dissertation   What Is Most Important Part of Dissertation?

In undergraduate course or master level course, students have to try their hands in dissertation writing. Dissertation maintains an argumentative approach while writing. Dissertation is not about only flaunting the research but also putting forth the findings and conclusions that you have come across during research.


Dissertation is constructed by many components which assure progression of writing, (Chapter 1- Introduction, Chapter 2- Literature Review, Chapter 3- Methodology, Chapter 4- Findings and Discussions, Chapter 5 – Conclusion) each and every part carries its own identity to mark. Without one, a dissertation cannot be concluded. You need to put equal amount of effort in every chapter. If any of them slips out of your hands or you lose the focus, the dissertation can be turned into a failure.

The best way to master the problems which come in the way of writing dissertation can be solved if a student dedicates his or her time in outlining. A pre-sketched outline which represents the plans and the design of your writing can be very useful when you are writing it.

The Considered Important Part

The entire job of dissertation writing involves many stages; there are a few steps before actually penning it down on paper. One of them is the research part, which is believed to be the most hurdle part of dissertation and carries a great value in writing. In a research part, the student explores the chosen subject in order to gain in-depth knowledge in the subject. It may involve experiments, field work, observational data, collection of samples, surveys, etc. or involve mathematical problem solving or reasoning from evidence. It is the basic framework which lays the foundation of assignment.

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