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Addressing Depression in Low Socioeconomic Group Age 18-24 - Activities and Processes

Rewritten Group Goals and Objectives

Composition of group Low Sioeconomic Group age 18-24 with Depression 

Rewrite Group goals and objectives. Our group goal is to focus on acknowledging depression, reduce situations and find the best copying skills to help change the our thoughts behind self-help in these situations. Through this our group will also address the validly behind depression they are feeling. These activities included will help members that are not part of our group, so when these situation arise, the members can revert back to these practices and reduce their depression. These tasks are also appropriate for this stage considering depressions topics will become deeper within the upcoming sessions. These activities will also help us build upon the trust that was built amongst us in the initial stage and well allows the members to become more at risk, as well as addressing any forms of depression before entering the working stage.

Group’s norms and confidentiality

Group going over our group norms and confidentially.

Reminding ourselves of the guideline we have around the group, what is expected for of us all and what is expected of others.

Giving members the chance to go over any info they feed need to be clarify or allow members to add and subtract considering the new stage the group is in.

Where am I today?

Have members be creative as to where they are mentally in the moment. Through this, the leader can gauge how present the members are and how willing they may be to take risks in the session today.

This is a good modeling opportunity

“In this moment, I am currently here in this room in my body. However, this morning I felt I was floating in space”

Process question/goal setting:

Having members think about where they are mentally and where they want to be by the end of this session.

We all discussed where we are now, but I am curious to know where we want to be by the end of our session?”


What’s on my mind?

This activity mimics the set-up of a Thought Record.

  • The member shares a situation that gives them Depression (for the purpose of this group it would be something currently bothering them). They will think about the thought (if any) behind it and then relay the feeling it gives them.

Having the members see if their self-talk and thought process is valid.

  • “Let’s process what we all just shared. Look back at what the thought was around your situation. Think of some ways to back up your thought process to see if these thoughts are valid or something that may not be true about the thought.”
  • This allows members to take a step back and recognize if their thought has any validity. This could change their outlook on the situation, as well as change the feeling around it.  

Thought modification:

Looking from a different lens:

Having the members take what they have discovered about their thought process in the situation and create a more productive self-talk for them.

This allows members to brainstorm more positive ways to see their situations and can apply this outside of sessions when thoughts arise.

Having members discuss how they view the situation now.

“How are we seeing the situations that we just discussed?”

“What perspectives, if any, have shifted for you?”

“What are the feelings around the situation now that we have gone through this process?”

Where am I now?

Have members reevaluate where they are mentally and if they have reached their goal.

Good way to check in to see if there has been a shift of emotion or any goal achievements through the session.

Process questions:

Where are you compared to the goal you set for yourself in the beginning of the session?”

How does it feel to be at that goal” or “How do you think you can achieve that goal state in the future?”

Rewrite Have members participate in a closing mediations to help them process and decompress from a vulnerable Session.

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