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170+ Unique Political Science Research Topics That Will Make an Impact in 2024

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Coming up with exceptional political science research paper topics may seem like an arduous and exasperating affair. Whether you’re interested in pursuing international conflict, foreign policy, public administration or immigration policy, it is worth investing considerable time to conduct extensive research and determine the topics that are relevant presently before going knee-deep. You will want to craft a research paper on a topic that is meaningful yet manageable at the same time. After all, you will be spending ample time and effort in giving a remarkable answer to the central questions of your project.

Today’s comprehensive post will demonstrate ways to craft political science research topics that work effectively. It will give answers to questions like What are political science research topics? ‘ Or  ‘How to use and write political science research topics?’ successfully. We also aim to walk you through an extensive list of outstanding political science research questions, which will surely enable you to work on something relevant and impactful.

Let’s dive right in!

Actionable Strategies to Choose Unique Political Science Research Topics

Selecting the right political science project topics is imperative. And you can do so effectively by going in-depth a little into politics. Politics have been prevalent for almost as long as society itself existed, in one shape or another. From Congress, communism to fascism, there exists ample material to go over and countless distinct things you can tap into efficiently.

Check out certain remarkable tips and techniques enlisted below to develop a remarkable perspective about what goes into crafting a magnum opus of a political science research paper –

  • Do not be frightened of digging a little bit deep into the controversy
  • Try to keep the subject matter relatively new
  • Be well-versed in the general direction of the paper before you begin crafting the topic.
  • Try and keep the research paper topic unique.
  • Do not be frightened of offering a distinct perspective on remarkably covered subjects.
  • Never dive deep too much into the political theory without backing it up with relevant evidence and examples.
  • Try to choose a topic that will be meaningful and that you find intriguing personally.
  • Ensure to select political science research paper topic examples that are manageable.
  • Ensure to choose a topic that helps you conduct cutting-edge research.

With all these effective guidelines up your sleeves, including your keyword “Political Science Assignment Help“, you will surely be prepared as a soldier for a battle. For those who are looking for inspiration to set the ball rolling, have a look at this extensive list of fantastic and intriguing political science research topics we’ve specially curated for you. You can easily turn the tables in your favour with any of these.

Go on and take a dip into it!

Unique and Inspiring Political Science Research Paper Topics to Draw Inspiration

International Research Topics in Political Science

  • Present a detailed analysis of global security networks
  • Discuss the crucial reasons that resulted in the war in Afghanistan
  • Discuss the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia
  • Explain the things that can be done to address global poverty
  • Present your views on the Syrian Civil War
  • Now that Brexit is done, what do you think is the next step for Great Britain?
  • Discuss China as the new overlord of the 21st

Comparative Politics Research Topics

  • Write about the sharp decline in forest rates in the Amazon vs the United States.
  • Discuss the ways world governments must work effectively to prevent another global war.
  • Elucidate on ‘Manifest Destiny’. Write its comparison with other kinds of imperialist thoughts.
  • Present a comparative analysis of the tensions in the middle east in the 1970s vs recent times.
  • Write about how the Vietnam War interests aggregation
  • Discuss the ideology of the Soviet Union in detail
  • Discuss the phenomenon of Apartheid

Political Science Research Topics for Assignments

  • Evaluate the various methods of community development
  • Present your views on the ethics of election
  • Write about Karl Marx and the 20th-century politics
  • NATO – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages
  • Explain the role played by parliament in making foreign policies
  • China and Sri Lanka – Write your views on the political relations between both these countries
  • Discuss the effect of cyber-diplomacy on international relations

Political Science Research Topics on Political Theory

  • Write about the Father of Communism, Karl Marx
  • Present your views on Vladimir Lenin and his approach to communism
  • Discuss the reasons why Rome fell. Present a detailed examination of the declining empire
  • Discuss the Orwellian perspective on politics
  • What do you know about the political events and key figures that resulted in Nazism?
  • Do you think the USA is walking on the same path as ancient Rome?
  • Write about the Classic Theories of Edmund Burke

Political Science Research Questions on Public Administration

  • Write about the connection between common morality and criminal law
  • Present a comparative analysis of armed vs political conflict
  • Discuss innovations in the private sector in the US
  • Discuss the principles of urban management
  • Do you think public administration and political science are unity or war?
  • Discuss your views on Prewar Constitutional Vision of Abraham Lincoln
  • Explain the character traits of a true leader in public administration

Public Law Research Topics for Political Science

  • Explain the role of the public compliant commission on the rights of the workers.
  • Explain the role of mandatory rules in public law
  • Present your views on Human Rights Act in 1998
  • Present your views on private and procedural law in the United Kingdom
  • Present a complete analysis of constitutional law in your country
  • Discuss the socio-economic preferences in the police enquiry
  • Do you think privacy law is commercial exploitation?
Exploring Political Polarization in Democracies

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Political Science Research Paper Topics on Philosophy

  • Discuss the causes of the American Revolution
  • Write about the risks associated with neopatrimonialism society
  • Present a detailed comparison analysis between civil republicanism and liberalism
  • Discuss the complicated relationship between legality and morality
  • Discuss what is more crucial – safety or freedom?
  • Do you think society has a monopoly on violence?
  • Explain the radicalising impacts of alienation in society.

Mediation & Negotiation Research Topics in Political Science

  • Discuss the danger of political asylum and the ways it can be a hindrance to different discussions.
  • Write the ways Rodchenkov and Snowden ruined relationships
  • Do you think whistleblowers are traitors or knights in shining armour?
  • Describe the different methods of alternative dispute resolution
  • Present a detailed case study analysis of the Agreement of Mediation
  • Explain the relationship between social movements and volunteering
  • Do you think bending certain rules for the greater good is ethical?

Political Science Research Paper Topics on Political Conflicts

  • Discuss the ways war is shaping different countries for the years to come
  • Explain the impact of racism on modern politics
  • Discuss meddling or resolving in NATO
  • Who do you think is truly in charge – is it the politician or the press?
  • Discuss the causes and abnormalities in the civil war
  • Write about the huge conflict between Donald Trump and Joe Biden
  • Explain the reasons that led to rebellion in the Central African Republic

Conflict Resolution Research Topics for Political Science

  • Explain the personal objectives of political leaders
  • Explain the foreign policy of the United States of America
  • Explain the oil dispute in Iran
  • Write about the leadership disputes after 9/11 security
  • Discuss the different collaboration methods in Afghanistan
  • Explain the power distribution in the Arctic
  • Explain the disputes of prisoners in Africa America

Empirical Political Science Research Paper Topic Examples

  • Discuss the significance of experimental research for political science
  • Describe how the educational inequalities impact children in China
  • Write how civil wars begin
  • Explain the rise of China and the conversion in the international system
  • Explain the role played by anarchism within the public administration system
  • Explain how the United States Constitution would have seemed if Founding Fathers possesses modern technologies
  • Do you think social media is a new tool for public administration?

Political Science Dissertation Topics

  • Explain the controversial legacy of the Patriot Act
  • Present your views on the unbreakable binomial between populism and trust
  • Discuss the strategies governments require taking to protect the refugees
  • Liberalism – Explain its history
  • Present a detailed comparison and contrasting analysis between the European and American Civil Wars.
  • Explain the connection between politics and mass media through the perspective of an American.
  • Explore the efficacy of electoral reforms in developing free election institutions.

Political Science Literature Review Topics

  • Present a detailed systematic review of the threats and opportunities associated with diversity and inclusion in public services.
  • Present a detailed study of the effect of public policies on urban development and urbanisation in rural areas.
  • Discuss the politics of immigration under authoritarianism
  • Write about the Feminist Third Wave in aspects of feminism as class struggle, social reproduction and contemporary movements of women
  • Discuss political regimes and policies of the minority language. Provide sufficient evidence from Taiwan and Southeast Asia
  • Discuss the ways to deal with the decaying infrastructure of America
  • Present your views on the ‘Jeffrey Epstein Case.’

Political Science Research Paper Topics for Exam

  • Positivism – Explain the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Discuss a couple of techniques for the resolution of alternative conflicts.
  • What are the views on the legal conflicts of transnational corporations?
  • Assess the role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Write a detailed paper on the life and achievements of Barack Obama
  • Explain the character traits that make Saddam Hussein a dictator
  • Explain who is considered the father of liberalism and the reasons
  • Explain the relations between South and North Korea
  • Discuss the root cause of the Afghan war
  • Write about the political motives of Reagan

Easy Political Science Topics

  • Discuss the beginnings of politics beginning from tribes to nations
  • Discuss the reasons that make politics a necessity in the modern era
  • Discuss the different flavours of communism in Russia, Yugoslavia, and China
  • Explain the code of honour and loyalty oaths
  • Explain the implementation of significant changes in the legislation procedures.
  • Present your views on the global interdependence of modern leaders
  • Do you think forgiving criminals is acceptable and ethical?
  • Religion is a social power – Do you agree?
  • Present a comparative analysis of armed and political disputes
  • Explain the prosecution ethics of authorities of top tiers

Informative Political Science Thesis Topics

  • Present a comparative analysis between presidential and parliamentary democracy.
  • Discuss the impacts of the Syrian dispute
  • Present your views on the imperialism existing in British Columbia
  • Present your views on colonialism in the countries of Africa
  • Evaluate a totalitarian government
  • Explain the role played by the mass media in political disputes
  • Define Libertarian socialism. Where do you think it can be found?
  • Evaluate the 3 forms of government that are in use on the present date
  • Present your views on the mutual tolerance approach as a modern political virtue
  • Write the ways to mitigate cyber breaches and challenges of security through policy making

Intriguing Political Science Research Questions Examples

  • Present your views on the social security issues in Australia
  • Do you think a dictatorship is similar to a monarchy?
  • Explain how Arnold Schwarzenegger became a politician
  • Discuss the expansion of Boko Haram in Nigeria
  • Write about the dispute between Israel and Hamas
  • Present your views on the ways Vladimir Putin won 4 terms as the Russian president.
  • Explain the innovations in the private sector of the USA
  • Write about strategic planning in the management of finances
  • Describe the work principles in divided governments
  • Explain the effect of satire comics on social media to cultivate political sentiments successfully

Current Political Science Topics for Research Paper

  • Explain social movements after the war.
  • Explain the remarkable techniques to prevent corruption
  • Present a comparative analysis of American and European federal crimes
  • Discuss how the Unitary Governance Model demonstrate significant federalism traces
  • Explain the evolution of fascism both prior to and after World War II
  • Describe the compromises of environmental management as a consequence of innovations in the private sector of the US
  • Explain the controversial legacy of the Patriot Act
  • Explain the ways a human can foster positive partisanship without the usage of negative partisanship
  • What do you know about the Post Socialist Era? Write about its transition methods
  • Evaluate the concession between left and right-wing parties

High Scoring Research Topics for Political Science

  • Explain the crucial ideational aspects of migration and integration policy, politics and governance.
  • Write the connection between social networks and protest movements
  • Present a comprehensive analysis of ‘The Republic’ by Plato
  • What do you know about NGOs? Explain their ethical guidelines
  • Explain the connection between human rights and Malawi
  • Write about the hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party
  • Present a comparative analysis of the foreign policies of the United Kingdom and the United States
  • The Syrian conflict – Discuss its causes and effects
  • Discuss the remarkable controversies of the Amnesty International
  • Write about the significant changes made to the process of voting by technology

Final List of Political Science Research Topics

  • Explain the crisis of immigrants in Mexico
  • Do you think the United States of America should abolish the greenback?
  • Discuss your views on the Rational Choice Theory
  • Describe the effect of extremism on politics
  • Democracy in the 21st century – Explain its merits and demerits
  • Do you think eminent leaders of the world must remain active on social media?
  • Do you think the investment of China in Iran can alter the game in the Middle East?
  • Present your views on the sudden shift in geopolitical point of view of the Americans from the Biden to the Trump era.
  • Explain the ways conservatism and social reform are interconnected with each other.
  • Present a detailed analysis of the ‘Social Contract’ by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  • Present a direct evaluation of the federal criminal law of America
  • What are the causes of global poverty?
  • Explain the violations of human rights in Kazakhstan
  • Do you think politics change when society’s morals develop?
  • What do you think is better – Parliamentary or Presidential?
  • Explain the increasing economic pressure as a result of Bushfires in Australia.
  • Write your perspectives on the impeachment of Donald Trump.
  • Do you think nuclear weapons are essential or simply a method of precaution?
  • Write your views on the approaches of feminists to the international relations theory.
  • Explain the effect of UMSCA on international trade
  • Write about restrictions on government authority and individual liberty

Most Important Frequently Asked Questions Searched By Students

What are some good political science research topics?

  • Developing the capacity of the government to address challenges of the global environment
  • Present a comparative analysis between parliamentary and presidential democracy.
  • Discuss the major figures of anarchism history
  • Write about equality and prosperity through public policy
  • Explain the crucial factors that hugely impact policymaking around regulation, trade and taxes

What is an example of political science topic?

  • Discuss non-profit organisation ethics.
  • Present your views on the constitutional vision of John Rohr
  • Write about the role of the public complaint commission on worker rights
  • Present your views on post-conflict justice inequality

What type of research is done in political science?

The development of political science research projects starts with developing an idea from countless sources with the inclusion of general observation and scientific literature. It also incorporates developing testable hypotheses, assimilating data to test the hypotheses, evaluating the data and interpreting the results.

How many major methods of research are there in political science?

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Mixed method

Why is research important in political science?

  • Research in political science helps in making analyses and predictions about political and governmental issues.
  • It investigates the processes, systems and political dynamics of countries, and different regions of the world, thereby generally increasing public awareness or controlling certain governments.
  • It also makes students aware of the significance of political participation and preps them to participate in the nation’s and communities’ personal life.

How to do research in political science?

To effectively conduct research in political science, you should use a variety of empirical methods and statistical models like maximum likelihood estimation, linear regression, laboratory and survey experiments, and social network analysis. You can also make use of mathematical models for performing rigorous theoretical analysis.

Why do we research in political science?

  • It helps in comprehending the role of power, material and other political institutions in society.
  • It offers training in leadership and followership, helping us to become remarkable citizens.
  • It educates people about their rights and duties as citizens, thereby enabling us to get the best of our lives.
  • It helps in comprehending the dynamics of a political system.

What is the research problem in political science?

In the field of political science, a research problem denotes a certain issue, challenge, gap in knowledge or contradiction that one aims to address in their research. It also denotes a reasonable reason or set of reasons for conducting in-depth research based on the given question.

What are the 5 concepts of political science?

  • Democracy
  • Authority
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Power

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