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Course Code   :  Info2320
Course Title   :  system analysis and design
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Task 1: Draw the First-Cut Design Class DiagramsPage 2 of 6 In Visual Paradigm: Make a copy of your existing A4_ VPRU_TeamID.vpp (First-cut Design Class Diagram) to A5_ VPRU_TeamID.vpp. A5 Tips: a) In Visual Paradigm (VP), you can reuse methods in multiple UML diagrams using the method type “Call”; you need to explicitly create operations. b) Each class in the Design Class Diagram (DCD) should each have 3 part...

Course Code   :  COM641
Course Title   :  distributed data and data analytics
Ref style  :  IEEE

Task 1: Distributed Database DesignThe assignment will entail reading a range of academic papers, journals and books. You will be writing reports and designing Distributed Database Systems and Data Warehouse Systems. Happy Cruise Lines is a cruise company with several ships and a variety of cruise itineraries, each involving several ports of call. The company headquarters is in New York and has regional offices in the cruise port cities...

Course Code   :  CSC424
Course Title   :  software development processes
Ref style  :  APA

Part 1: Software Requirements SpecificationPart 1: Software Requirements Specification One of the first tasks in the development of a software application is to gather and document the requirements. The requirements will be used in all other phases of the project so they are vitally important. For this assignment, you will be creating the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for your Software Development Plan you started in Module 1 (you...

Course Code   :  MGS4020
Course Title   :  business intelligence
Ref style  :  MLA
4/5 star rating

Student-GPA Table QueriesPlease write the Sql to answer the following questions. You may use subquery but all questions need to be completed in One Sql. You also need to use the following tables (Student and GPA) to answer Q1— Q3. Student_ID Student_Name Ad dre ss_1 Ad dre ss_2 City State Zip Country ...

Course Code   :  IS663
Course Title   :  advanced system analysis and design
Ref style  :  Open

What software development process model would you select for the project?The development team working on this project has 9 experienced members/ developers, who have worked together on several projects. Many of them, however, haven’t deployed products on AWS. Based on the above information answer the following questions: 1) What software development process model would you select for the project? Briefly explain ...

Course Code   :  COMP3380
Course Title   :  databases
Ref style  :  Open

Part 1 - The DataStudents will design and implement their own database based on publicly available data. Students will model the database using the models learned in class, apply techniques learned in class, and use SQL to formulate and run some queries. Group Setup Projects may be done individually or in groups of up to five. Students are free to select their own group. ONE member per group should leave a message stating all group members in ...

Course Code   :  IT510
Course Title   :  advanced information technology
Ref style  :  APA

Overview of the Final ProjectThe final project for this course is the creation of a System Proposal Document.In any modern enterprise, it is crucial that all of the different stakeholders, users, inputs, and outputs that relate to the business’s IT systems coalesce in a logical and cohesive way for the systems to be effective. As a member of an IT team, your overarching goal is to ensure that the IT systems ultimately do what...

Course Code   :  PGY000
Course Title   :  data science
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Learning Outcomes1. Produce a data model that accurately reflects a business scenario. 2. Produce a database design based on a given data model. 3. Implement the design using a relational database management system such as Apex, and Oracle, and produce SQL queries to meet given user requirements. Draw an entity-relationship diagram that represents the information requirements above for CHI-22, New Orleans. In particular, you are require...

Course Code   :  PGI100
Course Title   :  data science
Ref style  :  Harvard

DataMy project is "image captioning using attention mechanism" using the models cnn and lstm to implement the project. write methodology of image captioning project. for example data collection software and libaries used methods used to implement the project image captioning. please use relevant references. am attaching two files please use as reference to write the methodology which is almost similar. Technology being an integral part of o...

Course Code   :  COMP6041
Course Title   :  introduction to databases
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

Project BackgroundRetail chosen: Clothing retail store Choose a retail business that sells products to its customers and create a database to store data and register different daily transactions.  Consider the following in your design:   1. The retail business should register information about the products it sells. 2. The details of its customers including their billing and delivery address and the product suppli...

Course Code   :  IMAT5167
Course Title   :  database
Ref style  :  Harvard

Dimension Selection and Fact IdentificationQuestion: Having established the online transaction processing database, Ms. Heritage wants more intelligence information from the available data and she is looking for a potential data warehouse for MT. As the first step in this process, she expects to setup a data mart for ticket sales as the first step. The data mart should satisfy the following analysis requirements: • Yearly total...

Course Code   :  MICR1210
Course Title   :  business computer applications ii
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

Query Design View for Customers Table1.Personal Insurance, Inc. is a national company that insures homeowners and renters. It also offers umbrella policies that provide additional coverage. As a regional manager, you need to be able to query the database to help make decisions and to answer questions from other employees.  Create a query based on the Customers table in Query Design View with the following options:Add the CustomerI...

Course Code   :  IMAT2404
Course Title   :  object oriented systems analysis and design
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

Tasks to be undertakenTasks to be undertaken: An Activity Diagramfor the process of managing a “New Online Order”. This should include the registering of the new customer online; creation of customer record online; creation of payment details; the delivery schedule with HECO; allocation to driver and recording delivery. A Use Case Model for the Swift Distribution Ltd. N.B. a Use Case Model comprises ...

Course Code   :  HRM 4203
Course Title   :  organizational behaviour
Ref style  :  APA

About High Liner Foods Inc.High Liner Foods Inc. is a processor and marketer of value-added frozen seafood products, including the popular High Liner, Fisher Boy, Mirabel, Sea Cuisine, Royal Sea, FPI, and Viking brands. Originally founded in 1899 as a salt fish operation in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the publicly-traded company has additional locations in Canada, as well as in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. With revenues of $585 million, this com...

Course Code   :  cis417
Course Title   :  computer forensics
Ref style  :  APA

Mission statementYou should submit two files. The first file is a Word document that contains your ER Diagram, Relational Model, and SQL queries. For the SQL queries, screenshot the input (20 SQL queries) and the output ( Mission statement: The purpose of the NU Hospital database application is to maintain the data that we generate and to provide an efficient, effective, and friendly health care provision service for our elderly patients. Miss...

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