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Dissertation Proposal Writing Made Easy with this Helpful Guide

Are you doing your post graduation or PhD degree? Then you already know the trouble of submitting a long dissertation. Before you can begin with your dissertation, you have to write and present an impressive dissertation proposal. You must write a unique dissertation research proposal that will help you to make a plan for the final dissertation. You need to write a good proposal to decide on the subject, concentrate on the research question, and recognise the methods to be used in the dissertation. You need to be very careful while writing the proposal.

What is a Dissertation Proposal?

The dissertation proposal gives an overview of the proposed plan of work.  This includes the dissertation’s general scope, the basic research questions, research methodology, and the significance of the research you are going to conduct.

In short, the dissertation proposal is a concise summary of the aim and importance of dissertation research. The primary goal of your proposal is to portray to the dissertation committee that the paper will make an original contribution to your area of study. It is necessary to check the particular rules that your department has regarding the requirement for a dissertation proposal.

To write the dissertation, you will get a supervisor to guide you. If you write a logical and structured proposal, it will help you to convey the objectives and aims of the research to the supervisor. You may get critical evaluation of the proposal from your supervisor who might highlight the specific areas where difficulty, lack of transparency, and ethical concerns can occur.

What is the importance of a dissertation proposal?

You should write a dissertation proposal to make the process of writing the main paper less hectic for you.  The proposal will help you to clarify what you intend to examine and briefly how will you gather and study the data. It also helps you to understand the direction of the dissertation better. However, your dissertation research question can change as your dissertation proceeds. The research may take a completely different turn than what you had expected. For this reason, ensure that you consult with your supervisor regularly. As the proposal gives you an overview of the whole paper, you get a dissertation proposal structure. Thus, writing a dissertation proposal becomes much easier. Along with this, getting the committee’s approval on the proposal is necessary to proceed with your dissertation. So, you must write the paper very carefully.

What makes a good dissertation proposal? 

If you wish to write a good dissertation proposal, you should ensure that it has all the necessary characteristics. What defines a great dissertation proposal?

The following characteristics are a must for a good proposal:

  • There should be a clear thesis. It should portray what the objective of the study or research will be. The proposal must say what the dissertation aims to achieve.
  • It must be clear, short, and succinct.
  • It should show the primary issues that are going to be addressed in the dissertation.
  • There should be an outline of the field of study in which the research falls. It will refer to the current status of the knowledge and any new debate on the topic.

While writing the proposal, you should keep these points in mind. You can also refer to dissertation proposal examples or sample dissertation proposals to get an idea about it.

How to write a dissertation research proposal 

You need to plan ahead to write a good research proposal. If you are wondering how to write a proposal for a dissertation, then here’s how:

  • Start with checking the guidelines- There must be specific requirements given by your department. You need to read the guidelines carefully to know what the requirements are. You should look for information like word limit or how long is a dissertation proposal, deadline, etc. to make sure you meet the specifications.
  • Choose a research topic- You need to select a topic for your dissertation and do your own research on it. While selecting a topic, make sure that it is apt for your area of study and ensure that you can complete the dissertation within the time allotted by your university.

You can check past assignments, lectures, class notes, etc. to select a specific topic that you found to be interesting. Other than this, you can also see if there was a concept that you thought could have been developed further. You can start by looking for a general topic and then do more research to get a clear direction. It is necessary to check the particular rules that your department has regarding the requirements for a dissertation proposal. You should ensure that the topic is interesting so that you won’t get bored with it.

  • Narrow down the topic- While writing your proposal, you should be able to narrow down your topic to the extent that will allow you to portray a succinct and clear understanding of your research work. You must think about the topic. The proposal can be anything between 1000-2500 words and will offer an outline of the dissertation topic, the main questions you will attempt to answer with your research, the types of data and studies you will use in your research, the kind of analysis you will conduct, etc.
  • Learn about the dissertation proposal format- There can be different requirements and special information for different courses. You need to check the special instructions you need to follow for writing your proposal. Learn about what you need to include in the paper and try to organise the information accordingly. You can always look up dissertation proposal templates to get an idea.
  • Write the proposal- You may not have a clear hypothesis in your head when starting. However, if you take the guidance of your supervisor, it’ll become easier for you to write the proposal. However, before you begin writing, you should be aware of the direction your research will take and the potentials it has.

If your field of study is scientific then you’ll be dealing with many experiments which will give you the ultimate results and help you to proceed with the quantitative analysis. If your field is more theoretical in nature then you will mainly do qualitative research. Follow the structure and use the information you have gathered to write it. It is also suggested that you start early so that you can get it done on time.

How to structure a dissertation

You should always follow the guidelines provided by your department. Include the following sections to structure your proposal:

  • Title page- You will write the details like your name, the title of the dissertation, date, course code, etc.
  • Introduction- Like any academic writing, the dissertation proposal will also start with an introduction. You will use the introduction to introduce the main research question. Also, you will give some background information on the subject and relate it to any broader context or issue. Other than this, you will also include a thesis statement and highlight the questions that will be discussed in the proposal.

Apart from this, you should also mention the significance of your study in the first section of your proposal. Also, define any difficult term and include the limitations, strengths of the study in this part, etc. Consult with your supervisor to get a better understanding of the requirements and write according to that.  

  • Literature review- You can present a strong argument favouring your research work’s importance and build a connection with other similar research through the literature review. Other than this, you can also show your research as an extended part of other studies that already exist. In order to write the literature review, you must list out all the important sources that you have used in your research, and the way these have guided you in your research. Along with this, find out the questions in the related areas that haven’t been answered yet. Your literature review will show that you have prepared before writing the proposal. Remember, that you must include only those sources that are beneficial for your own work.
  • Methodology- This part will have its own structure. You can begin by including an introduction and then move on to the set research questions and design. Following this, explain the participants and setting of the study, give information on the collection and analysis of the data, and then, end the methodology with a conclusion. You can also make sections for including the hypotheses, setting, and dissertation proposal sample. In the methodology, you also need to write the reason behind your decision to select particular methods.
  • Research findings- You will include the data or information you have received from the research conducted. You should write about the data that you have and include the ones you will use in your dissertation. You must ensure that you organise the information according to your research objectives.
  • Objectives- You should also write about the objectives of your dissertation in the proposal. You will write about what you wish to achieve through your dissertation. Along with this, also include what outcomes you are expecting to receive from your research work. Also, mention how you are planning to achieve your research objectives.
  • Timeframe- Sometimes, the dissertation proposal also contains an approximate timeframe by which you can deliver it to your supervisor. You can write this section on the basis of the chapters. You can get straight into the actual research so that you can make this section perfect. Be realistic while writing this section and spend enough time for the research before you start writing. 
  • Ethical considerations-If there are any ethical consideration related to your research, you should include that in this section. You can’t write the dissertation proposal without considering the ethics as it might make your work open to criticism. You must consider the ethical aspects while preparing for the research.
  • Limitations- Another thing that should be included in the proposal is the limitations of your study. You must clearly mention the limitations of your research. The characteristic of an effective dissertation proposal is that it successfully presents the limitations. This section shows that you have gone deep into the topic and that you are acquainted with all the relevant concepts.
  • Conclusion-In this section, you can write a brief summary of the thesis of the proposal. Other than this, you should also mention the conclusion you have come to after conducting the research. You should highlight the major section of your proposal and give suggestions for future research in the field.

How to write a dissertation introduction?

The introduction is the beginning of your dissertation proposal. So, you must make it appealing enough to make the readers curious. If this section is not well-written, the reader might not go further to read the rest of the proposal. You should create a strong beginning by making the direction, purpose, and focus of the proposal clear to the readers.

Your introduction must have the following:

  • The main topic and the context of the study- Introduce the readers with the main topic. This will help them to understand the work.
  • The scope and focus of the proposal- The particular aspect of the topic you will deal in the proposal should be included in the introduction.
  • Importance of the study- You should also mention how significant is your research work in terms of contributing to your field of study.
  • The objectives and aim of the study- Another thing to include in the introduction is the issues you are trying to solve through your work.
  • Outline of the structure- In the end, give a short description of how your dissertation proposal will proceed or how each section will establish the main subject.

Include all these points to create an effective introduction for your proposal. Some general instruction would be to start this section with a hook statement. You can use relevant examples, facts, or quote to begin the introduction.

The above information will help you when you wonder how to write a paper proposal. Use this guide to write an excellent dissertation proposal that will definitely get accepted by your committee.

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