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Impact of DuckDuckGo Search Technology on Savola Group

Types of Search Technology

Identify An Organization That Is Using At Least One Online Search Technology.Of The Various Types Of Search Technologies,

Which Ones Is The Organization Utilizing?  Why Is The Organization Using These Technologies? What Are The Benefits?

What Are Some Metrics The Organization Could Use To Evaluate How Effective These Technologies Are In ? Supporting Organizational Objectives? Explain. ?

Identify Areas In Which The Organization Could Expand Or Improve Upon Using The Search Technology. ?

Explain What They Could Do And Why They Should Do It. ?

In the field of business management search technology is one of the technology that used to enhance the services of the businesses as now a days most of the businesses has become digitalized. Considering this aspect it is identified that there are several search technologies present which effectively enhance the services as well as the effectiveness of the services of the nominated business.

The primary aim of this paper is to discuss about the search technologies and how these technologies are impacting the businesses. In order to elaborate this concern in this paper Savola Group of company has been selected which will be evaluated with the basis of these technologies. This paper will also recommend effective strategies to enhance the services of the organization.

A search technology is a practice that is applied with the purpose to retrieve information from the browser or database in order to perform organizational activities. As the organizations are highly depended on the information and the information management process thus, it is very essential for the organizations to user online search technology into their organizational infrastructure (Laudon & Traver, 2016). The most effective online search technologies are listed below:-

Google- is one of the most popular search engine technology that uses spider to perform searching activity into the database. Google basically performs its activities by following the steps of Crawling where the entire data collected from the pages, then it will do indexing where it will be structured as per their name and extenuation (Bovée, Thill & Raina, 2016). After completion of these steps it will then check the relevancy of the data and retrieve best result.

DMOZ- is one of the search technology that is most human powered which performs its searching based on the human activities (Westerman & Bonnet, 2015). Making allowance to this concern it is observed that this is one of the best human powered directories but while comparing it with Google or any automated technologies it does not performs well.

Technology Used by The Organization

DuckDuckGo- is also one of the best search technology for business. DuckDuckGo is popularly known for protecting the user data as well as to provide best customized services.

Savola is one of the retail organization that performs the activities like supply management across Saudi Arabia. The company has been recognized as Saudi’s one of the largest company that is known for its best delivered services. While analyzing the business process of this organization it is observed that Savola is primarily based on their customer satisfaction as well as the business growth of the organization is entirely depended on market value enhancement (Shuen, 2018). Thus, it is very significant that the company needs to deliver best quality services to its customers. Followed by this determination it is identified that Savola uses DuckDuckGo technology with the purpose to perform online searching activities. As it is discussed that the mentioned search technology is one of the best technology that provides customized, accurate search result thus, it can be stated that the incorporation of this technology that majorly impacted the services of this organization.  

Followed by the above discussion it is observed that there is a huge reason behind the utilization of the DuckDuckGo into the nominated organization rather than using other search technologies like Google. Considering this aspect it is observed that DuckDuckGo offers several benefits to the organization which includes the below mentioned aspects:-

 One of the significant benefits offered by DuckDuckGo is, unlike other search engines like Google it does nor tracks the user’s activities. It helps to maintain anonymized practices for the user which helps to protect the user data(Parsania, Kalyani & Kamani, 2016).

 Along with this DuckDuckGo is one of the fastest search engines that gives instant answers to the users compared to other search engines.

 Apart from the above mentioned benefits it is observed that DuckDuckGo is such search engine that is can be customized. Due to the feature of customization the DuckDuckGo has helped Savola to deliver best services to their customers as the Savola is such organization which delivers several activities to their customers.

Along with the above mentioned benefits it is observed that cost is also one of the most significant factor due to which the organization has effectively incorporated the business DuckDuckGo into their business infrastructure(Fotsoh, Sallaberry, Le Parc-Lacayrelle & Moal, 2016). As compared to the other search technologies DuckDuckGo is one of the cost effective one.

Impact of The Technology

While analyzing the mission and vision of the nominated organization Savola it is identified that they are mostly focused on enhancing the value of investors, society as well as the employees of this business. Along with this aspect being an organization that supplies food and retails to its customer thus, it is very essential for them to improve their business value and their customer satisfaction (Hair, Page & Brunsveld, 2019). Followed by this discussion it is identified that DuckDuckGo has effectively helped the organization to achieve their mission and vision. While analyzing the effectiveness of the performance of DuckDuckGo search engine it is very significant that in order to enhance the brand value as well as the employ privacy within the organization the DuckDuckGo search engine has been used as this strictly protects the organizational data (Rahimi, Møller & Hvam, 2016). Along with the DuckDuckGo had also tried to not bother their clients by showing unwanted ads thus, it also restricts advertisements as well as due to the utilization of DuckDuckGo they are getting best search results from their search engine that is using the business to improve their business.

After completion of the above identification it is observed that Savola has used the DuckDuckGo in order to perform the searching activities. However, there are several limitations caused by this search engine as now a days technologies are becoming very stronger and the customers are becoming more impatient. Followed by this identification it is recommended to the organization that they must switch for such online search technology that will be deliver fast searching experience as well as analyze the user’s preferences to deliver more customized services to them. Considering this identification it is strictly suggested to Savola group to upgrade their search technology to effectively enhance their services.


After completion of the above discussion it can be concluded that in most of the industries there is a huge significance of online search technologies in order to retrieve data from the database. Followed by this concern this paper has effectively discussed about the impact of online search technologies into the business infrastructure. In order to discuss this aspect a detail elaboration of business infrastructure of Savola and the search technology used by this organization has been discussed. Furthermore, it has also recommended effective strategies to improve the searching capabilities of Savola.


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