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Designing an Apartment Layout and Estimating Flooring and Wallpaper Costs


For this project you are going to design an apartment layout and determine how much it will cost you to install flooring throughout the apartment and to apply wallpaper in the bedroom. You may use a calculator but show all formulas used in a clear and organized manner. 

1. Draw a floorplan of the apartment on the graph paper provided. Here’s your chance to design an apartment for yourself!

a.Determine a scale, such as unit ft. 1 = ? ft.

b.Your total square footage should be at least 1000 square feet.

c.You must include at least two of the following shapes in your design (rooms may not all be rectangular):

i. Triangle

ii. Parallelogram

iii. Trapezoid

iv. Circle (or fraction of a circle, such as a semi-circle or a quarter circle)

d.Your apartment must include the rooms listed below , but feel free to include more rooms if desired:

i. One bedroom

ii. One bathroom

iii. A kitchen

iv. A living room

2. Determine the total square footage of your home. Show all work neatly in the space provided on the Square Footage Calculations page. If your design has more than the four required rooms show your calculations for those additional rooms on the Additional Square Footage Calculations page.

3.Select your flooring for each room using the Home Depot Flooring Website to look at options and see prices. Record your flooring choice and the price per unit on the Flooring Costs page.

a.Select a Hardwood or Laminate option for the kitchen and living room.

b.Select a Tile option for the bathroom.

c.Select a carpet for the bedroom.

d.Include flooring options for any hallways if needed.

4. Determine the total cost of flooring

a. To account for potential errors or damage it is a good rule of thumb to purchase 10% more materials than needed. Add 10% to each room’s square footage.

b. Use this larger square footage to determine the cost of flooring for each room and record it on the Flooring Costs page.

c. Determine the total cost of flooring the entire home and record it on the Flooring Costs page.

5. Design your bedroom. Draw a diagram for each of the walls of your bedroom (don’t include the ceiling) using the graph paper provided. Use the same scale you established for the floor plan. The walls of your room must include:

a.A minimum of one window that is at least 4 square feet

b.One entry door that is at least 12 square feet

c.One closet door that is at least 12 square feet

6. Using the Home Depot Wallpaper Website to determine which wallpaper to use on your bedroom walls (excluding the ceiling). Record your wallpaper choice and the price per unit in the space provided on the Wallpaper Cost page.

7. Determine the total cost of the wallpaper for your bedroom and record your results on the Wallpaper Cost page. Be sure to show all work and formulas used clearly.

8. Determine the overall cost for this design project and record it on the Total Cost page

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