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Health Research Topics For Original And Engaged Writing

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Once believed to be shameful, different mental health issues are being debated now more openly through countless online platforms like remarkable mental health podcasts and blogs. As a consequence, an increasing number of people are seen seeking different forms of healthcare, and researchers are dipping their toes in the field to study more.

This is why you may find yourself faced with the task of writing about mental health as a part of your psychology courses to demonstrate your understanding and awareness of the various mental health issues that exist today, requiring assistance such as psychology assignments help to delve deeper into these topics effectively.

Writing a research paper about various mental health research topics is an excellent opportunity for one’s eyes and enriches the knowledge bank. Today’s well-detailed post is tailor-made for you in case you’re looking to deliver a compelling mental health research paper. Here we will walk you through certain unique mental health research topics that will enable you to express your opinions and thoughts on common mental health issues effectively.

How to Choose Outstanding Research Questions about Mental Health? A Step-by-Step Guide

Choosing quality and inspiring research questions on mental health can be daunting. This is mainly as the variety of possible choices is simply too large.

Check out certain simple yet effective strategies that will help you choose the theme that’s perfect for you –

Go For a Topic That’s Interesting to You

Undeniably, you are writing to convey your findings to other researchers and peers, but your topic must excite you first. You will be spending considerable time on it, so it should be a subject you feel thrilled to dive into.

Select a Fresh Perspective

There is already an exorbitant amount of mental health research conducted by eminent mental health professionals on different issues. So, make the most of your research skills to go for mental health awareness topics that do more than simply restate the same facts and information. Try to emphasise a topic or an issue that hasn’t been said before.

Opt for a Topic That Dares You

How to understand whether the research questions on mental health meet the criteria of being fresh, intriguing, and important? It should challenge you.  However, it is also crucial to remember that if the topic is too easy, there will be enough resources available.  Again, if it’s too challenging, it will become hugely unmanageable.

Go For a Topic That Matters

Knowing the topic you select must make a contribution to all the education and research that already prevails on mental health. Try to approach a subject in a manner that makes sure it’s important within the field of study.

Select a Manageable Issue

While choosing mental health controversial topics, your aim should always be to opt for an issue that is narrow enough in its focus. It shouldn’t overwhelm you too. Understand what will be feasible for you to dedicate to the research in aspects of resources and time.

This sounds like a lot to digest, doesn’t it? No need to worry. We have got your back.  For those who are looking for inspiration to set the ball rolling right away, have a look at this extensive list of unique and inspiring mental health research topics we have specially curated for you. With these exceptional topics at your disposal, you can ace your research papers with flying colors.

An Inspiring List of Unique and Intriguing Mental Health Research Topics

Research Topic Examples of Mental Health Disorders

  1. Do you think bipolar disorder is much more than a mere mood swing?
  2. Discuss the ways to determine the symptoms and manage patients who are suffering from eating disorders.
  3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder –Discuss the causes and treatment methods
  4. Present your views on ways mental disorder is glamorised and  sensationalised in the media of the modern era
  5. Gap Action Programme (mhGAP): Present your views on the effectiveness of the mental health program
  6. Discuss how WHO contributes to curbing and treating mental disorders globally
  7. What are the different remarkable strategies to promote mental awareness and prevention in the sector of mental health?
  8. Present your views on the ways to establish responsive and integrated mental health to such kinds of disorders.
  9. Treatment of mental disorders through medication – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Do you think counselling departments play a huge role in aiding patients suffering from mental disorders?
  11. Can eating disorders be considered a form of mental disorders?
  12. Discuss why it is challenging for patients suffering from mental disorders to socialise easily.

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

  1. Mental health nursing careers – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages
  2. Explain the huge impact of psychiatric nursing on nurses
  3. Mental health nursing – Explain the significance
  4. Discuss the remarkable ways to take care of patients having mental health conditions.
  5. Present your views on the signs and symptoms of mental illness that must not be ignored.
  6. Postpartum depression – Describe the ways to determine it in its early  phases
  7. Discuss the significance of talk therapy in mental health nursing
  8. What are the forbidden practices concerning mental health in nursing homes?
  9. Do you think mental health nursing must be prioritized as a role of specialist?
  10. Psychiatry nursing is mainly the job of a woman – Do you agree or disagree?
  11. What are the effective ways to manage mental health patients who are self-destructive?
  12.  Discuss the ways to manage PTSD in veterans of the armed forces.

New Mother’s Mental Health Topics for Discussion

  1. Describe how middle and low-income countries contribute to perinatal depression.
  2. Present your views on ways mental health issues prolong the emotional development of an infant.
  3. Postpartum mental disorders in the future – How to avoid their recurrence?
  4. Describe the role played by husbands in taking care of the postpartum needs of their wives.
  5. How anxiety and depression are associated with preterm delivery?
  6. Postpartum depression – Explain the efficacy of various screening methods
  7. Discuss the reasons behind marginalised women becoming more prone to postpartum depression
  8. How do anti-depression drugs help hugely in tackling depression among new mothers?
  9. Present your views on ways resilience helps in tackling mental issues after delivery.
  10. Mental disorders in the bonding of mother and infant – Discuss

Mental Health Research Essay Topics on Music Therapy

  1. How music therapy helps in treating post-traumatic stress disorders?
  2. Present your views on how music therapy aids mental health in the course of menopause.
  3. Do you think music therapy plays a critical role in advancing the healing process?
  4. Discuss how eating disorders can be easily treated with different forms of music therapy.
  5. Music therapy – Is it a complementary approach to biomedicine?
  6. Present your views on the efficacy of music therapy for older adults
  7. How to treat different forms of mental illness with classical music?
  8. Present your views on the impact of music therapy on patients suffering from mental health conditions.
  9. Do you think music therapy is helpful for children who are sexually abused?
  10.  Present your views on ways music therapy impacts our emotions hugely
  11. Discuss how to manage sickle cell pain with music therapy
  12.  Present your views on the effectiveness of music therapy in treating Alzheimer’s disease

Mental Health Law Project Ideas

  1. Mental health courts – Are they effective?
  2. Discuss psychology laws existing in the United States
  3. Evaluate proxy decision-making in patients suffering from mental disorders
  4. Mental disorders – Present your views on its therapeutic jurisprudence
  5. Do you think legal guardianship is effective in the case of patients suffering from mental orders?
  6. Psychiatric Advance –Why are some directives punitive?
  7. Present your views on the Americans with Disabilities Act
  8. Write about mandated community treatment
  9. What do you think about involuntary outpatient commitment?
  10. Institutionalisation vs. Deinstitutionalisation – Present a comparative analysis
  11. Present your views on end-of-life issues
  12. Present the state of insanity defence laws

Counselling Research Questions on Mental Health

  1. Do you think psychological counselling impacts patients suffering from mental health disorders? If so, how?
  2. Can counselling departments in schools and universities truly help?
  3. Present your views on how victims feel anxious when they attend counselling sessions.
  4. Discuss the ways to treat bipolar disorders with mental health counselling
  5. Discuss the ways to treat OCD with counselling
  6. In what ways does psychological counselling impact patients suffering from mental health disorders?
  7. Discuss the impact of mental health counsellors  in the workplace
  8. Is it possible to heal mental health issues with counselling?
  9. Discuss the issues students find easy to share with their counsellors
  10. Discuss the remarkable strategies counselling victims follow in dealing with stress

Psychiatry Topic Examples of Mental Health

  1. Assess the crucial factors that provoke depression
  2. What are the different ways to treat schizophrenia?
  3. Explain the addiction to tobacco in the brain of humans
  4. Explain the impacts of COVID-19 on the brain activity of human beings
  5. What are the exceptional and effective ways to tackle paranoia?
  6.  Discuss the effective methods to combat the abuse of alcohol in men around the world.
  7. Do you think therapy is effective in treating DMDD?
  8. Present your views on the side effects of electroconvulsive therapy
  9. Do you think bipolar disorders are specifically diagnosed during late adolescence? If so, how?
  10. Discuss the genetic factors responsible for the development of schizophrenia.
  11. Present your views on the rare conditions antidepressants can help with
  12. Do you think addictions to stimulants can be prevented? If so, how?

Mental Health Controversial Topics

  1. Infertility – How does it create a huge impact on the mental health of a couple?
  2. Physical abuse in marriage – How it creates a great impact on mental health?
  3. Discuss the connection between mental health and child abusers
  4. Do you think families must take elderly people when required to mental health institutions?
  5. Discuss the use of euthanasia among severe mental health cases
  6. Do mental disorders give birth to witchcraft and black magic?
  7. Government must give complete support to the mentally ill – Agree or disagree?
  8. Patients who are suffering from mental illness also have the right to get married or marry – Present your views.
  9. Is it right for mental health clinics to utilise the picture of patients without getting their consent?
  10. Discuss mental health in teenagers. Do you think it is the reason they cut themselves?
  11. Do you believe mental illness is genetic? If so, how?
  12. Violent video games make children uncontrollable and aggressive – Discuss how

Critical Analysis Mental Healthcare Research Topics

  1. Modern-day psychiatry – Discuss the relevance of Freudian theories
  2. Impact of child abuse on the resilience and mental health of toddlers – Present a detailed analysis
  3. Do you think mental health counselling is a remarkable way in the wilderness?
  4. Discuss the vital role of school psychology in the movements of mental health.
  5. Present a detailed discussion on refugees and their mental health
  6. Discuss the mental health practice model for public institutions.
  7. Present your views on the ethics code for professionals of mental health around the world.
  8. Do you think mental health counsellors are a much-needed remedy in recent times?
  9. Discuss the role played by female mental health in socio-cultural conditions.
  10. What are the reasons and trauma of suicide? How to deal with it?
  11. Describe the ways to determine mental illness signs in loved ones
  12.  Do you think peer pressure causes a huge change in mental wellness? If so, how and how to tackle it?

Interesting Mental Health Topics to Write About

  1. Discuss the ways to recover from mental traumas that are a result of physical injuries.
  2. What are the effective ways to improve the health of a brain?
  3. Impact of hormonal imbalance on the mental health of a woman – Discuss
  4. Discuss the impacts of poverty on mental health
  5. Present your views on post-traumatic stress disorders faced by countless refugees.
  6. Write about the impacts of marijuana on the mental health of humans
  7. Can learning mental health issues in the school curriculum help us understand and minimise the stigmatisation of mental disorders?
  8. Digital vs. face-to-face therapy sessions – Which one is most effective?
  9. Do you think friends can help in enhancing the mental health condition of an individual?
  10.  Do you believe psychiatry nursing is as easy as a breeze?
  11. How aging can be considered a measure of depression?
  12. Do you think stress is a build-up for depression?

Mental Health Research Topics for College Students

  1. Discuss the advantages of mental health apps in the modern era
  2. Depression vs. sadness – What is the difference?
  3. Present a detailed analysis of the advancements of different methods used to treat different mental illnesses.
  4. Socio-economic empowerment of women fosters mental health – Discuss
  5. Present your views on the development of mental illness in third-world countries
  6. Discuss the reasons for mental illness in adults aged more than 80 years
  7. What are the postpartum depression impacts on family members?
  8. Present your views on mental illness in the era of toxic internet culture
  9. Antisocial Personality Disorder – Discuss the signs and symptoms in children
  10.  How nutrition and diet are responsible for causing mental illness?
  11. Discuss the ways to aid vulnerable groups against mental illness
  12. Present your views on how media demonstrates mental illness

Good Research Questions about Mental Health

  1. Delivering mental health care in a virtual way –Discuss the pros and cons
  2. Do you think conditions of mental health can restrict ways an individual can engage with technology?
  3. Present your views on ways obesity impacts mental health
  4. Do you think OCD can be considered a mental illness?
  5. Present your views on the impacts of victim-blaming on victims of rape
  6. How difficult is it to live with mental health conditions in the era of social media?
  7. Discuss the connection between childhood bullying and issues of self-esteem in adults.
  8. Present your views on dangerous misconceptions about OCD
  9. Discuss the long-lasting psychological trauma of rape victims
  10. Present your views on the rise of eating disorders in adolescents and teenagers
  11. Discuss  coordination and management of mental health policy frameworks
  12. How to monitor and evaluate mental health policies effectively?

Best Mental Health Awareness Topics

  1. Present a detailed discussion on the mental impacts of gambling
  2. Discuss how self-worth helps in dealing with mental disorders in adolescents
  3. Explain the ways to prioritise mental health
  4. Present your views on the impact of harmful stereotypes on the mental health of human beings.
  5. Explain the reasons individuals aged between 18-25 are more vulnerable to issues of mental health.
  6. Mental health in men vs. women – Present a comparative analysis of the differences.
  7. Present the relationship between art and mental illness in the works of Vincent Van Gogh.
  8. Explain the relevance of mental illness in the US
  9. Discuss the relationship between mental illness and gun control
  10. How to combat the depression associated with mental illness?
  11. Mental illness – Discuss the perspectives of 18th and 19th century
  12. Describe the remarkable ways to boost brain health and emotional quotient as human beings age.
  13. Discuss the impact of colours on the mental health of individuals
  14. Discuss the role of parents in developing excellent  mental health in children
  15. Discuss mental health in sex workers
  16. Present your views on the connection between mental health and unemployment.
  17. Present your views on the mental health issues in prisoners in the UK
  18. Discuss the impact COVID-19 created on the mental health of the Chinese population
  19. Present  an extensive study on the mental health of soldiers returning home from the Iraq war
  20. Present your views on the mental well-being of countless patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

What are good research topics for mental health?


  • Do you think postpartum depression is a serious health issue?
  • Present your views on the mental health of war veterans as a social issue
  • Write about the requirements of mental health patients who have comorbidities
  • Discuss the relationship between mental health study and usage of mobile phones
  • Do you think suicide is a major mental health challenge?

What are the top ten mental health topics?


  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorder

Why is mental health a good research topic?


The study of mental health research promotes awareness concerning mental health disorders and promotes mental health care. It offers adequate evidence and support for providing effective mental health services. Further, the information acquired from the research enables us to better comprehend different forms of mental illnesses and the remarkable ways to approach plans of treatment.

What are the three main topics for mental health?


  • Depression
  • PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety disorders

What are the current issues in mental health?


  • Increasing rates of suicide
  • Family conflict
  • Substance abuse
  • Recession and employment issues
  • Disruptive behaviour and dissocial disorders
  • Bipolar disorder

How effective are different forms of psychotherapy in treating anxiety disorders?


Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective form of psychotherapy treatment for anxiety disorders. It emphasizes educating an individual about certain skills to treat the symptoms and helps in returning to the activities he/she was staying away from due to the anxiety.

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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