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150+ Genius Psychology Research Topics to Explore in 2023

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‘A systematic study of human behaviour and mental processes,’ that is the way how the discipline is defined. And with clinical, cognitive, comparative, biological, criminal, education and the consumer being the distinct fields, the scope to find research topics for psychology is limitless.

“The test of learning psychology is whether your understanding of situations you encounter has changed, not whether you have learned a new fact.”- Daniel Kahneman.

Wait. Don’t tell us. You’ve been asked to turn in an exceptional research paper on psychology, right? We are safely assuming you’re stumped for psychology topics to research, right?

We will make another assumption – your educator has specified to find interesting and unique psychology research paper topics, isn’t it?

Before you switch to panic mode, go through this lucid guide. Here, we aim to walk you through certain effective guidelines and fantastic psychology research ideas, questions and examples to help you think.

Let’s dive right in!

Psychology Research Paper: What’s the Purpose?

Before learning how to choose good psychology topics to research, it is significant to get the hang of the purpose of crafting a flawless psychology research paper. Here’s what you need to comprehend –

Psychology Research Paper
  • A psychology research paper aims to inform the reader about a new theory, idea, or investigation conducted within the scientific field, using experiments, theories, ideas and arguments.
  • The key objective of this paper is to portray your deep knowledge of a field and to prove your authenticity and effective way-finding through correlative scientific literature.
  • A crucial part of the research paper is integrating previously conducted research on the topic while shedding new light simultaneously.
  • The writing process demands remarkable writing efforts, in-depth literature research, and a profound understanding of various experimental methods (sampling techniques, surveys, statistical procedures).
  •  It also requires testing through originality, assimilating and evaluating supporting evidence, and conveying ideas to the audience clearly.

This sounds like a lot to take in, doesn’t it? But, this overly tricky process can become more straightforward by choosing the perfect psychological research ideas. On that note, let’s go on to the next section to figure out certain fantastic ways to select the best psychology topics for research essays!

How to Choose Good Research Topics for Psychology? A Step-by-Step Guide

The scope of a psychology research paper depends mostly on the topic. Half the battle of delivering an incredible psychology research paper will be won when you choose intriguing topics.

Check out these below-mentioned sure-fire strategies that will enable you to select a theme that’s perfect for you –

sure-fire strategies

Conduct Extensive Research

Choose a branch of psychology and consider what intrigues you the most. Ensure to sift through current academic publications and news articles to come up with unique topics.

Narrow Down the Focus

Read up on various topics to find the perfect psychology experiment ideas. Remember to have adequate resources to support the hypothesis.

Stay Away from General Ones

Focus on a specific idea. But, do not narrow it down excessively as you might fail to engage a reader and offer real value.

Go for a Topic With Concrete Evidence

Always remember to choose a topic with robust evidence, sufficient proof and facts to describe. It should help you in proving opinions or arguments related to the thesis statement.

Write About a Type of Therapy or Disorder

Take a pick from trending abnormal topics of psychology research like depression, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and more.

With all these effective guidelines up your sleeves, you will surely be prepared as a soldier for a battle. For those who are looking for inspiration to set the ball rolling, have a look at this extensive list of psychology research paper topic examples we’ve specially curated for you. Here you go!

An Inspiring List of Intriguing and Good Psychology Topics to Research

Psychology Research Topics for College Students

  1. Role of different genders in the society of the modern era
  2. Discuss the causes of schizophrenia
  3. Impact of school anxiety on teens – Present your views
  4. Do you think PTSD can result in Alzheimer’s disease?
  5. Sleep paralysis – Discuss the causes and effects
  6. Midlife crisis of a man vs women – Similarities and differences
  7. Ways a brain function when a human being falls in love
  8. Experiment of Stanford prison – Present your views on ethics

Psychology Research Ideas for High School Students

  1. Violence and video games – Present your views on the relation
  2. Investigate the mental health of children who have disabilities
  3.  Do you think saying NO to a child all the time is a good idea?
  4.  Human development – Discuss the crucial stages
  5.  What are the different kinds of bipolar disorders?
  6. Depression impacts productivity in a work setting – Discuss
  7. Does taking divorce counselling sessions benefit married couples?

Psychology Research Topics for PhD Students

  1. Present your views on why asexuality is taboo even in the 21st century
  2. Borderline personality disorders – Discuss the causes
  3. Speaking only the truth – What are the psychological outcomes?
  4. Discuss the ways anxiety disorders thrive in people of the modern era
  5.  Discuss why a majority of people have anxiety about death
  6. An eating disorder is a kind of mental illness – Do you agree? State  reasons
  7. Compare sex differences in emotional outlook as a function of parental investment theory. State the differences between principal biological and non-biological careers.

Research Topics in Social Psychology

  1. Present your views on the ‘fear of happiness’ existing in modern society.
  2. Do you think obedience to an authority figure can result in cruelty? Discuss as per the Shock Experiment of Milgram.  
  3. Impact of violent cartoons on the mental state and behaviour of kids
  4. Ways divorce impacts the emotional development of children – Explain
  5. Society anxiety hugely impacts people – Discuss the ways
  6. Obesity and social media – What’s the connection?
  7. Do you think different society members can adapt to physical disabilities? How so?

Research Topics of Developmental Psychology

  1. Fundamental ways of parenting – Discuss
  2. What are the critical factors that can hugely accelerate the process of ageing in human beings?
  3. Discuss the underlying reasons that can create a serial killer
  4. Postpartum depression – How does it impact mental health?
  5. Present the differences and similarities of mirror tests in animals and kids.
  6. Role of the Amygdala as a change agent in the brains of adolescents
  7. What psychological changes can be seen in individuals of old age?

Abnormal Psychology Research Ideas

  1. Rising anorexia rate in children and adults– Discuss the reasons
  2. Lying is associated with an individual’s psychology – Is there a truth behind it?
  3. What are the causes of phobia? What are the ways to tackle them effectively?
  4. Present the history and development of the psychoanalytic therapy
  5. Present a comparative analysis of cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy
  6. Anxiety and eating disorders – Present the correlation
  7. Asexuality is connected to the psychology of an individual – Present your views.

Clinical Psychology Research Essay Topics

  1. Treatment of phobias – What innovative approaches can be taken?
  2. How can Virtual Reality Exposure be used to treat PTSD?
  3. Can cognitive behavioural therapy be beneficial for patients suffering from autism?
  4. Usage of teletherapy for psychological services delivery – Present the view of patients and healthcare workers
  5. Effective ways to treat insomnia in a clinical situation  
  6. How can paranoias and phobia be treated through therapy and medication?
  7. Can psychology be used to control chronic pain in human beings?

Forensic Psychology Topics for Research Essays

  1. Discuss actionable strategies for effective and remarkable internet policing.
  2. Movies, web and video games – Discuss their roles in augmenting copycat crimes
  3. Indifference of society towards men suffering from domestic violence – Discuss
  4. Untrustworthy eyewitness evidence – What are its risk factors?
  5. Can the statement of an eyewitness who is mentally challenged be considered credible?
  6. Discuss the role of the AMBER alert system in the field of social psychology.
  7. Serial killers – Can any early signs be seen in them?

Topics of Criminal Psychology Research

  1. Mass school shootings – What are the causes and effects?
  2.  How to strike the right balance between restraining factors and criminal intentions?
  3. Adult offenders and Juveniles – Discuss the psychological differences
  4. Planning time of criminals for prepping for a crime – Discuss
  5. Present your views on aggression in the social environment
  6. Mass school shootings – Discuss the causes and effects
  7. Write about psychological afflictions that usually cause criminal behaviour in certain human beings.

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

  1. Scandalous human experiments in history – Discuss their ethical shortcomings.
  2. Discuss the crucial factors that impact the heuristic. Write in detail with relevant examples.
  3. Mood freezing – Present your views on its implications
  4.  Women vs men – Who do you think is better at recalling numbers and words?
  5. Discuss the concerns of reliability and validity in a psychological setting.
  6. Do you believe the taste in music of an individual provides clues about his/her personality?
  7. Intellectual growth in human beings – Discuss the 4 critical stages.

Cognitive Psychology Topics to Research

  1. Speech Disorder – Discuss how it impacts the cognitive development of a human being?
  2. Present your views on the impacts of deficit in attention or hyperactivity disorder on the growth of children.
  3. Discuss significant theories of cognition.
  4. ADHD can hugely influence the growth and development of human beings – Discuss
  5. Is the use of different colours significant in the field of cognitive psychology? Discuss
  6. Antidepressants are effective when used with other remarkable forms of therapy – Explain.
  7. Are practices of cognitive behavioural therapy effective for criminals?

Controversial Research Paper Topics on Psychology

  1. Relation between socio-emotional development and single-sex schools – Explain.
  2. Anxiety Disorders – Discuss the causes and effects
  3. Is it necessary to put an end to a different attitude towards the death penalty in the current times?
  4. Convicted humans can become ordinary citizens of the country – Do you think there’s a possibility?
  5. Effect of ethnicity and race on the mental health of human beings – Present your views.
  6. Homeopathy – Is it real or fraud?
  7. Discuss the effect of poverty on the psychological development of human beings.

Child Psychology Research Essay Topics

  1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD in kids – Discuss the causes and effects
  2. Discuss different types of torture. Explain how they impact the mind of children and adult life.
  3. Impact of the order of birth on the personality and achievements of a child – If you agree, discuss how and why.
  4. Psychological impacts of child abuse – Discuss its remedial and precautionary measures.
  5.  Adoption – Discuss the legal, psychological and ethical aspects of it.
  6. Present your views on introverted personality. Explain the repercussions of being an introvert, especially in children.
  7. Discuss the crucial reasons that lead to an increase in depression in children.

Cultural Psychology Topics for Research Essays

  1. Present your views on the role of social media in various cultures
  2. Discuss different psychological processes in the African American culture.
  3. Indigenous vs Cultural Psychology – Present a comparative analysis
  4. Present your views on the Psychological Cultural Model devised by Alana Corner and Hazel Rose.
  5. In what ways culture evolves, and why does it matter? – Explain in aspect to cultural evolutionary theory
  6. Write a sociological and psychological analysis of the effect of culture on ageing.
  7. Present a detailed and minute evaluation of the cultural psychology of our era.

Topics of Health Psychology Research

  1. Seasonal Affective Disorder: Discuss the possible solutions
  2. Do you think physical exercise can help in controlling frequent mood swings?
  3. Drinker and Chain Smokers – What are the different psychological approaches to tackle them?
  4. “Perfect figure” and eating disorders – Discuss the connection between them
  5. What are the different ways to cure chronic pain through yoga?
  6. How can technology be used to manage diabetes?
  7. Biopsychosocial model – Explain current trends, history, prospects and challenges for health psychology

History Psychological Research Ideas

  1. Discuss the key concepts of Sigmund Freud and crucial theories
  2. Gestalt psychology – Is it a success or a failure?
  3. Present your views on the psychological age of human beings. What are the ways to measure it effectively?
  4. Psychology and Mythology – What is the connection between them?
  5. Discuss the role of minorities  and women in Psychology
  6. Do you think the cognitive process brought a revolution in the truest sense of psychology? If yes, how?   
  7. Psychological issues in human beings – Present your views on the history, causes, and methods of treatment.

Applied Psychology Research Topics

  1. Psychology and law – Explain the relationship.
  2. Present your views on using the emotional regulation model based on a psychotherapeutic approach to generalise anxiety disorder.
  3. Impact of mindfulness on memory and attention learning among adolescents – Discuss
  4. Discuss the human factors that impact applied psychology
  5. Significance and Use of Psychology in the military – Explain.
  6. How does community psychology impact the psychology of an individual?
  7. Impacts of domestic abuse – Present your views.

Research Paper Topics on Sports Psychology

  1. Discuss the future trends in sports psychology. Explain your views from the perspective of the rising chances of head injuries in hockey, rugby, and football.
  2. Do you think new and young coaches face extreme pressure and are more susceptible to injuries? Explain the reasons with lucid examples.
  3. Panic attacks are excessively common in the life of any sportsman – Do you agree? What are the ways to fight it?
  4. Present your views on how the psychology of sports developed in the last twenty years.
  5. Discuss the impacts of steroids on the mental activity of various athletes. Can it impact them negatively? What are the ways to prevent it?
  6. Present your views on ways a sleeping disorder has a huge impact on a sportsperson’s stamina.
  7. Performance and relationship problems of an athlete – Discuss in what ways they are connected.

Dream Psychology Topics to Research

  1. Do you think dreams are connected to the soul of a human being? If so, how?
  2. Discuss the remarkable ways to convert dreams into a reality
  3. A dream can determine the future personality of a human – Is it true? In what ways?
  4. Is it true the dreams seen by a man are more physical and violent? What are the reasons?
  5. Significance of repetitive dreams – Explain.
  6. Are there people who don’t have dreams? If so, why?
  7. Is dreaming an exercise for the brain? How can it prove to be beneficial?

Interesting Psychology Topics on Depression

  1. Explain the common signs observed in individuals entering into the phase of depression.
  2. Discuss the remarkable methods to treat depression effectively
  3. Present your views on anxiety and depression usually seen in adult children of alcoholics.
  4. Does massage therapy truly minimise the depression, anxiety and pain in patients suffering from hand osteoarthritis?
  5. In what ways can cognitive theory be used to describe the Etiology of Depression?
  6. Can resting-state functional connectivity of the brain be achieved with electroconvulsive therapy in patients suffering from depression?
  7. Cognitive behavioural therapy vs Medication: Which method can help treat depression effectively in patients?

Psychology Topics to Research in Social Media

  1. Present your views on how social media can lead people to commit suicide.
  2. Discuss cyber-bullying. Write about its negative impacts.
  3. In what ways is social media proving to be more harmful than beneficial?
  4. Can social media help individuals tackle chronic diseases? If so, how?
  5. Social media – Explain the advantages and disadvantages
  6. Do you think relationships formed on social media do not last long? If yes, why?
  7. Break or strengthen relationships – Role of social media.

Neuropsychology Research Topics

  1. Discuss the relationship between testing of Intelligent Quotient and non-verbal psychology.
  2. Impact of Neuropsychology on the perception of timing and time – Explain
  3. Evaluate cognitive processes and memory in retrograde amnesia patients
  4. How is an autistic brain seen under magnetic resonance imaging?
  5. Present your views on functional imaging of the brain of a Buddhist monk during different types of the deep meditation process.
  6. Discuss the remarkable ways cognitive monitoring and mindfulness work in meditation.
  7. Explain the use of rehabilitation and brain plasticity to cure stroke patients.

Good Personality Psychology Topics to Research

  1. Creativity and temperament – Discuss the correlation
  2. Present a detailed evaluation of personalities in human beings
  3. Is there a connection between personality and preferences in art?
  4. Discuss the essential traits that are associated with the pro-social behaviour of humans.
  5. Creativity is linked to temperament – In what ways?
  6. High self-efficacy – What are the causes and effects?
  7. Type ‘A’ behaviour on success in academic life – Discuss the impacts.

Crafting an exemplary psychology research paper requires careful planning and crucial insights. Perhaps, the aforementioned good and amazing research topics for psychology assignment will aid not only in determining a suitable topic but also a prompt completion of the project that will contribute huge value to the field of psychological science. Draw inspiration and get ready to write a winning psychology dissertation like never before. Break a leg!

Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

What is the definition of psychology research?

Ans: Psychological research denotes the in-depth research conducted by eminent psychologists for systematic study and for conducting a detailed analysis of the behaviour and experiences of groups and individuals. This is done to research a new subject or an issue, explain events and comprehend relationships among variables through scientific experimentation and observation.

What is a psychology research topic?

Ans: Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mind. A topic in psychology deals with various crucial areas of research in the field of studies like cognitive, forensic, social, health, clinical, sports, human developmental psychology, and the like.

What does a psychology researcher do?

Ans: The main duties of a psychology researcher involves –

  • Investigate, interview, and conduct surveys.
  • Determine emotional, psychological, or organisational issues and diagnose disorders.
  • Evaluate and determine emotional or behavioural patterns
  • Assess for patterns that will help them comprehend and predict behaviour

What are some popular psychology research topics?

  • Impact of social media on copycat crimes
  • Present your views on domestic violence done against men
  • Dementia – Discuss causes, symptoms and treatment options
  • Ways technology affects the outcomes of mental health
  • Actionable strategies to avoid cyber-bullying

How do I conduct research in psychology?

  • Look for a research issue to solve
  • Figure out what you need to test to answer the question
  • Evaluate present knowledge on the topic
  • Design and conduct the research
  • Use statistical methods to analyse results
  • Write conclusions and share outcomes with the scientific community

What are some ethical considerations when conducting psychology research?

Ans: Here are the considerations to be mindful of when conducting psychology research –

  • Individuals must participate voluntarily
  • Psychology researchers must acquire informed consent
  • They must maintain the confidentiality of the participants
  • Individuals should have the ‘right to withdraw.’

How do I analyse data in psychology research?

Ans: To analyse data successfully in psychology research, you can use graphical, statistical or quantitative techniques, a set of measurements or observations to summarise or find general patterns. You can also use surveys, case studies, meta-analyses, experimental studies, correlational research, naturalistic observation, neuroimaging, etc.

What are some common pitfalls to avoid in psychology research?

  • Planning the study
  • Underestimating what committing to psychology research project needs
  • Selecting the wrong research pursuit or topic lacks precision
  • Not taking the research bias into note
  • Not focusing on which variables to assimilate
  • Failing to consider the restrictions of the work before the paper help is drafted

What are some current trends in psychology research?

  • Biological explanations of bullying
  • Cortisol research
  • Ethological descriptions of aggression
  • Human aggression evolution
  • Bias, racism and discrimination
  • The mental health of children is in crisis

How can I contribute to the field of psychology research?

Ans: To contribute effectively to the field of psychology research, you need to apply your in-depth knowledge acquired through research to create evidence-based strategies that will solve critical issues and enhance lives. You also need to explore unique and remarkable ways for human beings to exist peacefully and thrive in a complex world.

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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