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ABCs of Opinion Essay Writing

UserMark time22 January,2021

An opinion essay is self-explanatory. When you are given a topic, you have to provide your opinion on the subject matter, based on facts and figures. However, most students struggle to write it as they do not have any clue regarding the format or the tips to spice up the content. In this blog, you will know how to write an opinion essay, and get to see exciting personal opinion essay topics and samples.

Opinion Essay

Just read along to get an insight into it.

How to Write an Intriguing Opinion Essay?

For opinion essays, the simple five-paragraph essay structure, which you have undoubtedly used several times, works extremely well.

Before Writing  

You need to collect facts to support your opinion before starting to write your essay. Make sure the information you gather fits the point of view you have mentioned. Try to answer these questions, when brainstorming and searching for reasons, to get more ideas:

  • What question should I answer?
  • What are the things that my audience would like to know?
  • What main points should I incorporate?
  • Are any of the points inconsistent or contradictory?
  • Can I improve any of my arguments?

Once you have organized your ideas, you should start writing.


Now, you have to pen down what you have gathered and researched so far.


You need to address your subject in the introductory paragraph and state your opinion clearly. Make sure it includes a thesis statement a sentence or two that summarizes the paper's main argument.

You can rely on several techniques, to commence your essay. You can:

  • Directly address the reader;
  • Include a quote from a book or play, direct expression, a phrase;
  • Ask a question that is rhetorical.

This should be the introduction paragraph structure.

Body of the Essay

You need to endorse your thesis argument in the body of your essay. Write several paragraphs, each of which provides a different point of view backed by justification. Start each paragraph with a subject word, the key concept you are going to back up with arguments.

Make sure that you do not begin a new paragraph because it is too long for the one you are writing right now. Begin a new paragraph when you want to bring forth a new idea. Writing an opinion essay body gets easier if you keep the following aspects in mind.

Tense – usually you should use present tenses in this sort of essay.

Linking words-use various terms for reasons (one explanation for... is/many people assume that.../since.../due to...), views of expressions (to my mind.../I'm convinced.../from my point of view...), ideas (first of all.../secondly...more,.../finally..., /what's) etc.

Vocabulary- Do not use idioms, phrasal verbs or colloquial phrases

Punctuation- Do not use exclamation marks, brackets and contractions

Citations- Cite wherever you state your reasons.

Finally, we move on to the conclusion of the opinion essay format


Write a paragraph to conclude your opinion essay where you restate your opinion using different terms. You must not add a fresh concept or apologize for your beliefs. However, you may end with a note, ask a provocative question, or propose consequences to make your essay more engaging.

When you are through with the writing part, you should focus on proofreading and plagiarism checking.

Proofreading and Plagiarism Checking

Consider various things when you finish your essay to make sure your essay is top-notch.

  • Grammar- ensure that you use the same tense throughout the content.
  • Vocabulary- check whether you use terms that connect and avoid slang.
  • Spelling and capitalization- check to see if all terms are correctly written.

And you can conduct plagiarism checking using applications like Turnitin, Copyscape or Grammarly. Just make sure that the plagiarism level is well below the 5% mark.

Hopefully, you have the answer to your question, “How to write an opinion essay?”

Interesting Opinion Essay Topics that You Can Consider

Choosing the best essay topic is always a difficult task. One has to go through various resources such as books, journals, dissertations, etc. Mentioned below are certain opinion essay topics, with which you can set the ball rolling.

History Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  2. Gender bias in Ancient Rome ruling
  3. Holocaust: Pre-planned or ugly consequence of the war?
  4. Bias in Vietnam War coverage
  5. Pearl Harbor Cause-and-Effect

Political Science Opinion Essay Topics

  • Gun regulation is an instrument of political control.
  • Is the foreign policy of the United States efficient?
  • Technology should be relied upon by political leaders
  • Will governments regulate religious activities?
  • There is no freedom of expression in newspapers

Environment Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Emissions may regulate higher penalties
  2. The government hides ecological damage data
  3. Green Peace advocates are not necessarily ethical activists.
  4. Mobile networks impact rainforests
  5. Flaws in the tsunami preventative framework

Nursing Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Pharmacists and doctors should work more closely
  2. Reasons for the dearth of medical staff
  3. Medical cannabis has been made illegal. Comment.
  4. Will global regulation of medication be in place?
  5. Racial prejudice  in healthcare

Education Opinion Essay Topics

  • Are gender-based schools still relevant today?
  • Are e-books ruining education?
  • Benefits of remote learning
  • Video games lead to campus violence
  • Non-traditional schools are more adjustable to real life.

Social Media Opinion Essay Topics

  • Facebook restricts the depth of relationships.
  • Apps for smartphones contribute to addiction.
  • Cyberbullying versus physical harassment
  • Will piracy be prosecuted more thoroughly?
  • Technological development is dangerous

Hopefully, you find the opinion essay writing topics to be interesting.

Opinion Essay Samples to Refer to

If you wish to get better at opinion essay writing, you need to study a lot of opinion essay samples. In this section, you will get to see two such examples. 

Example 1: A big salary is more crucial than job satisfaction

If you get stuck while writing the opinion essay, you can take a look at the opinion essay examples.

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