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Operations Transformation Model, Marketing Strategy Implementation, and Motivation Approaches

Operations Management Concepts

1. Consider the following scenario and then answer the questions that follow:
You are the newly appointed operations manager for a local manufacturer of jeans for men andvwomen. Previously, there was no proper management of the department and you intend tobcorrect this by revamping the layout and flow of manufacturing. You also intend on improving the reliability of the operations processes. You need to explain to your new operations team several important concepts related to operations management.

1.1 Describe the operations transformation model to your team. Explain the components of the model and apply each to the jeans manufacturing process.

1.2 Describe the process classification type that applies for the jean manufacturing business. Justify your selection.


1.3 The next step is to select a basic layout that depicts the general form and arrangement of operations facility. Identify and describe the most suitable basic layout for the jean manufacturing facility. Justify your choice

1.4 Regardless of how well you design the operations process, there remains a chance of failures or breakdown occurring.
Using relevant examples, explain the different types of failures you are likely to encounter in your operation processes.

2 The Woolworths strategy in implementing the marketing concept” on pages 443 – 444 in the prescribed textbook and then answer the following questions.

2.1 The evolution in marketing thought led to the development of the marketing concept employed by Woolworths.
Explain the stage in the evolution that Woolworths is in now.
2.2 Explain the four principles of the marketing concept. Use quotes from the case study to show the strategies that Woolworths employed when implementing the marketing concept.
2.3 Explain the importance of packaging and identify type of packaging that Woolworths will focus on according to their strategy.
2.4 Explain the concept of brand loyalty and Woolworths approach to increasingbrand loyalty.
2.5 Explain Woolworths leadership role in the distribution channel. (4)
2.6 Identify three criteria Woolworths could use for market segmentation. Justify your choices.


3. Part of a Human Resources manager’s role is to ensure employees are motivated to perform in the workplace. Write an essay where you describe and compare the two main approaches to motivation.
Instructions and tips:
• Write an essay of (excluding references). Markers will disregard any text beyond this limit. Please indicate the word count at the end your answer;
• A comparison of the content and process approaches is required;
• You must include a brief summary of the theories under each approach in your own words;
• You should also include the implications of each approach;
• You MUST use examples to support your answer;
• An essay requires a clear introduction and conclusion, use of paragraphs and academic tone;
• Use relevant theory from your textbook (Chapter 12) and additional credible sources;
• Use correct in-text referencing and include sources in the main bibliography at the end of the assignment; 

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