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Nitty-Gritty of Opinion Essay and Topics

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Have you felt the devastating effect of the coronavirus pandemic?

You might think you know the answer, but give it some thought. This is the time when opinion essay comes to role. An opinion essay, which is an essay written to express and defend an opinion, can be based on how you respond to questions like this.

Such an essay calls for strong writing abilities as well as familiarity with its structure. Keep reading to learn how to write a solid opinion essay quickly. Additionally, find the topics for an opinion essay and examples below for better guidance.

What is an opinion essay?

A formal essay that expresses the author’s opinions on a particular opinion writing topics is known as an opinion essay, often utilized as a means of influencing or persuading readers, similar to the objectives of a persuasive essay.

You must present your opinions and reasoning along with logical examples supporting both sides of the debate to accomplish this successfully. A counterargument is also presented.

An opinion essay is also referred to agree or disagree essay. Writing an opinion essay is similar to writing a persuasive essay. It requires you to defend your position, but it reads more like the summary of a research paper. In this case, the author chooses to defend instead of attempting to persuade the reader to change their minds or take action.

Types of opinion essay

Many competitive exams require writing opinionated articles for students, on the stated topics. This kind of essay is meant to get your thoughts on specific subjects and problems. A formal essay is essentially what an opinion essay is. You must express your opinions in this while providing solid justification for them. Opinion essays generally fall into one of two categories:

  • One-sided opinion essay
  • Two-sided opinion essay

As the name implies, all of the arguments in a one-sided opinion essay either support or oppose a particular idea. However, a two-sided opinion essay requires you to present various viewpoints. Additionally, you can express your opinions directly or indirectly in the essay.

Ideas for Good Opinion Writing

When crafting a strong opinion essay, keep the following in mind.

  • Always back up your arguments with solid proof from reliable sources.
  • Always write your sentences in the correct order.
  • Don’t copy content from the internet; instead, express your own views.
  • Write in a formal tone and stay away from slang.
  • Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the essay.

What Are the Requirements of an Opinion Essay?

Avoid drifting from the topic:

Always write an opinion essay that is relevant to the assignment question. This is also known as ‘beating around the bush’. It should not be used in any opinion paragraph because it will lower your grade.

Always indent the first paragraph

Opinion writing is similar to most academic papers. As a result, it follows the indentation rule for the first line of the introduction.

A Well-Researched Thesis

The full thesis statement summarises the opinion essay. It influences the rest of the paper. Include everything you want to include in the body paragraphs.

Use Formal Languages

Although it is acceptable to write informally, keep a variety of formal words handy. ‘Furthermore,’ ‘As stated by,’ ‘However,’ and ‘Thus’ are examples.

Avoid using Internet Slang

Avoid using slang words in your opinion paper. Words like ‘LOL,’ ‘OMG,’ ‘LMAO,’ and so on should be avoided.

Use of First-Person Language

Writing your personal opinion essay in the first person is acceptable to provide personal thought.

Avoid Inaccurate Punctuation

Although the requirements allow for a custom essay tutoring in the first person, they do not allow for informal punctuation. Dashes, exclamation points, and emojis are examples of this.

Contradictions should be avoided

Always double-check your spelling and grammar.

Structure of opinion essay

Any type of essay necessitates proper format and structure. The same is true for an opinion essay with a standard five-paragraph structure.

Let us now examine the detailed opinion essay format structure provided below.

How to Start an Opinionated Essay?

An opinion essay requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some important steps to take if you want how to write an opinion essay in no time.


Gather evidence to back up your point of view before you begin your opinion essay writing. To be considered a good argument, ensure that the information gathered is relevant.

Consider answering these questions after you start brainstorming to generate more op ed ideas.

  • What are the main points being made in the essay?
  • What questions did the audience have?
  • Is my point of view relevant to the main topic?
  • How can I improve my point of view?

Look through this list for ideas, and then organize their responses into a detailed opinion essays outline.

Begin working on the essay

An opinion essay is divided into three major sections. These include an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The sections are described in greater detail below.

  • Introduction

This is the first section in which you discuss the subject and express your opinion on it. Always start this paragraph with an attention-grabbing hook statement and present the thesis statement at the end.


Hook sentence – “The coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) has had a devastating impact on our families and communities.”

Opinion – “This pandemic has unmistakably caused a near total disruption of our social fabric. Global economics has been effectively paralyzed. Under these conditions, one can only imagine the psychological toll.”

Statement – “While there is no doubt that COVID-19 causes significant stress, we won’t know the long-term mental health effects until more research is conducted. At the same time, and as a result of the pandemic, we see a positive impact on how we think about mental health and how the healthcare system works.”

  • Body Paragraphs

These paragraphs present all the necessary details to substantiate the main argument. When writing opinion essays, use the present tense and start each paragraph with an opinion essay topicssentence. Avoid using idioms and phrasal verbs, and properly cite sources in your text. Finally, use transitions to ensure a logical flow of opinion writing ideas. Your writing should also include the opposing viewpoint that disputes the assertion.


Removing obstacles and enhancing patient access to care. 

Since the COVID pandemic, telehealth consultations over the phone or via video have become the norm in the field of mental health. This change has led to better care integration and increased access, which has been made possible by insurers’ decision to increase payment for telehealth.

Lowering the stigma associated with mental illness and emotional distress.

 The significance of physical safety and emotional well-being is becoming common knowledge and a household concern as we confront this crisis together and as mental health and wellness issues continue to dominate daily news coverage.

Increased respect for the well-being of our healthcare workers. 

The global appreciation for all healthcare professionals who continue to put themselves in danger to ease others’ suffering is one of the major benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rediscover the importance of looking for new ways to connect. 

We have had to postpone significant holidays and rites of passage because of our physical isolation, but we have also discovered new ways to connect because of this shared experience. Communities are reaching out to their elderly and other vulnerable populations and sharing coping mechanisms. People are using humour and creativity to create beautiful and inspiring artwork while also donating their time and resources.

  • Conclusion

This paragraph is equally crucial as the introduction. The main arguments should be presented in addition to the thesis statement being restated. But you shouldn’t introduce any fresh concepts.


“We will all become more resilient and connected if we continue to foster a culture of kindness and community. Numerous people have been severely affected by the COVID pandemic. At the same time, if we choose to draw positive lessons from this experience, the transformational impact on mental health access as well as an increased value placed on our community’s health can have a long-lasting positive effect on our healthcare system.”

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading your essay is the last step. Before submitting the final draft, double-check that the grammar, vocabulary, and spelling are all accurate. Check your work for plagiarism so that you won’t be accused of plagiarizing.

Don’t overlook the essay’s organization. A clear introduction, well-developed body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion should all be present.

Opinion essay topic

A great opinion topic is comparable to a great prompt that accurately describes the opinion paper.

How to Select the Best Opinion Papers Topics?

Finding a perfect and suitable topic for an opinion essay is easy and subjective. This suggests that authors are not required to do extensive research prior to developing good opinion topics. However, opinion essays are academic papers that call for supporting evidence from reliable and trustworthy academic sources. This implies that writers will need to conduct research as they complete the entire paper.

Here you will find 50+ opinion essay topics from different fields

Public Opinion Essay Topics

The majority’s shared beliefs, desires, and logic are referred to as public opinion. Numerous polls typically pick it up, which you can use as a resource for your upcoming paper. Examine the following topics for public opinion:

  • News sources are no longer reliable.
  • The American government must lower the cost of health insurance.
  • Legalizing marijuana causes more harm than good.
  • Having a gun makes people feel safer.
  • America suffers from domestic violence.
  • Should abortion be permitted?

Personal Opinion Essay Topics

As you might expect, a personal opinion essay will be driven by the writer’s beliefs or worries. Examine yourself and establish a stance on the subject of your choice. The list that follows includes topics for both opinion editorials and essay assignments.

  • Social media are fueling teenage depression.
  • The secret to success in life is respect.
  • Should close friendships allow for ethical considerations?
  • Self-harm results from self-pity.
  • When does a love affair come to an end?

The educational system must offer more nutritious meals.

History Opinion Topics

There have been many noteworthy people and events throughout human history. Opinions frequently diverge on issues involving wars, civil unrest, political decisions, or particular people. History-related opinion essay topics may touch on morality, the validity of decisions, selflessness, and heroism. Here are some examples of topics.

  • Is it ethical to charge admission to museums?
  • The Sons of Liberty were significant figures in American history.
  • Positive changes in society were sparked by gender equality in education.
  • Has racism changed since the election of the first African American president?
  • Can we truly refer to America as “the land of opportunities”?
  • The fight for diversity was made possible by the American initiative.

Environment Opinion Topics

Some people take this subject too lightly, while others take environmental issues personally. It is an excellent topic for an opinion essay because it generates opposing viewpoints. One of these topics may pique your interest.

  • Can organic food be grown on a polluted planet?
  • Is factory-farmed chicken healthy?
  • Will environmental degradation have an impact on women farmers?
  • Can wildfires be avoided?
  • Can solar-powered batteries eliminate air pollution?
  • Does global warming have an impact on our health?
  • Recycling should be made mandatory on a global scale.

Sports Opinion Essay Topics

Sport is a complex topic that is frequently the subject of heated debate. Here is a list of sports-related opinion paragraph topics that will help your paper:

  • Is there a future for athletes after they retire?
  • Do severe injuries justify athletic accomplishments?
  • Should athletes be held to a higher standard of morality?
  • Successful coaches build successful teams.
  • Should cheerleading be regarded as a sport?

Are professional athletes overpaid?

Culture Opinion Essay Topics

You may be wondering how to choose a cultural topic. There are numerous points of view to be expressed on this topic because it involves language, religion, mentality, and art. Which aspect of culture is most important to you? Consider the following topics for an opinion piece:

  • Does the internet have an impact on global fashion trends?
  • Early childhood education should include cultural elements.
  • Monuments play an important role in preserving the essence of a culture.
  • American patriotism: pros and cons.
  • The film industry is a repository for cultural memories.
  • Europe had an impact on American society and culture.
  • Is video editing considered an art form?

To sum up,

Opinion writing is a type of academic paper in which students are asked to include their thoughts on a specific topic. A logical explanation and illustrations then support this. Increasing your knowledge is a practical way to learn how to write an opinion paper. It is critical to refer to important information before writing anything. This includes the definition, topics, examples of opinion writing, and requirements. This is what elevates novice writers to masters.

Hope the entire blog will clear up all your doubts about an opinion essay. Starting from its types, how to structure it and various topics about opinion essay.

All the best!

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q1. How do I choose an opinion topic?

While choosing your topic, you must be sure that your topic should be something about which you already have some knowledge, something about which you would like to learn more, and something about which you are passionate. Consider what topics pique your interest, perplex you, make you sceptical, or inspire you.

Q2. What are some examples of opinion writing?

Do you require something to refer to? Reading opinion essay examples can help you learn more about this writing style by showing you exactly how this type of essay is written. Look at our samples to gain an understanding of this type of academic writing.

Q3. How do I start my opinion essay?

Begin your essay by restating the question in your own words. If the essay asks you to state your position, make it clear throughout. You can agree, partially agree, or disagree with the statement while explaining and justifying your position.

Q4. What are the types of opinions?

There are two types of opinion essays: one-sided opinion essays and two-sided opinion essays. In a one-sided opinion essay, all of the arguments either support or oppose a particular idea. However, a two-sided opinion essay requires you to present various viewpoints.

Q5. What is a good opinion paragraph?

There are three major parts to an opinion paragraph. The opinion is expressed in the topic sentence. The body sentences provide reasons to back up the opinion. The final sentence restates or emphasizes the viewpoint.

Q6. What are good opinion topics for students?

Some of the good opinion essays are as follows:

  • Can zoos be ethical?
  • Is education exaggerated?
  • Is homework useful?
  • Is space exploration necessary?
  • Should we settle on other planets?

Q7. How do you write a strong opinion essay?

A strong opinion essay requires you to present a well-reasoned argument supporting your viewpoint on a specific topic.

Q8. What is an opinion argument essay?

The argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires students to investigate a topic, gather, generate, and evaluate evidence, and establish a concise position on the topic. In an argumentative opinion essay, the author takes a stance on a contentious issue and uses logic and evidence to persuade the reader of his or her point of view.

Q9. What is a topic sentence in opinion writing?

The main point of a paragraph is expressed in a topic sentence. The rest of the paragraph should be related to the topic sentence. Topic sentences help to focus your writing and guide your reader through your argument.

Q. What are some opinion topic ideas?

Some of the opinion topic ideas are:

  • Is There a Gender Pay Gap Right Now?
  • Reading Books Has Several Advantages
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Sharing with Our Parents
  • The Incredible Influence of People’s Words
  • Is it Possible to Overcome Our Deepest Fears?

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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