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Writing a Research Proposal

Developing an Effective Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation is a unique piece of an academic project that requires utilization of almost all your academic skills such as researching, analyzing a text or situation, referencing, etc. acquired by you throughout your career. Proposal forms an integral part of the dissertation, since the process commences with the proposal which will eventually design the traits of the matter to be examined and also the detailed description of the methods to be used during the research work.

Now, it is vital to know the fundamental elements that will constitute your dissertation proposal.


Selecting a Perfect Title

A functional title is formed an essential part of your dissertation. Ideally the title should be short and simple, which is able to convey your central idea candidly. You may find a better a better word to substitute your title later on, but even at the initial stage, try to assign a suitable word, which is goes closely with your topic.

Note that you might be asked to mention the title or topic of your dissertation to your future employers, so try to come up with innovative and interesting ideas.

What Should Be Included In The Proposal?

In the introducing part state the reasons why you have preferred to work on any particular area of study along with the academic contexts. Underline the issues or key factors you are about to address, and why you think it is important to contemplate it.  Also mention your target, how your research can effectively contribute the chosen area of study in the proposal.

Steps for Preparing an Intense Research Proposal

It is possible to develop an intense form of the research proposal only after a series of discussion with your friends, guide or project supervisor and an extensive personal research. By following the following suggestions, you can finish writing your dissertation or research proposal much faster:

  • Start reading extensively on your topic.
  • Formulate a questionnaire or a set of problems, to be discussed.
  • Carefully pen down all the valuable data, summary of the discussions and day to day progresses.
  • Create a neat draft of the dissertation proposal, which is properly updated till the recent date and submit it to your project supervisor, prior to the scheduled deadline so as to incorporate his feedback within the proposal draft before the final submission.

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