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Positive Leadership and Concrete Examples of its Application

Student Carissa

Would you consider him/her as an advocate of positive leadership? Why? Give a concrete example. 1st student "Carissa Sabaroche" responded:  Positive leadership involves the application of values and moral dimensions, which guides human behavior to do what is right. It includes elements such as building trust and promoting mentorship to help employees grow both personally and professionally, that ultimately reflects in a company's bottom line. Effective leadership contributes to team building which helps sustain the development of healthy work relationships. These factors played a significant role in my ability to take on positions in the marketing and logistics department. The Marketing Director at Astaphans firmly believes in taking chances on new talent to help the company evolve on an international scale. However, she was keen on sustaining the company's culture. As a result, new employees needed to be paired with senior staff to have a better understanding of the company's culture and procedures. Fortunately, I was paired with a mentor who was fearless of sharing business knowledge, which is common with more seasoned employees in higher ranking positions due to the insecurities of being replaced.

Her willingness to share vital information about the business and to learn the different personality traits of Directors and Managers helped me to excel within my respective positions. She was also open to learning about my skills, abilities, and experiences to understand different business operations better and acquire updated educational competencies on advanced methods that proved useful in keeping the mentor relevant within the current era and context. My mentor's willingness to help me grow professionally within the organization allowed our work relationship to strengthen; hence I felt I could rely on her to lead me in the right direction to elevate myself within the company.

This report deals with the scenario where one has to mention details related to their current boss or the ex-boss if the person is no more employed currently. Here, the students will define their boss as per the positive leadership concept. Here, two students has provided their views and it will be seen who has properly utilized the concept of positive leadership which should include trust, benevolence, willingness to teach and to learn and to do what is right morally.

In the description given by Carissa who introduces us to her company Astaphans and her managing director and mentor who has been allotted the duty to supervise her. As per the company law, since they were very strict about their culture, the new joiners have to interact with the senior people to understand the work culture of the company and therefore Carissa has been appointed one mentor. As per Carissa, she has learnt a lot from her as she has been that kind of personal who doesn’t fear to share the knowledge she possess and therefore Carissa has been able to learn a lot from her.

Carissa’s mentor’s willingness to help her grow and excel in the organization definitely shows her integrity, benevolence and also her ability and courage, which doesn’t let her fear that she can get replaced by helping someone. It is being said that successful mentor has to be a very good teacher. The kind of relationship Carissa and her mentor shares is a type of informal mentorship where she was very new into the field and her mentor is grooming her to excellence. It shows the trust and definitely it introduces to all the qualities which the positive leadership possess.

Jessica has described her experience with her boss where she never felt that she is not being heard. Therefore a strong bond of trust has started the moment she started working with them. The feeling that she has working as a team towards the common goal and not somewhere where is she is competing is pretty liberating and Jessica has been able to relive that feeling. She has been a part of the training group where they had to update the trainings need for current and the previous employees. They used to prepare training for the employees of the company. Jessica has been able to thrive in this organization and groomed herself where she never felt that she is competing with other members. Rather she felt she is competing with her past self and her own expectations.

This shows the integrity and benevolence of her leader that she has never felt undermanaged or undermined. The trust that her leader build up with her team members and also has been successful in retaining that is commendable. It really needs time and patience and caring nature to gain a positive leadership quality which she does.

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