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Challenges Faced by Leaders in an Organisation

Managing people in the organization

Challenges Faced by Leaders in an organisation Key Challenges: Managing people in the organization Managing people is one of the important tasks for the leader. In an organization, there are many types of people around. To manage tasks efficiently and effectively, leader must know to allocate tasks to the right employee to the right place. All employees have their own skills, it is the responsibility of a leader to assign the right task to each of them based on their capabilities. Due to different opinion of the team member, there might be chances of conflict between the team member or an employee. There will be times as a leader you have to manage conflict between team members and decide to solve the problem. It is the biggest challenge for the leader to manage the people, to lead the big team in an organization. Lack of communication Employees may find it difficult to openly communicate with their leader about expectations or issues they are facing in an organization. The ability to clearly communicate with around them is one of the most important qualities of a leader. Most leader feel a disconnect between themselves and their team. The reason is that their levels of authority are different and not being able to communicate goals to team member. It is the responsibility of a leader to find a way to frequently communicate their strategies and plans with their team member and guide them. It is very necessary for a leader to have a conversation about work with team and motivate them to work. this helps both leader and team to understand each other and Moving along with Technologies Changing technology create the confusion in employee’s work. Many workers are unknown of new technology, and they don’t try to change their traditional working style. leader must provide them proper training and assign them a task based on their skills.

Organisational structure, culture, behaviour and leadership are established by the founder or the leaders of an organisation which the nurture and practise to bring the rest of the workers of the organisation to a common platform to work towards a common goal or vision. 
The company I work for is food and beverage based company. There is a lot of workers work in different sectors of the company and the it is also a decentralised company.

1. Decentralisation structure causes confusion between the team members. Since everyone contributes so they tend to think others opinion is less qualified. The leader of the team take the final decision to maintain the pace within the team. 
2. The company follows a strong culture to maintain the order and the equality at the workplace. They maintain the culture of uniform. The challenge that faced by the leader is they miss out on the spiritual culture within the company. Some workers find it hard to keep a balance between work and personal life which directly affects their working hour. Moreover they feel less enthusiasm at workplace. 
3. Lastly, global implication on the company is one fo the most challenging factor for the managers as Sydney is densely multicultural city and it is a requirement to make changes in the menu that suits the local culture to excel the business. It's requires a periodic changes at the pattern of the company. 
Overall, challenges for the leaders of any company or organisation is ongoing process. The leaders has to be prepared for any unforeseeable challenges. 

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