissertation Topics

Your customers are conscious of the 4Ps of marketing: price, place, product, and promotion. These principles would help you customize your global marketing messages for your brand and attract your audience. This is because your audience often thinks about these factors while making purchase decisions. 

  1. A Case Study on how Coca Cola and Pepsi engage in Price wars for promotion of their products
  2. A Case Study of Zara on how Zara utilizes the point of purchase promotion of it’s products for boosting sales
  3. How does pricing strategy both for online marketing and offline marketing, affect the revenue of the organizations? 
  4. How does door to door marketing and online feedback play an important role in the marketing mix?
  5. How does cultural diversity play an important role in encouraging the promotion of products and services? 
  6. How does the quality of the products and the services play a major role in the marketing of the brand? 
  7. What is the difference in the customer behavior shown by consumers of Starbucks in the USA and UAE? 
  8. What is the impact of premium pricing strategies on Apple Products?
  9. How does an overt international pricing strategy negatively influence the image of a brand in relation to iTunes?
  10. Compare how the marketing mix impacts the two culturally different societies.
  11. A Case Study on how public relations campaigns have caused brand failure in Marks and Spencer and Nike? 
  12. How do categories of products with high and low engagement contribute to brand awareness and influence purchase decisions?  
  13. How does the value of a brand play an important role in contributing to innovation in products like Apple Inc.?
  14. What role does music play in brand remembrance and identification to contribute to a greater brand image?
  15. How does deriving brand faithfulness contribute to influencing decisions of a consumer towards the brand?
  16. Unique Branding Dissertation Topics

You should usually consider branding as your company’s identity. It usually speaks about your company values and mission. It usually involves marketing and other communication strategies that would appeal to consumers. It discusses how different your company and its products and services are from other brands. 

  1. A detailed analysis of how political branding perceptions impact the personality-endorsed brand influence.
  2. What tactics can you apply in B2B Industries to contribute to the evolving branding markets in the US?
  3. What are the strategies in marketing you can adopt toward consumers belonging to the ethnic markets? 
  4. How does the value of a brand play an important role in contributing to innovation in products like Apple Inc.?
  5. What role does music play in brand remembrance and identification to contribute to a greater brand image?
  6. How does deriving brand faithfulness contribute to influencing decisions of a consumer towards the brand?
  7. How can you improve the brand position of animal products through marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry in the US?
  8. How does following brand ethics contribute to improving the decisions of consumers in the US?
  9. What is the effect of Youtube videos and the number of viewers on influencing the brand perceptions and behavior of consumers online?
  10. How does the physical appearance of consumers play an important role in influencing their reactions to food products?
  11.  How has COVID-19 influenced and changed the consumer’s reaction and trustability towards products?
  12. What tactics can you apply in B2B Industries to contribute to the evolving branding markets in the US?
  • Powerful Online Marketing Dissertation Topics on Advertising Strategies 

You must often be watching your favourite television series or movies online. Some ads seem very interesting, while others make you seem sleepy. This is because online advertising and storytelling are ways that may help to develop bonds with you. Here is a list of online marketing dissertation topics to ponder about 

  1. What are the ways of customer journey mapping and online marketing strategies for generating increased conversions through the optimization of touch points?  
  2. What role does gamification play in generating stories on marketing through online channels? 
  3. Discuss the role of Augmented reality in providing consumer happiness and improving their shopping experiences. 
  4. Provide a detailed explanation of how subscription-dependent models play an important role in retaining customers and, thus, contributing to online marketing.
  5. Identify the differences between online marketing and traditional marketing for tracking KPIs.
  6. Why and how do online makeup ad images influence the purchase decisions of female consumers? 
  7. Discuss the opinions of US marketers and consumers on the role of alcohol and tobacco in advertising. 
  8. How influential is the role of humor through online channels in increasing brand recall and leading to advertising? 
  9. Elucidate in detail the function of emotional intelligence in online content development and advertising. 
  10. Observe the changes after COVID-19 in advertising techniques due to changes in the trends of virtual event programs.  
  11. How significant is television and movie advertising through online media in improving brand perceptions and influencing the position of the brand? 
  12. How important is humour as a part of the Super Bowl advertising technique? 

J. Ethics in Marketing Dissertation Topics Ethics maintain a brand’s reputation, earn the trust of consumers, and draw their attention. In this way, ethics influence customer sales. If you ever wish to pursue a career in marketing, you must abide by certain rules in international marketing. 

  1. Impact of bookkeeping practices on marketing techniques of small and medium enterprises  
  2. How can use leadership in favourable ways to influence decisions in marketing positively? 
  3. Why should you maintain client confidentiality to contribute to international marketing positively? 
  4. Explain the importance of cybersecurity and data privacy in favourably influencing the marketing strategies of the organization
  5. How can managing organizational crises and avoiding corporate scandal practices impact the marketing operations of an organization?  
  6. How can technologists in business be trained and developed to overcome the stigma associated with product decisions for favourably influencing marketing techniques? 
  7. How important is it to avoid the usage of gun advertising techniques as a part of marketing ethics? 
  8. What corporate social media policies should organizations follow as a part of favourable and moral marketing decisions? 
  9. Discuss the need to avoid the usage of slang and ambiguous language for the purpose of advertising in marketing. 
  10. Discuss the role of misinformation and claiming one product as better than the other as a violation of marketing ethics  
  11. Why is it important to avoid the usage of improper dressing as an effective marketing strategy ethics?
  12. Discuss why it is against the norm to portray mentally unsound people in advertisements as a part of ethical marketing campaigns. 

K. Impressive Marketing Dissertation Ideas on Influencer Marketing 

You must be scrolling through social media pages regularly. Often you may be encountering some social media messages that you cannot avoid looking at. Social media marketing messages and other platforms are great ways of branding your products and services online. These are some of the specific ways in which a particular company determines consumer behavior. Mobile marketing communications messages and marketing through social media are effective ways of adopting specific global marketing techniques. 

Topics for Social Media Marketing Dissertation 

  1. How can influencers make money online through Instagram marketing? 
  2. Describe how consumer behavior has been influenced after Covid-19 in the field of Instagram marketing. 
  3. How effective is Instagram in influencing marketing and consumer psychology in relation to fashion products? 
  4. How influential is Instagram marketing in designing social media marketing messages to promote marketing in fashion trends? 
  5. What trends are followed in marketing through the Instagram channel for the inauguration of new brands after COVID-19? 
  6. What role do inspirational TikTok videos play in influencing consumer behavior? 
  7. Why are product tutorials important in generating consumer awareness and in online or digital marketing of brands? 
  8. How are discount coupons and sales announcements considered great marketing campaigns for influencing customer decisions for purchase? 
  9. How can Tiktok be regarded as an effective marketing platform for products and services? 
  10. What are the audio and video preferences of consumers for watching video ads in 2024?
  11. How to rank higher on search engines for YouTube video ads?
  12. How can you use 8 ways to make money online through YouTube ads?
  13. How can you get more viewers on social media and YouTube by customizing your videos for specific demographics? 
  14. What are the tips and tricks for Live streaming your YouTube video on social media to gain more viewers? 


Thus, with all the suggested marketing dissertation tips and tricks for choosing a topic and writing, you will surely receive amazing grades and impress your professors!

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